Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wonky Facade

We are not born with masks in grip, we indeed make them along the way, don’t we? Some we put on for it’s what we truly want to be. Some we don because we can’t bear to face what’s underneath . And even unfortunate, there are a few we wear because that’s what someone else wants us to be. 

Which is worse? 

Well, that’s not the question. 

We might wear a mask for various reasons nobody could ever pen down, but the explicit purpose can only be, to stay hidden. There’s one problem though that we often overlook. They can be ripped off at any time.

An accessory can never be everlasting, don’t you know?

And what would you do then?

Would you run? Or would you play to lose again?

All masks someday have to come off, and let me remind you, life is not a masquerade, to play hide and seek.

( I miss speaking in metaphors =))