Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slurp the Surp

Holla people! Hope everyone is good.

Today I wanna talk about surprises. Yes surprises. Some are capable of giving a free ride to cloud 9 while some could throw you off the cliff in mere seconds.

I love surprises, and any normal person of course, would stand by the sweet surprises, avoiding the bitter ones like a plague. But since I just can't understand normal, I love'em both.

Hey, I anticipate the unexpected you see, who cares what mood it carries!

Bitter ones test on your EQ while the happy-versions elevate you off your ground giving you the most wonderful feeling ever. I wanna score both.

I don't mind putting to test my ability to endure and stay stable still. It's challenging , yet an art to be learnt by all. Sadly not everyone is like me, right? Well, I just can't understand normal! :p

SO why am I all of a sudden speaking of surprises and not flaunting my work out-routines? In actuality,  lately I have been surprised a lot, like really a lot of times. And I'm loving it. It's more like challenge vs pleasure, which is acting  like motivation to accept the rule of life, consisting of 2 elements, the ups and the downs. When they take you in a spontaneous manner, so unprepared, and sudden, I can't help but wait for the next thrill.

You just gotta enjoy life whichever form it takes or gives. Screw normal! Life needs surprises. They make the most wonderful memories. Now, take this to the bank!

Renuka G

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Day.

Since I'm directly involved with today, I'm not letting go of the chance to enlighten you about my experiences. Look closely at the choice of word, 'enlighten' babeh! So before I even start, allow me to wish all the exhausted-yet-surviving-teachers in Malaysia, Happy Teacher's Day. I know the pain, I feel you folks. Though I'm more like a half-baked, half-seasoned educator, I desire to take you into my little world called the ' Teaching Tragedy'. You know exactly why I called it a tragedy, just in case you deny it, add liar to your CV please.

Moving on to the tragedy, it started like 1.5 half years ago when I first stepped into a school as a pre-service teacher for my school-based experience. It was tragic thereafter, sad I know. But that part is only when I come across a task called keeping -the-'things'-glued. Give me nails, get me a hammer, also a long long rope, yet I will be waving the white flag. Surrender people! It's an impossible task, so far to keep the kids focused. Maybe someday experience might fly by with its' magic wand sprinkling some mercy, or aunt agony from up above might decide to throw down a letter that could solve it all, I don't know. For now, I'm more like a deer in the headlights who goes speechlessly impressed by how ignorant kids of these times could be. God, I was such a darling when I was about your age! I would go back and kiss myself for that.

Can't complain, being a teacher has so much more to it. I mean like good things, goodie-good things. Scold them, scold the kids, lecture them for half an hour on a word they don't understand, tell them to  behave, pinch them, leave the class when they get stubborn, everything ends the next hour. For them nothing happened the next time you meet them. Kids they are. They don't hold grudges. All they do is love you, adore you, look up to you, miss you when they don't see you. I enjoyed the pleasure, the subtle happiness while I was trying to understand them. I fell in love with my job. Even though sometimes I was seeing myself in a huge mess, these kids had me going. I was secretly smiling in my heart because I can see how hard they are trying to impress me.

A teacher knows.

Well I can get a little too sweet to the extent of you readers wanting to bite me, that's inevitable, but hey, tragedy is still a tragedy. The amount of stress I had been through in planning lessons and managing the classroom, only God knows. I'm not saying it's a hard-hardcore-job, merely standing by the positive side of this beautiful profession. Not everyone can be a teacher. Maybe Teach For Malaysia (TFM) proves otherwise, however, a teacher-student interaction and a teacher-student-cameras-a whole committee of people-withearlywarningsbytheschooladmin-interaction is a whole different scenario. I challenge you the real classroom, I bet you will fidget the night before itself.

Anyway that's not to offend anyone personally. TFM is great , only as an effort to achieve a purpose not a daily classroom routine every teacher could be in. It's totally different.

I guess that's all for now. Happy Teacher's Day! You may not have a classroom to inspire souls, but if you think you have once made a difference in someone else's life along the way, celebrate this day. As I said, not everyone is born to be teacher, only some could inspire, teach and make a difference, the rest only corrupt minds.

To wrap, with so much pride, since only 5 people wished me so far, and I'm finding the majority to whom I have showered my profound knowledge and wise ideas to , missing in the picture,  hence, I would like to take this chance to wish myself, Renuka, a Happy Teacher's day! You're the best!

Ok crowd thanks for applauding and please, tears don't look good on you! Haizz so much love, too little time.

Renuka G ( History shall remember this teacher)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I really am running out of things to talk about. And I can't believe that just made my first sentence. Not a good start I believe, yet I hope nobody seconds that. Like seriously, don't! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, remember? If no then memorize now! How irresponsible.

 Since there's nothing in the upper compartment, let's give a few moments of fame to the author who has put behind her 99-problems-and-the-book-ain't- one issue only to honor her fans. Might sound cheesy. I mean the upcoming. You thought the previous line didn't you?
Hmm as much as I want to please you and stand by the truth, I choose to sport authority like an old hand.
In your face, take that!

So how's life Renuka? Well, while stress is running rampant doing somersaults in my life  shading under the tree called exam, I'm still sailing smoothly in my ship of ........of........friendship? Haha too cliche-like! Nonsense. In my ship of di-ship-line of course.

Honestly speaking, exams come and go. I'm just used to this already. Come'on I have been doing it for semesters and years, like a pro man, can't complain.

Apart from exams, things have been smooth and awesome actually. Glad that I've started to work out again. Having some plans for myself during the 3 week holidays, let's see how things go. And can't miss the fact that Bayern officially won the Bundesliga title and the treble on Saturday. It was really amazing to watch your favorite them win something, someone was right. The next one would be the CL finals against Dortmund. Anticipating it so very much. Please  do not interrogate me on the whys and hows, I just got addicted to football. I was reading the laws of game like some TSL subject, finishing it in a few hours, gaining myself a passion-badge. Can't brag further because i'm still a rookie, more to learn y'all. Plus I'm not a soul who can bear the wrath of true-seasoned football fans around the world. Never take it global, that's my policy.

One thing I should say here though, like very crucial, mother of crucial.
News, people, news, they spread like fire, uncontrollable, spreading throughout an area of vicinity. I officially from a feminine, quiet girl had been stamped on my face in red, as a football fan! Not that I'm blushing or shrinking in fear, merely spreading alerts around that 'news, people, news, they spread like fire'. After-all what are experiences if not shared, right?

Anything else to add?
Haha sounds like the lady at the KFC counter, yet shamelessly I want to say yes. Yes I want to add. I want to add ..................... yes!  I want to add that we have to love all and hate none. Probably doesn't make any sense with the paragraphs of rubble I have written, yet I still insist on adding that. But why?

So apparently it is proven that you want more *flattered*.  No ?
Hey you dug your own grave! Now listen while I preach.

I want everyone to love everyone, understand? All for the reason we are together forming this world. Someway or another, we help each other, we become dependent on one another. Remember the wise words from the wise person. Oh you stop, it's not me in this case. Follow will you. I'm talking about the man who said ' No man is an island'. You read that, one more time.
Love ok? I will be watching. I will be watching each and every single one of you , not.  I will be watching Hannibal tonight. So I have to go now.

Till next time,
Renuka G

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Before I even start about this one, let me tell you, life goes on no matter what. 

POWER. Power is a pursuit many seek. Once one gets there, it can either mean positive authority or otherwise. At worse circumstances, it provokes extreme desire or desperation to cling to it till kingdom come. The scenario in my homeland is most probably the latter. 

With power comes great responsibility , that's what a quote says. In the real world though, with power comes great money and that's all which matters . To not lose it, some 'experts' suggest, doing some 'investments' behind closed doors , playing a couple of tricks in darkness, later when the power is sustained, throw conscience aside and come up with serious analysis of victory hoping the audience are toddlers holding Race cards. This too will last, trust me. Prickly though, the mentioned in an absolute example of power-abuse which remarks huge gain on one side and helplessness among the true Malaysians who are of course NOT members of any countries who are rewarded a lucrative amount to 'pay a visit' for a day, to relate it with the current GE-13 scenario.

I'm not someone who cares much about the politics but any literate citizen could understand the situation and pity the nation. We have seen those in power making wonders in minutes during the so-called uncalled Earth Hour celebration, think about the past 5 years. To think of another 5 years, I hope none would faint. 

Calling my nation a nation of democracy would humiliate many dictionaries which has defined it perfectly. Based on my previous knowledge, too much power given to an individual, the leadership style is Authoritative not democratic. So what is Malaysia now? What is the future of Malaysia when democracy is thrown out the window? What will the politicians whose name have been smeared with indelible ink do with so little support? How long will the media mercilessly run untrue and racist headlines? 

Keep scratching your head.

One consolation being, Malaysians stood united for their voting rights, a great-loyal crowd to change the nation into a better one we saw on 050513. The rest was authored, no-brainer. Yet many are still fighting the battle, a simple thank you and hats off to them, especially the Malaysian youths.

Darkness could mean so much, but we will somehow see light at the end. Have faith! Tomorrow is another day.

Renuka G ( Another ordinary Malaysian stating the 'obvious')

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best!

Pheww! It feels good to finally go back after 1 month plus being imprisoned in Terengganu, yet traveling back and forth from Marang to Batu Rakit. The night-driving my god! Happy that now I can wrap everything up and shelve what I went through, only focusing on the final exams and of course the holidays. Tomorrow is an excuse upon the 13th General Election to go home and enjoy a few scoops of BR while doing some window shopping. Can life get any better? than BR? Totally not :D

But prior leaving Terengganu, there's an important game to watch. Actually I have been biting my nails since morning itself about the 2nd leg of the UEFA semi finals between Barca and Bayern.

Though Bayern beat Barca with a 4-O victory at home ground, the spanish team being a legendary team in the world of football, a comeback is certainly in the cards. The only question is whether Bayern can keep up their performance during the 1st leg. Without denying there were dissatisfactions exchanged by fans of the two teams regarding the penalties denied and goals by Bayern which were arguable, but the 2nd leg is going to be a brand new match. Hoping to see both teams being at their best and may the deserving team wins and face Dortmund in the finals.

As a fan, I hope to see Bayern triumph, however, Camp Nou doesn't seem like an easy-ground. Barca will strike back , that's inevitable, just like R. Madrid the previous night. In the last 10 mins, 2 goals scored, Hats off!

Bayern therefore has to beat the best to be the best, thats what my friend always tell me.

Another 3 hours before the kick off. Fingers-crossed!

Mia San Mia

BTW Happy Voting Malaysians! May everything begin and end with much peace and success.

Renuka G