Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best!

Pheww! It feels good to finally go back after 1 month plus being imprisoned in Terengganu, yet traveling back and forth from Marang to Batu Rakit. The night-driving my god! Happy that now I can wrap everything up and shelve what I went through, only focusing on the final exams and of course the holidays. Tomorrow is an excuse upon the 13th General Election to go home and enjoy a few scoops of BR while doing some window shopping. Can life get any better? than BR? Totally not :D

But prior leaving Terengganu, there's an important game to watch. Actually I have been biting my nails since morning itself about the 2nd leg of the UEFA semi finals between Barca and Bayern.

Though Bayern beat Barca with a 4-O victory at home ground, the spanish team being a legendary team in the world of football, a comeback is certainly in the cards. The only question is whether Bayern can keep up their performance during the 1st leg. Without denying there were dissatisfactions exchanged by fans of the two teams regarding the penalties denied and goals by Bayern which were arguable, but the 2nd leg is going to be a brand new match. Hoping to see both teams being at their best and may the deserving team wins and face Dortmund in the finals.

As a fan, I hope to see Bayern triumph, however, Camp Nou doesn't seem like an easy-ground. Barca will strike back , that's inevitable, just like R. Madrid the previous night. In the last 10 mins, 2 goals scored, Hats off!

Bayern therefore has to beat the best to be the best, thats what my friend always tell me.

Another 3 hours before the kick off. Fingers-crossed!

Mia San Mia

BTW Happy Voting Malaysians! May everything begin and end with much peace and success.

Renuka G