Monday, April 29, 2013

Fragile Values Failed Rules

Promises can at times be an excuse to buy time and I’m going to use that to my advantage tonight. I know I owe you guys something but all I can convey is my apology because you have to wait a lil longer for the ‘soon’ that I promised. Can’t help it.

So what's up now? 
Read up people.

Will you agree if I were to say we are different from one another  because of our values? Physique being a thing I don't want to touch on, values certainly tops the list of what makes a person special and unique in their own way. Speaking of values, what are they? Are they rules by another name that we set upon ourselves? 

Yes I'd agree on that. Values are indeed rules outlined by ourselves to set a standard  on what we want to be and who we want to refrain from becoming. We structure the pain and pleasure in our lives based upon these rules. Rules and values are supreme dictators of our happiness, if you look close enough. The only way we can attain long-term happiness is to live by the aforementioned which are a set of ideals to guide us into living life with much satisfaction. 

Simply put, there is always pleasure in doing something you believe is the right thing and pain awaits on the other end if you rebel against it.

The problem with many people though is, they are confused of their values thus they have fragile rules. That being an issue, they either stumble upon every hurdle or mirror another person whom they assume ideal without having any idea of that particular person's values and purpose of life. To copy is a shortcut, indeed, however, somewhere along the line you will find yourself stopping being flustered of your own identity. 

Values the base of every rule we form, are compass that guides us through life. Losing the compass is one thing, starting a journey without one smells like double trouble for me. 

If you could just open your eyes, you might see many people roaming around without personal values. When they see someone could write so well, they want to write too. When they see another having a Chanel bag, they hop on the trend without even knowing how to pronounce the label right. It's like the scenario of a kid in toy store jumping at every toy he sees. 

So, later what happens? Easy. They will somehow at one point get sick of it and yearn to have their own set of values wanting to live a life of their own without impersonating another. Back to square one, the search.

Therefore, the bottom line being, we just have to acknowledge that we are special. Everyone is, in fact. I remember struggling sometime ago and now I know I'm on the right track. I built myself, I have a set of rules, I adhere by it and I bask in pure happiness out of every step I take.

Good luck finding yourself!

Renuka G