Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Fat-free post

this is what we call the 'frame' =p

Weight and physique are topics which provoke many to morph into crazy misanthropists , especially girls. The scenario being, size 2 envies at size 0, as size 0 wonders if her 0 is better than the girl next to her, leaving the plus size beauties to muse whether these weight watchers are actually threats to their ’I don’t give a F!’ principle. And  as expected, the mentioned has somehow made losing weight everybody’s agenda. Or to be more realistic considering the dare to not care bunch, we shall say ‘most people’s agenda’. Oh for fame-sake, mine as well ! =)

Some battle it out in the gym, a few opt for dancing, some let their active work-routine rule the scale, and interestingly, another group starves and cut meals expecting to lower down a size or two, or maybe blindly 3. Ambitious uh? 

Well, well, starving is of course a no brainer technique to get thin but trust me you lazy bums under annihilating mission, it makes you UGLY! Yes I have never been so sure about anything. You think our honest , sweat-gland stimulating efforts is inferior to your 1 meal per day routine??!!!! Fair justice I choose to call it.  We work out, watch our meals, wait and get shaped while you get skinny with a wan face and untoned body. I’m not kidding! Just starving and skipping meals only rewards you the post-operation face. So sick and worn out! And if you are lucky enough, meet those rings on your physiognomy.  I bet they crave more colour!

Finally to top it off with a cherry, as soon as you are appeased with your ‘aneroxic’ look, slowly ditching the starving culture, you gain worse than a pregnant cow! (Well not to specifically scorn that animal, it just came with the flow. So you may replace it with elephants, buffalos or any huge animals you know, cats may be used as well. Clear?)  And that’s why I bid goodbye to the growing trend and high fived a hale routine like exercising.

The latest addition to my healthy routine is the much anticipated  advent of my pink Kettler dumbbells which weighs a humble 1 kg each. Why 1 you may ask, don’t worry I will explain. I don’t desire a sinew physique nor I want to further stress myself by carrying too much weight. Plus,I use the dumbbells to assist my cardio routines only, so 1 kg should be just fine. And guess what, my dumbbells are the reason I went back to loving pink even when my life has a lot of black in it. (a milion-dollar statement, totally =p)

I’m apparently basking the fruits of my ongoing effort, hence, leaving no space to talk about quitting what I voluntarily took up. The main aim being, I want to be stress-free and healthy. What size, I don’t care much. 

To the girls out there who are struggling to tone their body and look better, my advice is, take baby steps. It’s not going to be a one day affair, it’s very time consuming indeed. For that reason, be easy on yourself and remember to always listen to your body. Stop when it’s time and do not force it. I bet you don’t want trade your hot fitness-instructor for a nerdy doc in a clinic full of creepy ‘metals’!  Do you??

Think twice =o

Renuka G


GazingAtTheStars.HoldingOntoHisPromises. said...

Hi can i check where did u get your dumbbells from? Thanks!

Renuka Gunasekaran said...

they came as a free gift when I purchased an equipment from kettler. It was so long ago, can't say for sure though. :D