Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flawed Judgments

Let me share a secret you all might have overlooked in the years you've lived.

Most wrongdoings that we commit ourselves to, at many crossroads which we opt to take the path just to go astray from the right thing, we already know. Some misdoings are mistakes I agree yet often they're crimes committed consciously.

People throw the blame upon age and rage usually, don't know how far this excuse could talk ourselves out from taking the stand. Truth be told, when we succumb to evil desires and get our hands dirty by playing foul, deep inside though we're not fully in peace with the act, we do execute it. Later comes the phase of wiping away the proofs, the sole phase in which one could even rationalize the cruel-most act of all time, the phase called Justification-Overflow. Like water for a felon to clean his bloody hands, it keeps pouring till our inner-soul believes a wrong can be right only if reasoned from a felon's view.

As much as you want to deny this, probably you're already nodding to what I've written, it will get you thinking, trust me. Soon you will justify as well for that's how the circles completes.

I'm not advocating my view to label each of us a criminal or human without conscience. Plus, why would I when I'm in agreement with selfishness being a way to survive in today's world. Nobody is perfect at the end of the day. No matter how intelligently you can argue against this, it's indeed a foolproof statement to win any case at any circumstances thus being one of the most frequently used excuse during the Justification-Overflow phase.

My point here is to forgive. People turning against their own will and then rationalizing is like a norm, it happens everywhere to nearly everyone. Sometimes when looking at the finish line, we miss little things like values and the noble act of accepting defeat and being crushed by the tide once in a while. The desire to win often drives one to commit wrongdoings even though deep inside it has pricked them at least for a moment. Forgive them. They're not strong. Sometimes being put in similar situation, we get weak as well. And when this happens, muster up courage to walk away from those desires. It might be a norm, it might be  human-law, but you can't paint everything white only to cover the spots you wanted to make once.

Recall the last time you betrayed your conscience, smeared it with one-sided justifications and slept peacefully at night knowing the ghost of the past won't haunt you ? Well, maybe the ghost won't but being human needs so much more than being real and knowing what's real. It needs the courage of walking away even at instances you sense the strongest desire to get through a situation and swim across all defeats.

In actuality, to ponder upon the times we gave in to fooling our conscience, gets me to think, how flawed are we?

Speaking of flaws, some flaws are designed to be corrected. We are sure imperfect individuals, yet we can choose which flaws to live with and which one to clean ourselves from.

Muse over!

Renuka G


One lesson life has taught me is that it goes on. Sometimes we feel like pausing, taking a break, going back and changing things but the truth is, none is realistic. Life is this moment and beyond. What's shelved is shelved, future is the only thing we can plan and sculpture.

No matter how bumpy the ride gets, always remember it stops for no one. Either you buckle up or wait over the impossible to save you which most probably won't arrive.

Life is a choice, so choose to move and keep moving forward :)

Good Day

Renuka G

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Armed-Digression (Excuses-provided)

The truth is many people out there secretly wish life would fly by them with a magic wand giving them success and fruits of their prayers. Unrealistic as it might sound, the reality doesn't run far from what mentioned. Everyone has an ambition of their own . However, instead of fueling it with passion and hard-work  people channel mere  Disney-fairytale twists whenever a little elbow grease is required.

We provide a gazillion different excuses to not work towards our dreams, agree? Take the recent statistics for instance, women with career are reported to decline the graph performance wise after engaging themselves in the life-long (possibly) commitment called marriage. Why is that so? Women are dreamers and achievers too. But what caused this situation? We fancy up our ambitions and raise the bar, sadly though, in the long run we let other things beat us down. Looking at the issue neutrally, the previous line applies to men as well.

Success and dreams are rewards to oneself. We plan something, invest our energy, overcome the challenges and finally celebrate our success with a smile nothing else in the world could ever bring. It would end up being an accomplishment you can remember a lifetime. Unlike things we do for others which requires acknowledgement from another individual, this is so different and special. To be able to love yourself, to be able to boost your confidence, to be able to truly celebrate even with no one by your side, that's a thing.

I've always loved to dream big and channel hard-work into anything I set my mind to. One thing I call recall is my keyboard lessons. Who knew I could pick up something in 10 hours lesson. All I had to do was practice , practice and practice. It wasn't easy, sometimes I felt like screaming out loud for I didn't have any basics in reading music sheets (primary school knowledge is long forgotten) or the instrument itself , yet I managed. The moment I discovered I could play a song, that was priceless.

Perhaps I don't know what it's like to have another person sharing your life and conquering a part of your mind while having your ambition on the stove, cooking-still. Well, I choose to assume it to be irrelevant  for I believe excuses are synonym to the phrase 'sorry, I can't'. Excuses come easy, therefore simply isn't going to lead you nowhere. You can allocate another part of your mind to just create one every day, would be just perfect.
don't runaway like this :p

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage and determination to achieve and not everyone is up for the challenge. If you think you can do something more than ending up a statistic, plan it right and don't digress no matter what life throws, be it a Prince Charming or an Evil Queen with a broken mirror.

Good Luck

Renuka G

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Father and Faith

One thing my father always say is to have faith upon myself. I took me sometime to accept the fact that, what I for a long time perceived as reality was the magnified version of my inferiority complex. He made me believe in my abilities and what I'm capable of accomplishing, just by trading my mediocre-spirit to positive amount of confidence.

The truth is nobody is less than anyone, and my father grasped this well. It's all about what and how we choose to regard ourselves as which matters. You can look up, or bow down, either way if you have zero faith upon your ability to accomplish something, you are a failure.

Let's not blame the people around us who are performing better or those who are also drowning in pleasure of belittling oneself, buckle up and change your perspective. He told me and still tells me I can do better, I can be somebody, only if I put my heart into it and stop getting demotivated observing what the person next to me is doing. Only because someone can light up 1000 candles, doesn't mean he/she can protect each one from extinguishing.

Life is all about faith, so place it upon yourself. The magic will eventually come your way as well. This one is my assurance to each one of you who's reading my post.If you have the courage to pursue something, look straight at the finish line. Just like the runners who are slowed the moment they start turning their vision towards their competitors chasing them, once you start doubting, your chance at success depletes automatically. Have the confidence. We're all born equal, there's nothing to feel small about. Get moving!

Thank my father for his words always :)

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Renuka G

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fall, A Rise

Relationships begin with great expectations which later boils down to painful heartbreaks trading it's grandiose honeymoon period only to become a bitter subject of discussion to kill time. We all at one point of our lives must have experienced a relationship that wounded our hearts for rarely one finds true love at the first try.

A failed relationship is not a photograph to be framed and kept in the house as a deco item, it is indeed a broken mirror which demands immediate disposal. The only thing one should know is the hows and whys behind it, then the shattered pieces are good to go out of our lives forever. Unlike a framed photograph which stays at a corner and awaken memories, a failed relationship is worth nothing more than a lesson and a quick-correction of the once-made mistakes.

To answer what I've learned from my failed relationships, I should say to stay strong. Being a person who truly believes that a relationship involves two people of different views and characters, tolerance is often the key to unlock the disagreements and behaviors opposed to my individual belief. In the long run though, I found myself on the wrong side waving the white flag. Tolerance can aid, but will not solve. To stay in a relationship, one needs strength, I mean a lot of strength. The strength of a heavyweight champion at heart to endure whatever thrown and also the courage to walk away when the door finally leads you out from the dreamland once regarded as 'forever'.

The problem with women of these times is we're scared, particularly to start over and counting the probability of not finding another person who would sincerely accept us for who we are. We settle for less and welcome more mess voluntarily only due to the lack of courage. It's not always about fixing situations. What if a situation were to be repeated a million times? Are you going to spend a lifetime correcting what should have been disposed long ago? This is where strength and courage plays part. True love is about holding on but what's the point of gluing together something you know won't stick together?

That's what I've learnt for myself. To have the strength to travel south rationally and leave for the better the moment I become aware of cracks that can't be mended anymore.

Relationships are not for the faint-hearted. Once you get yourself in, there's hell a lot of commitments and responsibilities to piggyback along with your partner. You get yourself in, you get yourself out. However, if you're lucky enough to land yourself a diamond in the green box and prince riding a Friesian horse, Bingo it is! :D

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Renuka G

Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm this 'occupied' 
Sometimes when a zealous blogger goes missing, we just have to excuse him/her for morpheme-exhaustion, don't we?


Screw you, I'm not saying sorry!

Just kidding! Well the 5th semester of my degree programme is still in the brewing process keeping me glued to its fundamentals and introductory hi-hellos causing an extreme delay to visit this canvas. Everything seems to be more challenging than ever, though looking at the bright side it's definitely what I need at this point of my life.

What to write about today?

Honestly speaking, ideas seem to be a little scattered, all over the place lately making it hard to pick on one further expanding it into a post. You feel me? If you are a true blogger, chances are that you will, 101% certain. I guess. (Don't ask me how that works!)

Ok, let me share a secret to stay happy.
There are thousands compressed on the self-help shelves, another few thousands channeled by the numerous motivational speakers both professionals and the self-employed bunch like myself here. Having mentioned the previous, I'm guessing it's obvious enough to realize what I call a secret is probably a cliche, but what can you do, for you are a sad helpless reader after all who would still curiously proceed reading.

Well, I would say sorry considering the mean statement I just made is actually mean yet naaah. Since you are still reading as I've predicted, why should I? And that's absolutely my point. Sometimes people belittle us, throw mean statements at our face, we get agitated, all raged in emotion for a moment and then poof it's all gone, we're back reading the thoughts of an author who scorned his/her reader. Like for what??
Don't take it seriously, was trying to convey my point the easiest way.

People who take us for granted usually are those who deem us to be less important than others they prefer to stay and make their life a garden of roses and lilies. (I don't see how the two flowers sync but yea, accept it.) For them, some shadows are just complimentary , with or without, life is still a helluva ride. Take this blog for instance, I write for personal-satisfaction thus, losing a reader or two wouldn't hurt me and that permits me to put my viewpoints even against whoever who is following this blog. Similar case scenario, everyone won't be important to all.

When confronted by people who discounts us on the significance of our presence, return the courtesy, return the favour. The secret to happiness is to always be fair with people even though life in general doesn't comply to this notion, of 'being fair'. Put a dog where it belongs, and keep your pet close to your heart, if you get what I mean.

Time to cuddle with my toys!

Renuka G

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holla 2013

Nope, this is not the usual recap. Not going to sit here and recall things that were bound to happen and did take place at the end, they had been shelved for reference in the future. This is indeed a new beginning. A much anticipated one I should say. Many things I've planned for myself to become a better person, to be inspiring and to learn as much possible from the great ones in my life without missing the lessons life is about to teach me.

That's what I'm talking about, passion for life, passion to live. I want to enjoy the rain without losing the thirst for experiences capable of teaching me what I haven't discovered about my own self, people and life in general, not compromising the good in me.

Opportunities? Well, there are plenty coming my way. Even if all those decided to stop from knocking upon my door , I would seek them. I'm ready for a fresh start, for I've learnt nothing is impossible if you have the strength to pursue it. Positive by default babe!

Setting that aside, I would like to wish all my readers and followers a Happy Happy New Year! Smile, laugh, fall, get back up, enjoy every single moment, it's a bittersweet life after all :)

Renuka G