Sunday, August 26, 2012

The spritz hunt

After a year of indulgence in the notes of wild strawberries and drenching myself with the pride of a Marc Jacob's product in grip, it's finally the time to wave goodbye. My Daisy Hot Pink perfume is soon to be disposed and replaced.  Hence, this post is going to be about the journey spoilt with choices and the chosen one.

Just like shopping for clothes and shoes, I love fragrance-shopping. In actuality, I enjoy it the most for a few glaring reasons like, I need not join the fitting-room queue looking like a madwoman in a mad-rush attempting to squeeze through the mad crowd and also not wait in horror for a sales assistant to check on size availability that is sometimes already pasted on the shoe soles which some greens like me fail to notice. It's complicated you see. Perfumes are often an easy-peasy chapter. All you have to do is conduct a research in collaboration with Mr Google here, shortlist a few, try them later, narrow down again and voila, you have 'the one'. If the sales assistant is friendly enough, ask for some perfume samples ok? Many succeeded I tell you! So be a wise-spender, yet drench in a collection of various scents (even though it's just 5 1.5ml)
you know me =)

When I'm hunting for perfumes, my favorite place would be KLIA. I can give you a long list of whys but guess what? I'm too tired to type it all down. The most simple and obvious one would be, everything is there, from J.Lo to Versace, I guarantee they didn't miss a label. Not to anybody's surprise , that is where I purchased my new Eau de Toilette.

And my choice was....jeng! jeng! jeng! jeng!

Not yet.

Just to let you know, I did shortlist a few prior the, what I choose to call the ultimate 'investment'. The list included Jimmy Choo, Lola by Marc Jacobs, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and also Bright Crystal by Versace. Why I rejected them though? That is indeed a sad thing for all the mentioned labels to digest , yet a choice had to be made and things had to be crossed. It was not a mere hearsay based decision I assure you. A lot of efforts and sniffs and spritz involved. I can't lay forth reasons for saying No to each so let me present you the ones for a few.
As you all readily known, I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs, however, Oh my Lola! smells too sweet and I can never stand the strong hint of vanilla in any perfumes even if it's of the designer I'm so devoted to. Sorry MJ!

Lady Million, it was so clear, the same problem but this one is TOOOOOOoooo sharp and heavy that I could faint even before reaching the next room. I love my perfumes mild, regardless of it being an Eau de Toilette or Parfum or what-so-ever! Setting that aside, one thing good about Paco Rabanne's scents is. they last long, like really-really long. Anyway, they all were sent into depression-mode this afternoon and I kinda am feeling sorry right now. Tranquilizer anyone?

Without further ado, let me reveal my perfume for the next 1 year period.


It's Flora by Gucci- Gorgeous Gardenia. Please do not believe any slanders thrown upon my beloved perfume for having affairs with the famous bread brand, for it's not true! Hehe. To tickle your memory, Gucci launched the Garden collection just a few months ago, in May to be exact, with a huge advertising campaign. Many were pleased with the fragrances but cringed at the price placed. In Malaysia, it costs 364 MYR per 100 ml bottle. Quite pricy I should say. However, bearing red berries and pear on its top notes, the mildly sweet scent definitely impressed me in all ways the moment it faded on my wrist, and of course is worth every penny.
I got Carolina Herrera L'eau's sample!!

The sweet me signing off
Renuka G