Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confession indeed

I can't fathom the courage I have to risk waking up late tomorrow, possibly adding another not-so-glam 'L' on my attendance, but since I'm already here, only fairy-multimedia-mother/father can save me!

Nothing of dire importance, just dropping by to brag about my new read. Perhaps the word 'brag' is an overstatement, so do kindly ignore my jolly impaired vocab.

The novel is a legal thriller by John Grisham entitled 'The Confession'. I know it's a little too embarrassing since his new book 'Calico Joe' is just out and here I am flipping through the pages of his 2010 published novel. It's ok though, better late than never they say. ( I don't understand why I have to make it sound so important when it's not!)

Speaking about the book, mostly flashback-based with humour etched here and there, the story revolves around a guilty-man roaming free while an innocent man pay for the crime he's forced to admit   his. Usual John Grisham stuff you know? I certainly do know because this is the 2nd novel by him that I'm reading after 'The Litigators' which impressed me in all ways.

Hoping to finish this one by Raya so I could get my hands on 'The Firm', one of John Grisham's best works, also adapted into a movie starred by Suri's Daddy @ Katie's ex-hubby. You can guess who!

Good night, readers !
Renuka G