Monday, July 25, 2011

The Blazermania

Emma Watson in Paris
Once flaunted in Spring 2008 and now it’s back to marvel us again! This year blazers have been the favoured most layering option ( even for the next season). You can’t deny that after dribbling over Emma Watson’s pink blush blazer during her photo shoot for Lancome ( being the new face of  the brand) that took place in Paris! The Harry Potter’s geeky wizard has moved so fabulously forward in fashion being named the trend setter of our generation. UPGRADE! Female Mag (July 2011) also complimented her for her polished and classy look at red carpet events! Wait, did I mentioned that she made the cover? 

Back on blazers. I know what you’re going to say, layering and blazers make you think of the colder weather, not the warm air that is rolling in around us most of the time (generally in Malaysia), but fashion is the ground gifted to play by your own rules, and if those rules say wear these fantastic blazers even during the wrath of global warming because they are that awesome, then by God, who are we to say NO?

Having witnessed (as in magazines) countless celebrities donning and hoofing it with a blazer, I decided it was time to insert blazer as a key item for my next hunt at the malls.
Blake Lively rocking her printed blazer (always pair a plain top or dress with a printed blazer)
L.C's look definitely screams artsy- fun!

Blazers are undeniably the new shirt and tees. I’m not saying that we should start wearing blazers in lieu of shirts. I’m supposing that blazers have joined the ranks of tees and shirts as style staples.
Dolls, being  the “top-drawer” shopaholic I certainly vouch for these steals. Not only that they are worthy of a try-on but you will thank me gazillion times when you don't even want to take them off. My short-shopping trip to KL proved it a little more than assumed. I managed to visit a few outlets like Zara, Dorothy Perkins (where I bought my white chiffon top and signed up for my F3 card) and MNG. I kid you not, the blazers at Zara were simply awesomazing! They even had in vibrant colors like pink and green. Though I would reckon nude shades or black for a blazer, why not paste a little emblazoning to your look?

No single item of apparel dresses up a look better than a blazer and Tim Gunn mouthed that. You're doing a weekend catch-up with a couple of friends donning a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and suddenly your boss rings you up with an invitation for lunch. Can you think of a better save? Something like that.
Next Rachel Zoe in the making
Boost up your plain top with some prints. REMEMBER PLAIN top dolls!

A blazer is not a turquoise top that you need matching and mixing session to blend it right! This polished layer goes well with anything from a pair of skinny jeans to a short striped dress. Well, you can also wear it with nothing else!
There are of course rules to abide by before prizing the best blazer. First make damn sure your blazer is nipped at the waist! Never settle for an oversized unfitted blazer. As that certainly “compliments” you a short cum bulky figure. The rule spells the more fitted the better. Flaunt your natural curve honey!  About boyfriend's blazers? Sorry I’m not a big fan. Ok the 2nd mighty rule commands you to watch’em wrists! Too-long sleeves are immediate trait of an ill-fitting jacket. Hem the length so they hit at your wrist. Stand by these rules and get yourself a never frumpy blazer.

Don’t worry about morphing the moolah into coins as blazers are essentials of all season or maybe time. All the best sharpshooting one!
 Blazers Blazing the Closet
Renuka G


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How about the 169 blazer,is it okay ?!Hope it fits your description......I heard Rihana also wears that brand !!!!!Hv a great day!