Monday, July 18, 2011

Ballerina Fever

Heaps of flair
Something is abysmally wrong with me. These days, when I've been shopping for shoes (which happens to be my Achilles' heel since I have the tendency to grab’em ALL), I have noticed my eyes immediately scrolling down to "Ballerina Flats." Alarming, right? I know. I'm actually counting on this being a passing phase and not a permanent state of mind since I’m that snob that won’t gave up on heels, but I might as well embrace it for now. Which eventually brings us to this post on Ballerina Flats!
A never frumpy trend !

They are always the underrated footwear that never show too much, flash too much or fill in the blanks-too much. However when you are raising the question of comfort, nobody dares a bet. The thing is girls, there's never a need to nitpick when it comes to buying these flats. Trust me on that. You don’t need an analysing session or walk a mile with it before swiping those cards. It’s always easy to pick a pair of ballerina flats than forking the best heels. Rubber sole for stability and  little lift of a baby heel will do to recruit one for a shoe war. Not to deny, flats of this kind soars as the hot trend during spring but don’t worry it works during summer as well (I mean for Malaysians of course). So stack it up honey!

Ballerina Flats serve a certain purpose and that's indeed a fact. I think it speaks comfort and ease for scooting around, running errands and of course for those who hikes up and down the stairs on daily basis. It's not like buying them to wear to the red carpets and strike pose and get screwed by Joan rivers the next day!

They are indeed day saviours for those who crave comfort. Not to forget, it never demands too much flash on the design. I personally would reckon a simple and modestly priced B.flats compared to ones bearing a hefty price tag that could possibly land you in a drooling spree throughout the year. Not classy. This time set aside the rage for designer items, and be a frugal snob. Pick those ranging from RM 80-200, fair enough I suppose since you are gonna dump them around and throw them here and there, bank on it! People never appreciate nor treasure these comfy gears (remember the understated thingy? ).

I personally would recommend brands like Primavera , Lewre, Pedro and Lyn (featured in CLEO July 2011 edition). Well Vincci and Charles &Keith are ok too, but make sure you check out the sole 1st prior investing as you might end up tripping or slipping somewhere the next day and that would be “priceless” . For proud students of IPGM KDRI, cafe is just the RIGHT spot!
Expensive yet expansive.If you are gonna stick with a pair for a long time then this leather-made flats are so yours!

Don't get me wrong, I still am an ardent fan of high heels. But that love is destroying my feet and cascading pain. In line with the current self-proclaimed agony, I am doing you girls a favor (appreciate okay) by putting flats under the lime light.
The perfect pop for a jeans+tees look. JustI picture yourself slipping on these adorable bold-printed flats...speechless

How to pair? I love this part. Honestly its not at all rocket science  to pair B. flats with your look. They go classily with any apparels be it a dress, jersey shirt, office wear, denim or whatever junk that is in your closet! 

A dress with heels is sexy and the same dress with a pair of cutesy B.flats is chic! That’s the difference. So you select your look.
It is indeed a
flared dress in patterned chiffon with wide decorative chiffon belt + of course MMJ's Miss Marc Patent Flats. Undeniably CHIC! Just sling a back across and you are ready to rock =D
What A Fab Alternative *bliss*
Renuka G