Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tragic Happenings

Capture life....TRAGEDIES =p
Human life can be captured in a book of tragedies. I kid you not!  There are just amply fused into our lives like some kind of routine chores. Tragedies, too surreal but real. We  face them more often than we desire ( do we desire them at the place?). They mangle our emotions in a devastating most fashion. At the end of each encounter, some people grow while the rest throw in the towel and wave goodbye ( at times a forever-farewell). While the malcontents retire and mutineers grunts, there is also this vox populi soaring in the crowd that claims this.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Is it true?? ( you got the wrong person honey) well, I’m just another member of the clueless society who opts to go with the flow and dance with the world. If you were to shoot me with such a question then I would rather find a place somewhere in the middle to fit my figure in and join the rest and cheer for both. Emergence of lunacy? I know.

Anyway I’m not going to brood around the whats and the types of tragedies as they are deemed frigid subject for me. I’m the writer after all, my blog should impose my views and preferences SO just read ( written in the friendly most manner with a freaky most grin =)) Now, I mean after such a long introduction that literally doesn’t coalesce much with the primary idea of this post, I will expound further into tragedies, not in general but just the randomly chosen 3 that certainly, resentfully, unexpectedly serve important roles in the makes and breaks (more on breaks) of our lives.

As expressed in the so-called introduction, tragedies are like routine chores. We have abundant of them like nitrogen in the air (is it??) In our past that we rewind on and off, in our present that we shed tears about, not forgetting those awaiting in the tomorrow chapters of our lives. However of those gazillions, there are a few or shall I precisely “claim” as 3 that screws us mercilessly and relates to nearly all of us. So now I put forth the three tragedies of life:

1.       1.Failing to get what you want (recalling something??)
2.        2. Getting it (still remain unsatisfied...because you want the other one too =p)
3.       3.Seeing another person getting it (haha random)

So can you deduce something through these 3? 

Yup, jealousy triggered by  dissatisfaction of own self and conditions  is the tragic most tragedy in human life that we encounter nearly every moment on this earth or maybe in your little world. Honestly speaking ,jealousy as all other things in the world bears  its good side and also the bad one. 

OPTIMISTIC i tell you =)
To view from the optimistic spectrum, jealousy is a little gift  given to you by “Mother Nature” that you can either employ as a motivator to push you above your own expectations or, to indulge yourself in initially just to lose yourself later draining out all your personality and virtue and HAPPINESS voluntarily.  True enough, Jealousy and Rivalry can bring glory to human race as long as it’s channeled right and adequate. But always bear in mind, it’s not a fountain that should overflow, it’s an image of a tap that you CAN have under control.

Of course you can't construct a graph on the level of jealousy against time or the person or whatever the x-axis spells to keep track on it, i know. My point is acquire the ability to sense when positivity turns negative.

Too much of anything is never good folks. Of Jealousy? Can’t you see the red flag swinging over your head??  Its more like a lethal blue-print of life, one way ticket to hell or..... I'm-out-of-words. 
Girls keep it fights k =s

Consume it  like a supplement, on and off, to boost you up, keep you active, NOT as your favourite snack to chew every day! (ok this is making me hungry...control Renuka) May God bless your jealousy with little pressure to creature pleasure in life =)

Well, the “pep-talk” on tragedies and jealousy is over.  Now confession! Lately I have been continuously engaged with things like presentations  and tasks and “stuffs” that are piling up like nobody’s freaking business, so do excuse me if you find my writing to be a ho-hum (who knows).

 Forbidden overflow
Renuka G


gsm said...

No matter what ,No matter who ,keep walking,its your life your hard work.Dont stop or stoop for fools cos only fools show a lot ! You are a grown up u hv seen lots in life, be proud of what life has taught u,Just Move it !Dont be held up by small matters and thoughts,our hearts are so small to leave it open too long for others consider shutting the doors at least for the time being!We hv eyes that doesnt mean we shld see all the time sometimes we are blinded sometimes we hv to pretend we did not see,same with our ears sometimes it better we pretended to be deaf,the best wld hv been to keep our mouths shut .
Hope u are enjoying the new speed,enjoy what u are doing and be happy!