Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Zeal

Just me and Batu rakit beach =ppp

I'm literally bored. Bored? Maybe the word bored is just a mild one to flesh out my current state. I have a total of 3 blogs. My pet blog which is apparently the one you are marvelling at ( I know), my personal blog and my long-dead blog. Well according to my instincts, my dad is probably shocked over this confession as he is not aware of the little ardent writer within me that doesn’t seem to be satisfied with one but demands three to express herself! ( yet remain unsatisfied). In my current state of ennui, these 3 blogs don’t seem to serve any sort of aid in healing this self-tailored condition. Blame me not. It’s not actus reus anyway. Right?

I'm the kind of girl who loves to venture into new things, sample a new hobby, go hoo-ha over it for a week or two then find a replacement and again repeat the same with no guilt or shame. Pathetic? I know. Schedules and mundane affairs bore me like pages of the daily newspapers (especially the sports column).  But this post is not a twaddle in which I'm going to flaunt about my new hobbies and self imposed goals which I create like every day ( or hour or minute) . Nopey.
New journey... without a bicycle though

Straight to the point, I'm going to embark on another new journey carpeting my self-constructed potholed road as an independent blogger (inflated..totally). Frankly, I had never considered this thought nor it EVER been a thought at the first place. Hey THAT is apparently a statement to be amazed about! Since, you know how much I think and brood and re- think without a full stop.So me!  (by the way my grey hairs said hi) However, it is a point worth mentioned that my journey or shall i say it modestly as “plan” touches basically on the simmering interest I embed within myself for years long. And it is very PREDICTABLE if you have been following my writings.

It concerns writing! But writing about what? I have infused subjects like relationships, values, and people in my blogs so far. For this yet-to-be-born, I will coalesce the element of FASHION and STYLE in it! The blog will cater fashion and style from my vision, my view. Don’t scream and don’t get overjoyed (I mean haters..if I have one=p). I Renuka G hereby takes an oath that I won’t bungle my attempt and embarrass my own self, my beloved father, the rest of my family members in this life and the previous ones ( know), neighbours, fellow comrades, my current blogs, Kluang Hospital, my chipmunk, mojojo  yada-yada, nor I will start now and throw in the towel in a day or two. NO!  I'm not going to start anything and finish mediocre this time.  Place a bet on it! (this is scheduled to be deleted on _______)
From Dior to Marc Jacobs

Starting a blog is as easy as eating (again lame??..i know), especially when it concerns an ardent blogger like me who is successfully gripping a few blogs and keeping them accessorized regularly. I can make one in a blink of an eye. Why one? Two. Three.Four. Give me the figure! (too much Renuka..behave!) Well, Its like learning ABC in college, so Duuuhhh. However, my notion here spells, I-can-but-I-won’t.  Therefore,this “non-lethal” plan will only be executed when I'm fortified enough to pursue on it. I have a lot of readings to do in order to hone my fashion vocab. Plus my dad even condemns on my current D-graded vocabulary which he demands to be upgraded. Haizz =p. Such prerequisites and so-called pressure made me allocate a huge cavern in my humble brain to armour my language skills that I'm channelling straight up fervently every day. Hopefully, that tiny Einstein copes up well (self-praise is purely benign).Well, who wants to start a fashion blog without eloquent fashion language and proper resources? Unless I bid to be scoffed at. NEVER!
BOLD enough!

Basically, my two still-active blogs will turn static for some time. I'm getting very excited about this new-born plan of mine.  A twinge of zeal within me, keep boosting me up to improve my current language abilities for the best my brain could afford. Meanwhile, continue the brouhaha and guessing games about the mind blueprint. 

feeding my FAD
Renuka G

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hurts Better

Watch what comes out!
We have been given the ability to think, say and do things in this life. So when we think, we give birth to thoughts. When we say, we give birth to words. When we do, we give birth to deeds. Thoughts, words and deeds make our lives and others' lives. What we think can lead to words and then actions. And those words and actions can either make or break a person. 

They can make someone else feel really loved or downright hurt. Yes, they all eventually lead to the feelings you give birth to in others. Isn't that amazing! So when you say or do something, you create feelings in another and those feelings can really stay in them for a very long time. The words and actions have such great power. I personally feel a slap is bearable than a very harsh word (I can hear a lot of slaps landing on my cheek - face I mean haha!). As the feelings that come from the memory of a mean word will remain forever embedded in my head. But the pain that comes from a slap goes away the next day. I remember so many very harsh words few dear ones have yelled at me with, and when I think of them even today it hurts me. So powerful those little words are! I also remember a slap but it don't hurt anymore ,not as much as those words do.
Words can KILL ( i guess =p)

So ya, it's very important to choose and use your words (and actions) carefully because how you make someone feel will always remain in them.

When did you last say a mean word to someone? 

I can't remember. I think that's a good sign :p But if all i did then i sincerely apologize.
 Renuka G
Hey thats MINE !!! *fumin

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mojo Of 1

There is only ONE

This ONE..also ONE =p
one religion...the religion of Love
one race...the Human race
one language...the language of the Heart
one wealth...the wealth of Generosity
one color...the color of Conscience

one hatred...the hatred of Self
one food...the food of Happiness
one blood...the blood of Equality
one opportunity...the opportunity of Now
one revenge...the revenge of Compassion
one breath...the breath of Truth
one health...the health of the Mind
one cure...the cure of Humour

one strength...the strength of Mind
one beauty...the beauty of the Soul
one family...the family of the World
one secret...the secret of Simplicity
one battle...the battle of Survival
one peace...the peace of Wisdom

one God...the God in You
one certainty...the certainty of Death
one way...the way of Life.

Have a great day ahead 
Renuka G

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm me & i'm YOU too..

Rumination in progress...

Sometimes I'm as broken as shattered glass...but I'm also the glue that fixes it all..
 I'm a traveller of all roads...sometimes I'm the road you travel on.
I'm the deepest pit of times I'm that ladder of escape.
I'm as colourful as a rainbow...sometimes I'm as dull as those colourless rays.
I can be soothing to the core...but I'm as harsh as a blow.
I can be the sweetest candy...sometimes I'm plain cyanide.
I'm the fresh writing on the times I'm just the dormant wall.
I'm the holy prayer on your lips...sometimes I'm an axe that severs all rules.
 I'm the hunger for everything...sometimes I'm the feed you hunt.
I'm the black and white photograph...and I'm also the moist heartbeat in you.
I'm alive like a fresh tulip...sometimes I'm the dead in that cold stone grave.
I'm the clown who makes a crowd laugh...sometimes I long to be in the crowd.
I'm as easy as Sunday morning...but I'm also the hardest math.
I'm the reason to live...and I'm the life of the reason.
I can be a beautiful story-teller...sometimes I'm the story you hear.
I'm the flame that stays awake...and I'm the candle that burns out fast.
I'm the heart that beats so close...sometimes I'm just the distant horizon.
I'm the desert that lives alone...and I'm the mirage that is short-lived.
I'm the real silken touch...but I'm the far-away memory.
I'm me...and I'm you too.

Renuka G

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Sheer and Mere

possessively obsessed
It is annoyingly embarrassing that I’m about to produce another blog post about my materialistic needs. But the consoling factor here is, I’m not demanding it. This is going to be about my obsession that makes me get goose bumps each and every single time I come across one.  My whole body system just pauses a moment to admire its beauty and bling.   Renuka, Breathe in....breathe out...phewwwww

My obsession for designer bags!!!! Frankly admitting, I never owned one so far but I would love to in the future. Well which girl doesn’t?  , A designer handbag provides one with an image, a facade of what and who she wants to be perceived as. It's almost like manufacturing status. Well that is one side of the spectrum. Another side merely is the portrayal of  the copious load of junk we seem to lug around with us everywhere.

breath taking Dior
Without a doubt, I  have been harboring a fervent desire towards these bags  for such a long time.  Being here, viewing my blog I’m very sure that everyone can cognize the fact that I’m a shopaholic. I can just walk around any malls even in a ravenous state and still feel boosted to go for another round. That is me! However hunting for the perfect handbag is the taxing most affair. I kid you not. I’m very fussy about everything and I will never in my life deny upon that, yet this affair is fussiness taken to a whole different level. You might even end up spotting me twice or thrice in the same store with no purchase made. it is very hard I assure you.

Here comes the caustic most situation. Though I explained my dilemma over handbags and my obsession already, I know there is a bunch roaming around just to bombard me with irksome questions regarding the entire thing again. I would like to produce you with a few here. 

What’s in the price tag of a designer handbag dopey? Are you actually paying for quality, brand or are you barely paying for plain stupidity and vanity? What is too much to spend on a handbag?'

looks like an invite to heaven =D
Ok I need not answer each and every one of it. It consumes too much of my precious time that I can instead use to get awestricken over Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff’s mind blowing creations. Look here my dear irksome being, if I had to choose between living in a shack or keeping a designer handbag, I would rather pick the latter. To add further into that, I Renuka G worship designer handbags. When I die, my request is just one. Please bury me with my collection of designer handbags. I rather die classy than noble!! Hmm maybe. To a certain extent. Actually NO.

The whole phenomenon is called sheer obsession. I can sit and not budge at all the entire day facing this lap top screen admiring designer handbags.  However it is a clear cut that I do not wish to own one now.
I go crazy over bags regardless of brands and you can just shoot me if this is a lie. A store full of bags is like Eden for me. True enough, I have had more than 20 bags in just 3 years time.  taking all this petty facts into concern, the perfect time to own a designer handbag (as if there is a “perfect” time) is when I’m really sure that I’m going to stick to a bag at least for a year or two. Or else i might voluntarily wind up in bankruptcy. (but for a Marc Jacobs, why not??)
Rebecca M =)))))

Perhaps I should start stashing by now for my future "investments". Pretty much sounds like a good figment from the devotee. Adding up to that, it feels rather classy to own A designer handbag than many branded handbags. Whatever it is I’m going to wait .Till the prefect time knocks on my door, I will keep my obsession under lock and key.

Meanwhile, as an ardent "tifoso" I’m just going to let my eyes pop and saliva drip over the images of the goddess like designs.

 Handbag speaks Heaven
Renuka G

Sunday, June 19, 2011

50 things about MY DAD!

The reason why i SMILE =)
Renuka G  presenting you her official Fathers day post 2011 :

50 things that always makes my dad special !
  1.   He is my dad! ( of course he is...duhh)
  2. King of generosity (to the extent of giving away my favourite and only flip phone to his colleague  for free *burning*)
  3. Very patient with humans. Again I  stress, HUMANs!! not cockroaches =p
  4. Extremely early in everything and at times it annoys me and my sister VERY much. (just imagine he brought me to the mall 20 mins before its operating hours! Haizz MR.GS)
  5. He hates to see French fries on my hand or in my mouth =p
  6. Nobody can outstand him in fulfilling my materialistic needs (which comes in a long non-stop list, FREQUENTLY)
  7. A good decision maker who takes into concern both the present and the future (BRAVO!)
  8. Give cute poses ( feeling threatened  =p)
  9. His writings are to be admired =)
  10. Obviously the best role model and inspiration for me
  11. He wakes up at 5 am and dozes off at 9pm (exclusive of weekends)
  12. A health freak! ( my sister should give me a high-5 on this)
  13. He recently improved his lazy “K” reply by adding take care or c u soon (not bad..)
  14. He got a good driving skills and a very very VERY poor parking skills ( my eyes witnessed it!..Bring them to court! hehe)
  15. He panics a lot!! A LOT! Especially when he is uncertain of the road and pre parking phase.
  16.  When I say v-v-vv-v (using my chipmunk voice) he says mi-mi-mimi-mi (using his chipmink voice)
  17. He has the best pillow!!!!! ( I used to sleep for hours in comfort with it)
  18. He is capable of making me scream in a high-pitched voice by POKING me as I pretend to be asleep on his bed during his nap time which happens to be at 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays ( too much of details it seems)
  19. He looks handsome with NO beard (unfortunately he doesn’t shave during weekends)
  20. He gave up smoking because of ME!! (see I can change lives =D contact me for more tips and techniques)
  21.   He will buy things, get excited about it for a week or two, then It would be lying idle. (just like me right??, albeit mine only last a few days)
  22. He is very much like me or vice versa at heart (self-praise is purely benign)
  23. He pulls off the Pierre Cardin shirt well ( thanks to your little daughter =p)
  24. Huge fan of 3D ( currently planning to get 3D Tv or something, hehe (recalling point number 21 =p)
  25. Recently learnt “words” include: LOL, OMG, MIA (omg omg lone ranger)
  26. I think he got a weird vintage kind of taste, but my friends think otherwise. ( maybe my taste is it???? Don’t nod! Shrug!)
  27. Price Tag by Jessie J matches him perfectly
  28. He believes in doing good things and keeping a clean heart instead of 24/7 praying and meditating
  29. He can lecture on healthy lifestyle for 2 hours continuously (repetition occurs as usual =))
  30. My line is always “Are you kidding me?”, his line would be “are you mad?” ..kinda harsh but he is real and realistic enough.
  31. He got a loud and clear voice ,and sometimes I have to go “SSSssshhhhh”
  32. His favourite place to shop is Cold Storage ( when i was  busy exploring Suria KLCC, he was convicted of  solitary-shopping-spree in that “COLD” place by my sister)
  33. Going bald by day ( DO SOMETHING! =p)
  34. Always does the exact or MORE ( I love when its the latter, well who doesn’t??)
  35. Very good at analysing people especially ME
  36. He failed so badly to get my vote as a driving teacher ( NO! mainly because of that stupid clutch-halfway thingy..duuhhh =p)
  37.   Addition to the previous point, he gets that cynical laugh from me whenever the car engine goes off (and I go “don’t let go off the clutch fully! GOTCHA)
  38. He is diligent and patient enough to clean all the mess I made 
  39.   He wiggles a lot!
  40. He taught me to carry a pen anywhere I go and to keep extra cash hidden in case of emergency
  41. He wants to win in all arguments (TRUE!!!!! Uma agreed =p)
  42. He only caters the BEST especially for me =)
  43. He does more house chores than me and my sister *proud smile*
  44. Benevolent enough to the society (in terms of giving away my PS2 to somebody..hehe.. *fuming*) (relates with number 2)
  45. He has two daughters who goes “APPA” for everything ( can anyone deny that??)
  46. He laughs at me when I wear my ‘little princess’ tshirt  (MEAN! =p) 
  47.  He is pretty much an open book ( I can meddle with his phone, read his e-mails, login to his facebook, anything)
  48. NEVER good at surprises ( you must learn that art I tell you!)
  49. He still owes me a DSLR =ppp ( again to point 21..hahaxx)
  50. He is loved by ME!!!! (the greatest of all right?? =DD)
The last point is the main highlight!  Hehe.. Have great day pa!!! I love you thoooo damnnnnn muachhhhhh.. * lotsa flying kisses*

Renuka G

Saturday, June 11, 2011

You're my 1st hero!!

To my dearest dad!!!!
A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.

Happy Fathers day to my dearest dad!!!!!!! Even though the above is not a poem by me, it relates to me and our everlasting-bond well. only you know how to bear with a rebellious, stubborn, complicated daughter like me! despite all my crazy actions and behaviors, you always wind up cracking the codes. no one understands me as much as you do pa!

A man of principles! I need not look elsewhere for a role model. its like you are the lightning and i'm the thunder .( getting the poetic feel) I pursue after you forever and always.

And ya,Happiness inhabits my every molecule as i'm writing this because i know i couldn't ask for anything better since, you are THE BEST! You have sincerely participated/ are sincerely participating in every moment of the creation of my "humble" life, i can't thank you enough! i want you there forever.

Remember what we saw today??? 

" You Are My 1st HERO!"

ignore the look =p
With all the love in the world,
Renuka G

specially dedicated to my dad MR. Gunasekaran

WARNING!!!! Don't get confused with the dates, fathers day is on 19th June. however, i'm forced to bring it forward due to some inevitable circumstances. ( which you guys can predict)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A lazy-random post

I have always wondered whether each one of us has it all planned even before we arrive here or whether things happen because of pure chance. As I grow older and with certain events that have happened in my life, I'm beginning to believe that each one of us has a destiny of our matter what I try to do, my life will be what it's supposed to be here on Earth. Now don't get me wrong, by saying that I don't mean that trying anything is worthless because life is going to be what's it's planned to be for us! But what I mean is even the things we do, chances we get, people we meet, places we go, relationships we have, every little step we take are all many threads that we are knitted with...we are our entire destiny working it's way through to the end.

I don’t truly gamble on this but pretty much of what I can conclude. 

Honestly I’m very bored. This is my absolute -lazy-post! so just bear with me!

Renuka G

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


‘Don’t you sometimes think you are not…umm… normal?’

Being normal. That is what its all going to be about in this one. The subject of “normality” is like  plunged into our norms or maybe it is our norm indeed. It is being circularized like a culture that everyone has to bow upon. ABSURD I say.

Normality, if you ask me apparently, is severe-lack of passion, poor enthusiasm, and dead-eagerness. Normal people are those bound by the laws of sanity, and for myself, I would like to be free in a world that is constantly trying to set boundaries to ones freedom from every possible angle. So much that our conscious mind doesn’t even apprehend it. Being normal itself is restricting our personality in order to fulfil societal expectations of ourselves (which if let loose might give a never-ending list that can give you an immediate-choke).  

Instead of dressing in colours, we end up with a simple, dull one just to forefend from being the subject of criticism of those” normalians” who detests gaudy outfits! Remember,this is only 1 from the millions-more of incidents that can be quoted. Exact number?? I’m sweating already.

abso-freakin-lutely yeah

STILL what's the HARM right?? =p

 Everywhere, every single place we go, let it be a classy one or near-to-dumpster ones, our minds are all fully clad with the idea of being “accepted”. We want to be accepted so we figuratively kill ourselves, kill our identities and personalities and are reduced to the idea of “being normal”, to fall into the likeable cluster. Believe it or not, they are the minority I tell you!

 Why? Because most of us seriously don’t wanna make up the loyal residents of the normal land bunch. Plus, in each of us, there is a little rebel that is waiting to be set free from this expectations and rules. Agree? ( I only take a YES in this case)

Yet the ‘likeable cluster’ that so call themselves as perfectionists perhaps, rule us in a wicked way as I noticed. These people....they might be our fellow comrades, colleagues, brainwasher, manipulator, a sane-saint  or i-don’t-know-whatelse.
we are abnormal! lets shake hands! not like that....

Break free! Come on, seriously tell me what is wrong in being different? As long as we don’t harm others, we stick up to virtue, and  don’t end up in a rehab or prison, I feel it is really really OK. Nobody wants to see the mirror of normality at every corner reflecting the same self in different faces!

CATASTROPHE! Hey, that is an understatement in fact.

Well,if Darwin’s theory of evolution is to be true, then I can safely say that our minds, due to the lack of its individualistic use, have lost its special ingredient. You would be like me, I would resemble your granny and your granny might act like a pop star or something. It comes down to the notion of NO SPECIAL! There would be no necessity for adjectives then. Grammarians can just cross it out from the list for we are all Humans and no more individual data or descriptions required.But that’s only if the theory of evolution is true, so relax you guys! You can still keep that about me section updated with absolute insanity.

So, am I advocating here that being normal is bad and being odd, defiant, and strange is good? Am I saying that conforming to societal values which bind us to the laws of morality is terrible? No, I am not advocating any of that. All I am saying is to not waste your lives taking yourselves as normal people, because that will take you nowhere. Discover yourself and the first step in doing so is to have the courage to expose your ‘not-normal’ self to at least yourself, if not others. We are different from each other, at least in 1 or 2 ways, accept it digest it! Let’s not instill our ideas of normal into another absolutely normal yet over-the-top person. Not classy!

By the way, don’t you think normal is just too normal?

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” –  BORING!

I so wanna protest the above!

Renuka G