Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hurts Better

Watch what comes out!
We have been given the ability to think, say and do things in this life. So when we think, we give birth to thoughts. When we say, we give birth to words. When we do, we give birth to deeds. Thoughts, words and deeds make our lives and others' lives. What we think can lead to words and then actions. And those words and actions can either make or break a person. 

They can make someone else feel really loved or downright hurt. Yes, they all eventually lead to the feelings you give birth to in others. Isn't that amazing! So when you say or do something, you create feelings in another and those feelings can really stay in them for a very long time. The words and actions have such great power. I personally feel a slap is bearable than a very harsh word (I can hear a lot of slaps landing on my cheek - face I mean haha!). As the feelings that come from the memory of a mean word will remain forever embedded in my head. But the pain that comes from a slap goes away the next day. I remember so many very harsh words few dear ones have yelled at me with, and when I think of them even today it hurts me. So powerful those little words are! I also remember a slap but it don't hurt anymore ,not as much as those words do.
Words can KILL ( i guess =p)

So ya, it's very important to choose and use your words (and actions) carefully because how you make someone feel will always remain in them.

When did you last say a mean word to someone? 

I can't remember. I think that's a good sign :p But if all i did then i sincerely apologize.
 Renuka G
Hey thats MINE !!! *fumin


gsm said...

I do agree with you that harsh words do leave a scar while a slap leaves just pain. One must understand who said it and was it said jsut to hurt or was it said for a good course ! There has been words extremely harsh but they were meant to mould not to hurt!I wld add that at times a slap itself isnt enough we hv to leave something on the person so that the person wl recall and take the challenge in correcting oneself.Deliberately saying things to hurt is one thing but genuinely saying it with good intentions is another.Saying just to hurt is unforgivable but saying it for a good course should be gullible.We must weigh the matter from all angles.We should stand corrected, a slap or a harsh word why cry !If we were guilty we repent and dont do it again but if it was deliberate we dont forgive and dont walk that way again !