Sunday, June 19, 2011

50 things about MY DAD!

The reason why i SMILE =)
Renuka G  presenting you her official Fathers day post 2011 :

50 things that always makes my dad special !
  1.   He is my dad! ( of course he is...duhh)
  2. King of generosity (to the extent of giving away my favourite and only flip phone to his colleague  for free *burning*)
  3. Very patient with humans. Again I  stress, HUMANs!! not cockroaches =p
  4. Extremely early in everything and at times it annoys me and my sister VERY much. (just imagine he brought me to the mall 20 mins before its operating hours! Haizz MR.GS)
  5. He hates to see French fries on my hand or in my mouth =p
  6. Nobody can outstand him in fulfilling my materialistic needs (which comes in a long non-stop list, FREQUENTLY)
  7. A good decision maker who takes into concern both the present and the future (BRAVO!)
  8. Give cute poses ( feeling threatened  =p)
  9. His writings are to be admired =)
  10. Obviously the best role model and inspiration for me
  11. He wakes up at 5 am and dozes off at 9pm (exclusive of weekends)
  12. A health freak! ( my sister should give me a high-5 on this)
  13. He recently improved his lazy “K” reply by adding take care or c u soon (not bad..)
  14. He got a good driving skills and a very very VERY poor parking skills ( my eyes witnessed it!..Bring them to court! hehe)
  15. He panics a lot!! A LOT! Especially when he is uncertain of the road and pre parking phase.
  16.  When I say v-v-vv-v (using my chipmunk voice) he says mi-mi-mimi-mi (using his chipmink voice)
  17. He has the best pillow!!!!! ( I used to sleep for hours in comfort with it)
  18. He is capable of making me scream in a high-pitched voice by POKING me as I pretend to be asleep on his bed during his nap time which happens to be at 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays ( too much of details it seems)
  19. He looks handsome with NO beard (unfortunately he doesn’t shave during weekends)
  20. He gave up smoking because of ME!! (see I can change lives =D contact me for more tips and techniques)
  21.   He will buy things, get excited about it for a week or two, then It would be lying idle. (just like me right??, albeit mine only last a few days)
  22. He is very much like me or vice versa at heart (self-praise is purely benign)
  23. He pulls off the Pierre Cardin shirt well ( thanks to your little daughter =p)
  24. Huge fan of 3D ( currently planning to get 3D Tv or something, hehe (recalling point number 21 =p)
  25. Recently learnt “words” include: LOL, OMG, MIA (omg omg lone ranger)
  26. I think he got a weird vintage kind of taste, but my friends think otherwise. ( maybe my taste is it???? Don’t nod! Shrug!)
  27. Price Tag by Jessie J matches him perfectly
  28. He believes in doing good things and keeping a clean heart instead of 24/7 praying and meditating
  29. He can lecture on healthy lifestyle for 2 hours continuously (repetition occurs as usual =))
  30. My line is always “Are you kidding me?”, his line would be “are you mad?” ..kinda harsh but he is real and realistic enough.
  31. He got a loud and clear voice ,and sometimes I have to go “SSSssshhhhh”
  32. His favourite place to shop is Cold Storage ( when i was  busy exploring Suria KLCC, he was convicted of  solitary-shopping-spree in that “COLD” place by my sister)
  33. Going bald by day ( DO SOMETHING! =p)
  34. Always does the exact or MORE ( I love when its the latter, well who doesn’t??)
  35. Very good at analysing people especially ME
  36. He failed so badly to get my vote as a driving teacher ( NO! mainly because of that stupid clutch-halfway thingy..duuhhh =p)
  37.   Addition to the previous point, he gets that cynical laugh from me whenever the car engine goes off (and I go “don’t let go off the clutch fully! GOTCHA)
  38. He is diligent and patient enough to clean all the mess I made 
  39.   He wiggles a lot!
  40. He taught me to carry a pen anywhere I go and to keep extra cash hidden in case of emergency
  41. He wants to win in all arguments (TRUE!!!!! Uma agreed =p)
  42. He only caters the BEST especially for me =)
  43. He does more house chores than me and my sister *proud smile*
  44. Benevolent enough to the society (in terms of giving away my PS2 to somebody..hehe.. *fuming*) (relates with number 2)
  45. He has two daughters who goes “APPA” for everything ( can anyone deny that??)
  46. He laughs at me when I wear my ‘little princess’ tshirt  (MEAN! =p) 
  47.  He is pretty much an open book ( I can meddle with his phone, read his e-mails, login to his facebook, anything)
  48. NEVER good at surprises ( you must learn that art I tell you!)
  49. He still owes me a DSLR =ppp ( again to point 21..hahaxx)
  50. He is loved by ME!!!! (the greatest of all right?? =DD)
The last point is the main highlight!  Hehe.. Have great day pa!!! I love you thoooo damnnnnn muachhhhhh.. * lotsa flying kisses*

Renuka G


gsm said...

Thank u Thank u darling,u made my brown eyes blue !!!!!That was touching indeed and glad to know that I have been watched all these years.U never asked for a slurpee did u ? Both of u are making slurpee a big issue,I wl buy the large one and pour into both ur mouths!Well lets be the way we are,lets forgive and forget,take the good leave the bad,not all words said were meant that way okay !50 things abt me the 51st thing is He is irritated when some one who wld never listen and each time wl come to airport without the e ticket!Then he wl get angry and she wl start walking from east to west and north to south!the 52 point was he was upset when I rejected the valentino he repaired for me! Thanks for being such a pest but and obedient child, till end of times my love shall be with both of you.Always stick together and live the way u parents wished,thanks for making me happy and proud,looking forward to meet again,lots of love and kisses from dad and all of us !