Wednesday, June 1, 2011


‘Don’t you sometimes think you are not…umm… normal?’

Being normal. That is what its all going to be about in this one. The subject of “normality” is like  plunged into our norms or maybe it is our norm indeed. It is being circularized like a culture that everyone has to bow upon. ABSURD I say.

Normality, if you ask me apparently, is severe-lack of passion, poor enthusiasm, and dead-eagerness. Normal people are those bound by the laws of sanity, and for myself, I would like to be free in a world that is constantly trying to set boundaries to ones freedom from every possible angle. So much that our conscious mind doesn’t even apprehend it. Being normal itself is restricting our personality in order to fulfil societal expectations of ourselves (which if let loose might give a never-ending list that can give you an immediate-choke).  

Instead of dressing in colours, we end up with a simple, dull one just to forefend from being the subject of criticism of those” normalians” who detests gaudy outfits! Remember,this is only 1 from the millions-more of incidents that can be quoted. Exact number?? I’m sweating already.

abso-freakin-lutely yeah

STILL what's the HARM right?? =p

 Everywhere, every single place we go, let it be a classy one or near-to-dumpster ones, our minds are all fully clad with the idea of being “accepted”. We want to be accepted so we figuratively kill ourselves, kill our identities and personalities and are reduced to the idea of “being normal”, to fall into the likeable cluster. Believe it or not, they are the minority I tell you!

 Why? Because most of us seriously don’t wanna make up the loyal residents of the normal land bunch. Plus, in each of us, there is a little rebel that is waiting to be set free from this expectations and rules. Agree? ( I only take a YES in this case)

Yet the ‘likeable cluster’ that so call themselves as perfectionists perhaps, rule us in a wicked way as I noticed. These people....they might be our fellow comrades, colleagues, brainwasher, manipulator, a sane-saint  or i-don’t-know-whatelse.
we are abnormal! lets shake hands! not like that....

Break free! Come on, seriously tell me what is wrong in being different? As long as we don’t harm others, we stick up to virtue, and  don’t end up in a rehab or prison, I feel it is really really OK. Nobody wants to see the mirror of normality at every corner reflecting the same self in different faces!

CATASTROPHE! Hey, that is an understatement in fact.

Well,if Darwin’s theory of evolution is to be true, then I can safely say that our minds, due to the lack of its individualistic use, have lost its special ingredient. You would be like me, I would resemble your granny and your granny might act like a pop star or something. It comes down to the notion of NO SPECIAL! There would be no necessity for adjectives then. Grammarians can just cross it out from the list for we are all Humans and no more individual data or descriptions required.But that’s only if the theory of evolution is true, so relax you guys! You can still keep that about me section updated with absolute insanity.

So, am I advocating here that being normal is bad and being odd, defiant, and strange is good? Am I saying that conforming to societal values which bind us to the laws of morality is terrible? No, I am not advocating any of that. All I am saying is to not waste your lives taking yourselves as normal people, because that will take you nowhere. Discover yourself and the first step in doing so is to have the courage to expose your ‘not-normal’ self to at least yourself, if not others. We are different from each other, at least in 1 or 2 ways, accept it digest it! Let’s not instill our ideas of normal into another absolutely normal yet over-the-top person. Not classy!

By the way, don’t you think normal is just too normal?

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” –  BORING!

I so wanna protest the above!

Renuka G