Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm me & i'm YOU too..

Rumination in progress...

Sometimes I'm as broken as shattered glass...but I'm also the glue that fixes it all..
 I'm a traveller of all roads...sometimes I'm the road you travel on.
I'm the deepest pit of times I'm that ladder of escape.
I'm as colourful as a rainbow...sometimes I'm as dull as those colourless rays.
I can be soothing to the core...but I'm as harsh as a blow.
I can be the sweetest candy...sometimes I'm plain cyanide.
I'm the fresh writing on the times I'm just the dormant wall.
I'm the holy prayer on your lips...sometimes I'm an axe that severs all rules.
 I'm the hunger for everything...sometimes I'm the feed you hunt.
I'm the black and white photograph...and I'm also the moist heartbeat in you.
I'm alive like a fresh tulip...sometimes I'm the dead in that cold stone grave.
I'm the clown who makes a crowd laugh...sometimes I long to be in the crowd.
I'm as easy as Sunday morning...but I'm also the hardest math.
I'm the reason to live...and I'm the life of the reason.
I can be a beautiful story-teller...sometimes I'm the story you hear.
I'm the flame that stays awake...and I'm the candle that burns out fast.
I'm the heart that beats so close...sometimes I'm just the distant horizon.
I'm the desert that lives alone...and I'm the mirage that is short-lived.
I'm the real silken touch...but I'm the far-away memory.
I'm me...and I'm you too.

Renuka G


gsm said...

Cyanide ? OMG better remain a candy ,at least we all can take a bite !!Life is short for dual roles,rather be you and yourself,be proud of what you are and what you do and what u achieve,there is no bigger satisfaction then that !Dual roles may lead to comparison,we may become so unpredictable,it may seem to be like the thought I rather be a hammer then a nail!Be a dying candle or the flame ? Though we are dead in the cold grave still comes the fresh tulips!!! LOL,OMG!