Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exit sign!

Once a wise man said, if you fall it's ok, dust it off and march on. True enough, heart wrenching moments are to be left behind and not worth to be mused over from the similar eyes prior the hitch. However, not all moments I reckon is alright to be swept under the carpet in mere seconds. Some should be given time. Well not for healing sake nor to embrace the little joys of being a victim or who knows, the culprit, but to analyze such a fool you had been. Yes, there are some events which seeks a lab report and thesis even though the case study is a subject so personal.

Some of you might suggest to just put it under the 'past' compartment and incinerate it. Guess what? Our memory is a very tricky thing and it feeds extravagantly on time, thus, leaving any events hanging halfway without a lengthy period allocated only for healing sake,  to become a thorn within capable of pricking every time a dose of remembrance diffuses into the blood. It's never easy to get over with human memory I assure you. So what am I suggesting here?

A solution. Give it a solution, tie the-end-knot, that's how you do it. Often in a world full of hypocrites and egotistic people, a round table meeting is close to impossible, why bother then? Blame it on yourself. This is the best solution for all problems at the end. We are the authors of our downfalls, let's just admit it. Perhaps not intentionally or literally but somehow had held the pen once or twice to twist our fate towards a little pain and heartache. When things end and you finally hit the ground, ask yourself the whys concerning your steps, they will lead you to the prettiest road to recovery. Always remember, to be crowned the culprit by your own self isn't going to lower your self-esteem nor make you an ugly slime ball, it's merely a quick way to learn your lesson and change some things about yourself in case that soft spot or vice is what destroying or troubling you. Easy said I know, but totally worth a try!

What else now?

Get up, wear the blame-crown, and make a fab exit  !

Renuka G