Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh my shoes!

Nothing beats the victory of finding the perfect pair of shoes. Agree?


Shoes I should say, are an elixir that  refreshes our whole look effortlessly. A pair can either shower the limelight mizzle or trip you into the nearest cesspool. As important as they sound, the process of selecting one doesn't seem any easier. Taking that as a handy excuse, I'm morphing into a rather lazy shoe-shopper unfortunately. 

Lately my visits to the shoe stores are only filled with lots of yawning and price-tag viewing. I don't even try! Not to blame my previous-night affairs nor to hold up the principles of frugality, perhaps it's just the design of these shoes itself which acts as a total turn off. I feel they have failed tremendously to render the excitement to buy. All I'm seeing is loafer-like pumps, either a ribbon-on-top or the classic laces in various colours on every type, and not to miss to nitpick, the quirky holes at the sides and on the top . Seriously? If you think all that was mentioned is  enough to convince a shoe-stickler like me to splurge, honey you are wrong.

Frankly speaking though, it kinda sucks to see even the school kids donning new shoes while I cherish or to be exact, 'try' to cherish my old pair. Even so, nothing I would like to do to fix this emotional turbulence. I rather convince myself by considering them as my guinea pigs to sample different shoes,  further easing me in hunting for the perfect new pair soon by, of course, crossing the terribly wrong choices. 

Hmm looks like street peeping has become the new window shopping for me. But don't worry readers, summer has solutions for just anything. And an exquisite pair of shoes definitely tops the list! 

Summer designs, you better be stickler-friendly!

Before I end, let me complete my post about Louboutins' Cinderella-Dream. The much anticipated fantasy-filled glass slippers are finally here ladies! 
what a breath-taking mojo!

The sparkly-fairytale accessorized with Swarovski crystal sit atop the fab red cushion, and of course, classily bears the brand's signature ruby underside. 

Buckle up Cinderellas, this looks like a glam-battle with a crystal-on-top!

Renuka G