Monday, July 30, 2012

She made it!

In a world where thin girls thrive to be size zero merely to win modelling contracts yet fail tremendously , a down-syndrome tot, Valentina Guerrero, from Miami is said to have won the golden ticket, embellishing the swimmer catalogue of Dolores Cortés Kids USA. To your surprise, she's just 10 months old. 

cute lil chubby tot <3

While little ones like her got busy messing with their toy sets, Valentina proved to be a stellar, stealing all spotlights even on the runway. If catwalk is what you are imagining, she should be carried then. 

Not enough of the fame and hearts she captured through modelling, Vitamin G, a health and fitness blog, recently crowned her as the Health Star of the week to acknowledge this sweetie pie and to honor the inspiration she could possibly bring to children of similar condition, be it the normal ones. Another good news worth sharing, Valentine is the first ever child with Down syndrome to rock as the 'main' model for a fashion company. 

"People with Down syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities," is the statement given by designer Dolores Cortés to Adweek."
In polar to what confessed, online medias are creating a fuss claiming this special child to be an attention-grabbing trick by the company to receive praises and pats on the back. Even worse, some expressed it to be an exploitation of kids with disabilities. 
Glamour editor, Ellen Seidman has an answer for that.
" True, some companies are eager to have models and spokespeople who get them attention. But this isn't Snooki doing an ad for weight-loss pill. This is a child worthy of being a model-beautiful, smiley, chuba-licious and anything you'd ever want in a baby swimsuit model"
In your face people !
When it's a good thing that's taking place why not embrace it instead of nitpicking? 
I personally think it is of dire importance to make visible people with health challenges, and this little girl, let her be the beginning leading to more great opportunities for special treasures like her.
Before I end, congrats dear Valentina! You are an adorable baby girl regardless of your condition and I wish you to always stay blessed and gifted with all the joys in the world!!
Renuka G