Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Camper

Courseworks are mercilessly piling up on my desk hardly giving me a chance to drop by and fill up this  canvas. It's not like i'm facing the task sheets 24/7 nor am I just boondoggling forsake of feeding you excuses to justify this  delayed-entry. But courseworks are real gunslingers! They provoke you to stop all regular chores by injecting to your bloodstream the fear of repercussions as a result of too much procrastination and the laid back attitude, leaving one no choice but to spend most time contemplating whether to start now or resume worrying. That's pretty much what kept me occupied.

Back to business.

Considering days which passed swiftly, I feel further delaying a post about my camping does no justice to the purpose of my humble blog. So here we go, an allegoric account of my Girl Guide's Camping in Sekayu, Kuala Berang.

The camping was a 4 days 3 night affair with nature and it's occupants, which of course includes  Edward's little buddies (leeches), caterpillars, flies and repellant-resistant mosquitoes. Activities were the usual, water-confidence, loitering, cooking the cavemen way and cultural night. I do not wish to describe in detail each as that would consume too much time and memory-assistance which I severely lack at the moment. Hence, let me just wrap the whole experience up.

The one thing I believe everyone can learn when placed in a place so inconvenient and, pretty perilous I should say, is survival. You can't call up your dad and demand a caravan nor can you fix a shower or a cute mobile toilet for yourself. Live with what you have! Perhaps you can drop tonnes of wishes to the stars at night, however, if you think things will change overnight, DREAM ON! 

The no-room-for-change situation, opened me up for an inner-self makeover. I learnt to bathe using the river water, eat in a hall so uncomfy, cook in a flies accumulated space and sleep in wet tent. Yes I was driven furious not only by the environment, also the leeches and other insects, yet I survived and that matters the most to me. I didn't sit there and wail, instead marched on proving to my own self, Renuka is not a spoilt brat who needs her daddy everywhere. I'm strong and I adapt better than a chamelon! (ok chameleons don't get offended by that remark, we truce!)

My docile self certainly helped me to pull through those long days in the jungle-like campsite. I didn't resist the lessons, I bowed to the hitches, I embraced the help offered, I too did lend my hand and all ended happily. 

Thinking about it now, I really needed that camping experience. The chaos in my life mellowed after this outdoor episode. I can't pinpoint exactly the why behind the mentioned, yet it was exactly what I anticipated.  

Dear readers, at times, even a leech bite can be an ultimate eye-opener, if you just look beyond it's bloody scar. I chose to learn and fortunately I did. Things are so much better now, so am I. Thanks to the backbreaking 4 days trial.

And, Bye bye leeches.

Renuka G