Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daffodils for the Depressed

Many embarked on a journey in search of happiness backpacking their life baggage, accompanied by bummers and loneliness. While the exact destination is still a quest, some researchers suggest a pit stop to the nearest flower shop to book a quick date with the much craved state of mind, eventually calling off the whole expedition with only.....blossoms?

Flowers for felicity, are you buying it?

Well, it is definitely a cliche that flowers were also once considered the mood booster, however, this one without a doubt elevates the old notion to a whole different level.

Perhaps the term flower is too general, thus, yielding doubts in your mind. To be specific, the celebrated-flower is none other than the yellow-lemony scent, daffodils.

A recent study conducted by the scientists of University of Copenhagen, proved the compounds of yellow daffodils especially of South-African breed to be able to penetrate a crucial layer of the brain which many other failed to pass. The mentioned layer has in fact created barrier ceasing the ability of most drugs to reach it thus halting easy cure for long loathed brain conditions like depression and anxiety. Now with daffodils in hand, depression better behave!

Hmm who knew a mere springtime cheer-blossom could trick the defense line ? You knew?

A florally discovery indeed  !

Nevertheless, not to get too excited as the study is still at an early stage and would consume highly on time to be developed into useable drugs.

Fingers-crossed! And all hail the mighty Daffodils!

Renuka G