Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Monday, July 30, 2012

She made it!

In a world where thin girls thrive to be size zero merely to win modelling contracts yet fail tremendously , a down-syndrome tot, Valentina Guerrero, from Miami is said to have won the golden ticket, embellishing the swimmer catalogue of Dolores Cortés Kids USA. To your surprise, she's just 10 months old. 
cute lil chubby tot <3

While little ones like her got busy messing with their toy sets, Valentina proved to be a stellar, stealing all spotlights even on the runway. If catwalk is what you are imagining, she should be carried then. 

Not enough of the fame and hearts she captured through modelling, Vitamin G, a health and fitness blog, recently crowned her as the Health Star of the week to acknowledge this sweetie pie and to honor the inspiration she could possibly bring to children of similar condition, be it the normal ones. Another good news worth sharing, Valentine is the first ever child with Down syndrome to rock as the 'main' model for a fashion company. 

"People with Down syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities," is the statement given by designer Dolores Cortés to Adweek."
In polar to what confessed, online medias are creating a fuss claiming this special child to be an attention-grabbing trick by the company to receive praises and pats on the back. Even worse, some expressed it to be an exploitation of kids with disabilities. 
Glamour editor, Ellen Seidman has an answer for that.
" True, some companies are eager to have models and spokespeople who get them attention. But this isn't Snooki doing an ad for weight-loss pill. This is a child worthy of being a model-beautiful, smiley, chuba-licious and anything you'd ever want in a baby swimsuit model"
In your face people !
When it's a good thing that's taking place why not embrace it instead of nitpicking? 
I personally think it is of dire importance to make visible people with health challenges, and this little girl, let her be the beginning leading to more great opportunities for special treasures like her.
Before I end, congrats dear Valentina! You are an adorable baby girl regardless of your condition and I wish you to always stay blessed and gifted with all the joys in the world!!
Renuka G

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daffodils for the Depressed

Many embarked on a journey in search of happiness backpacking their life baggage, accompanied by bummers and loneliness. While the exact destination is still a quest, some researchers suggest a pit stop to the nearest flower shop to book a quick date with the much craved state of mind, eventually calling off the whole expedition with only.....blossoms?

Flowers for felicity, are you buying it?

Well, it is definitely a cliche that flowers were also once considered the mood booster, however, this one without a doubt elevates the old notion to a whole different level.

Perhaps the term flower is too general, thus, yielding doubts in your mind. To be specific, the celebrated-flower is none other than the yellow-lemony scent, daffodils.

A recent study conducted by the scientists of University of Copenhagen, proved the compounds of yellow daffodils especially of South-African breed to be able to penetrate a crucial layer of the brain which many other failed to pass. The mentioned layer has in fact created barrier ceasing the ability of most drugs to reach it thus halting easy cure for long loathed brain conditions like depression and anxiety. Now with daffodils in hand, depression better behave!

Hmm who knew a mere springtime cheer-blossom could trick the defense line ? You knew?

A florally discovery indeed  !

Nevertheless, not to get too excited as the study is still at an early stage and would consume highly on time to be developed into useable drugs.

Fingers-crossed! And all hail the mighty Daffodils!

Renuka G

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My group???

Being a student, the one thing neither of us can elude from is group works. Some love it for the benefit of different views, more ideas and at times forsake of expanding their social circles. While this bunch cherish the collaboration, people like me sigh instead. Not to say I'm against the mentioned idea. In fact, I do strongly agree the outcome of a team effort is at times more than astonishing. However, I feel way comfortable to work on my tasks individually. The reason being, it gives me much flexibility to follow my own pace and make changes whenever I feel without having to be answerable to the other members of the similar group. I love to fend you see! Just couldn't help it.

Prickly though, most of my courseworks are either a backgammon or a trio affair, both suggesting the esprit de corps notion which I'm not into, leaving me with no choice but to join the crowd and do the cheer.
oh dear.....

Plus, my class being a combination 19 different people of unique DNAs , selecting members of a group is often a tricky commitment. However, since it has been nearly 3 years that we bonded, our familiarity and deep understanding of each other's needs, in many instances helped keeping miseries at bay. Most of the times, we pick the same people over and over again because we are comfortable with them. At other circumstances, we opt for some changes by opening doors for new members to crack the books together on the same boat.

uh-oh I smell trouble here!

Changes as we all readily know can do good or bring tremendous harm. A few times I should say, the mentioned change and the new recruit piggybacked much joy and success but in the rest of the cases, they were severe wrecks to the whole team. Both sorts ultimately convinced me the power of each individual shading under the single umbrella. One can either be a great treasure unleashed or a nosedive-diva who descents gathering all the team efforts at once. Experience speaks (not necessarily my own).
it happens....on and off =p

And readers, if you think this lengthy post will end with a solution, erase you hopes right now for I can't advice anyone on how to prevent or filter bad choices, because it's not always about one's personality. The ability to perform a task together can be influenced by many other factors that are also circumstances bound. But all I'm sure of is, everyone will get to experience both treasure and the terrible-wrong as we commit into more fresh partnerships. To your surprise, occasionally even the old-coveted-treasure can give you a real shocking heads up. Just wait and watch.

God bless your groups!

Renuka G

won't Care.

I just can't explain the good feeling I get every time I start to type something here. It shows how happy I am to write and thanks to the mighty Almighty, my definition of fun doesn't involve a few pints nor a few puffs.

Well I'm not here to lecture about the harms of those pints and puffs, merely saying I don't follow the crowd. Those who are indulging and going deeper exploring their so-called classy habits full of cure, go to heaven with it okay!

Ada aku kesah?!

And those who give up their values only bowing to the manipulations of your 'inspiring' figures, all the best fitting in!

I'm so much better that I....... even made a sign =p

Renuka G

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


People say I don't open up. When I have problems I tend to blanket them real well. I can't help but wonder, is it wrong to hide my own life issues?

I guess no.

Frankly speaking I'm not a big fan of the whole shoulder-to-lean notion. I fix my own problems and that's it. Going to someone and pouring my heart out and shifting burdens are some things I least fancy. Of course it's not a crime but for me it is. I prefer to solve in silence, mostly because when I talk about it, I tend to get a little too deep and ugly about an issue and not to ignore that my memory strength just gets 200 times better as I go back and forth about one goddamn dilemma. So now you know why people guess my problems and not build facts over it.

Renuka G

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet-tooth Fashionistas

Summer has arrived, so is a new colour trend to don! If you think the sun is the only hot treat this season, sweetie you are wrong. Setting aside the invasion of the UV rays which is inevitable, we have irresistable hotness channeled in a  rainbow of taffy colored pastels this summer.

It's about time you chuck those leather jackets aside with 'em tribal prints and bold accessories, ice parlor palettes, canvas shoes and pastel denims are on the platter to appease your wardrobe craving as the heat sinks in. Did I mention, the legging trend and pleats are back for good?

What a treat to look out for!

Diane Kurger in Chanel
So let your candies melt in your mouth and candy-hues rock thy style right. Summer looks like a luscious treat not to miss, what more can I say?

Renuka G

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Camper

Courseworks are mercilessly piling up on my desk hardly giving me a chance to drop by and fill up this  canvas. It's not like i'm facing the task sheets 24/7 nor am I just boondoggling forsake of feeding you excuses to justify this  delayed-entry. But courseworks are real gunslingers! They provoke you to stop all regular chores by injecting to your bloodstream the fear of repercussions as a result of too much procrastination and the laid back attitude, leaving one no choice but to spend most time contemplating whether to start now or resume worrying. That's pretty much what kept me occupied.

Back to business.

Considering days which passed swiftly, I feel further delaying a post about my camping does no justice to the purpose of my humble blog. So here we go, an allegoric account of my Girl Guide's Camping in Sekayu, Kuala Berang.

The camping was a 4 days 3 night affair with nature and it's occupants, which of course includes  Edward's little buddies (leeches), caterpillars, flies and repellant-resistant mosquitoes. Activities were the usual, water-confidence, loitering, cooking the cavemen way and cultural night. I do not wish to describe in detail each as that would consume too much time and memory-assistance which I severely lack at the moment. Hence, let me just wrap the whole experience up.

The one thing I believe everyone can learn when placed in a place so inconvenient and, pretty perilous I should say, is survival. You can't call up your dad and demand a caravan nor can you fix a shower or a cute mobile toilet for yourself. Live with what you have! Perhaps you can drop tonnes of wishes to the stars at night, however, if you think things will change overnight, DREAM ON! 

The no-room-for-change situation, opened me up for an inner-self makeover. I learnt to bathe using the river water, eat in a hall so uncomfy, cook in a flies accumulated space and sleep in wet tent. Yes I was driven furious not only by the environment, also the leeches and other insects, yet I survived and that matters the most to me. I didn't sit there and wail, instead marched on proving to my own self, Renuka is not a spoilt brat who needs her daddy everywhere. I'm strong and I adapt better than a chamelon! (ok chameleons don't get offended by that remark, we truce!)

My docile self certainly helped me to pull through those long days in the jungle-like campsite. I didn't resist the lessons, I bowed to the hitches, I embraced the help offered, I too did lend my hand and all ended happily. 

Thinking about it now, I really needed that camping experience. The chaos in my life mellowed after this outdoor episode. I can't pinpoint exactly the why behind the mentioned, yet it was exactly what I anticipated.  

Dear readers, at times, even a leech bite can be an ultimate eye-opener, if you just look beyond it's bloody scar. I chose to learn and fortunately I did. Things are so much better now, so am I. Thanks to the backbreaking 4 days trial.

And, Bye bye leeches.

Renuka G


People say life is merely a game to have fun with . But what would you do when the harmless joysticks morph into pointy swords? And what if a game for leisure, levels up to a bloody battlefield?

Is life really a fun fantasy after all ? If you think it is, then why do some catchy surprises are not the much awaited pleasure?

Renuka G

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exit sign!

Once a wise man said, if you fall it's ok, dust it off and march on. True enough, heart wrenching moments are to be left behind and not worth to be mused over from the similar eyes prior the hitch. However, not all moments I reckon is alright to be swept under the carpet in mere seconds. Some should be given time. Well not for healing sake nor to embrace the little joys of being a victim or who knows, the culprit, but to analyze such a fool you had been. Yes, there are some events which seeks a lab report and thesis even though the case study is a subject so personal.

Some of you might suggest to just put it under the 'past' compartment and incinerate it. Guess what? Our memory is a very tricky thing and it feeds extravagantly on time, thus, leaving any events hanging halfway without a lengthy period allocated only for healing sake,  to become a thorn within capable of pricking every time a dose of remembrance diffuses into the blood. It's never easy to get over with human memory I assure you. So what am I suggesting here?

A solution. Give it a solution, tie the-end-knot, that's how you do it. Often in a world full of hypocrites and egotistic people, a round table meeting is close to impossible, why bother then? Blame it on yourself. This is the best solution for all problems at the end. We are the authors of our downfalls, let's just admit it. Perhaps not intentionally or literally but somehow had held the pen once or twice to twist our fate towards a little pain and heartache. When things end and you finally hit the ground, ask yourself the whys concerning your steps, they will lead you to the prettiest road to recovery. Always remember, to be crowned the culprit by your own self isn't going to lower your self-esteem nor make you an ugly slime ball, it's merely a quick way to learn your lesson and change some things about yourself in case that soft spot or vice is what destroying or troubling you. Easy said I know, but totally worth a try!

What else now?

Get up, wear the blame-crown, and make a fab exit  !

Renuka G 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love to admire good art, abstract drawings and of course sculptures, however, when it comes to me forming one, a disaster is effortlessly born! Since I was in primary school itself, arts is not a subject I favor at all. Not to blame it on the teacher nor the lack of passion, it's merely my inability to draw and color well. I got some major issues on the important components you see. Yet I usually manage to escape with a C or under some fortunate circumstances, a B.  An A??? Oh well,NEVER!

This semester though, it looks like I have to get my hands dirty with sketches and brushes. Yes it is indeed annoying to know that I can't drop any subject because I badly wanted to pass on SDP. Like a few weeks ago.

Lucky for me, things turned out well. Mainly because, the lecturer is an easy-going one and the class had been incredibly fun, refusing to put me nor any of my classmates to sleep, thus, giving me a reason to not hate arts more. 

Besides, it is also worth included that, I had become a colour-person a year ago. The mentioned without a doubt contributed a vast deal in seeding happiness to paint when provided a chance, for the reason I can freely play with the pastels and hues without much restrictions. Colours make me happy like a cuckoo!

-I may not be a good artist, well who cares? I just LOVE colors!....... and SDP? -
Renuka G

Monday, July 9, 2012

Run in hues

Wanna run a marathon?

Just assume me, randomly throwing at you the request, how would you guys react actually?

Let me guess, half of you would raise your brows and leave, a few would turn down politely or who knows brutally, while a handful agrees for new-shoe-sake, recent break up and of course if i'm you new crush. (That's a lil fame-shower there, so ignore!) The conclusion being, most of you would resist it with an iron-shield !

Nobody really wants to sweat it out, isn't it? In lieu, people pass it on to their daily energy-consuming activities (which includes breathing and sleeping)  to do wonders and keep themselves fit. What a world full of surrogates!

Coming back to the main issue, in a society ruled by workaholics and perfectly baked couch potatoes, can a little colour on the sweat make a difference?

Would you run a 5km for hues?

Color runs are a spreading trend in the U.S which is indeed offering a rainbow shower to boost the spirits of the participants further pushing them to hit the finish line with a pretty cornstarch glow on their faces. The marathon progresses like this, for every kilometre you proudly cross, a splash of colour is a reward you can't turn down. At 1km, your will be sprayed yellow, at 2km anticipate blue, at 3km comes the gorgeous green, 4km is the treat for the pinkies and at the finish line, viola a pigment-party indeed!

Just in case you worry about the colour-indulged-stains, cheer up, it all washes out impeccably. However, if your mannequin look is you concern, better curl up with your smartphones as the runners launch a vibrant sweat-shop worth every pound shed.

Can't deny running is officially a celebration now, better not forget to lace up this summer !

And for Malaysians like me, keep your fingers-crossed because trends they say, are flaw-proof permeable membranes. =p

Renuka G

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The search

seriously, this pic has got nothing to do with the rest of the post!

We all have heard the Stone Age stories of entertainment search. Further forwarding time, we came across those of the Elizabethan society who created plays for leisure-sake. As the desperate hunt for amusement went from the walls of the caves to screens projecting many dimensions, people progressed. The sad part though is,  little did they know, the real fun and great humour always come from the most-authentic of sources. 

So march on  with your eyes open people! Enticing moving tales, they are everywhere around you. And the good news is, we never run short of them.

Free tickets anyone? 

P.s. Online booking is not available =p

Renuka G

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh my shoes!

Nothing beats the victory of finding the perfect pair of shoes. Agree?

Shoes I should say, are an elixir that  refreshes our whole look effortlessly. A pair can either shower the limelight mizzle or trip you into the nearest cesspool. As important as they sound, the process of selecting one doesn't seem any easier. Taking that as a handy excuse, I'm morphing into a rather lazy shoe-shopper unfortunately. 

Lately my visits to the shoe stores are only filled with lots of yawning and price-tag viewing. I don't even try! Not to blame my previous-night affairs nor to hold up the principles of frugality, perhaps it's just the design of these shoes itself which acts as a total turn off. I feel they have failed tremendously to render the excitement to buy. All I'm seeing is loafer-like pumps, either a ribbon-on-top or the classic laces in various colours on every type, and not to miss to nitpick, the quirky holes at the sides and on the top . Seriously? If you think all that was mentioned is  enough to convince a shoe-stickler like me to splurge, honey you are wrong.

Frankly speaking though, it kinda sucks to see even the school kids donning new shoes while I cherish or to be exact, 'try' to cherish my old pair. Even so, nothing I would like to do to fix this emotional turbulence. I rather convince myself by considering them as my guinea pigs to sample different shoes,  further easing me in hunting for the perfect new pair soon by, of course, crossing the terribly wrong choices. 

Hmm looks like street peeping has become the new window shopping for me. But don't worry readers, summer has solutions for just anything. And an exquisite pair of shoes definitely tops the list! 

Summer designs, you better be stickler-friendly!

Before I end, let me complete my post about Louboutins' Cinderella-Dream. The much anticipated fantasy-filled glass slippers are finally here ladies! 
what a breath-taking mojo!

The sparkly-fairytale accessorized with Swarovski crystal sit atop the fab red cushion, and of course, classily bears the brand's signature ruby underside. 

Buckle up Cinderellas, this looks like a glam-battle with a crystal-on-top!

Renuka G

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We take risks because the payoffs could be really great. But the truth is, neither of us really know the depth of what we are diving into. While some drown together with their miseries, some rise from hurt to taste the fruits of the chancy leap. And that makes me wonder, is it the certain-payoffs or is it the blind hope that pushes us to step forward each time life hits us back?

Renuka G

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Fat-free post

this is what we call the 'frame' =p

Weight and physique are topics which provoke many to morph into crazy misanthropists , especially girls. The scenario being, size 2 envies at size 0, as size 0 wonders if her 0 is better than the girl next to her, leaving the plus size beauties to muse whether these weight watchers are actually threats to their ’I don’t give a F!’ principle. And  as expected, the mentioned has somehow made losing weight everybody’s agenda. Or to be more realistic considering the dare to not care bunch, we shall say ‘most people’s agenda’. Oh for fame-sake, mine as well ! =)

Some battle it out in the gym, a few opt for dancing, some let their active work-routine rule the scale, and interestingly, another group starves and cut meals expecting to lower down a size or two, or maybe blindly 3. Ambitious uh? 

Well, well, starving is of course a no brainer technique to get thin but trust me you lazy bums under annihilating mission, it makes you UGLY! Yes I have never been so sure about anything. You think our honest , sweat-gland stimulating efforts is inferior to your 1 meal per day routine??!!!! Fair justice I choose to call it.  We work out, watch our meals, wait and get shaped while you get skinny with a wan face and untoned body. I’m not kidding! Just starving and skipping meals only rewards you the post-operation face. So sick and worn out! And if you are lucky enough, meet those rings on your physiognomy.  I bet they crave more colour!

Finally to top it off with a cherry, as soon as you are appeased with your ‘aneroxic’ look, slowly ditching the starving culture, you gain worse than a pregnant cow! (Well not to specifically scorn that animal, it just came with the flow. So you may replace it with elephants, buffalos or any huge animals you know, cats may be used as well. Clear?)  And that’s why I bid goodbye to the growing trend and high fived a hale routine like exercising.

The latest addition to my healthy routine is the much anticipated  advent of my pink Kettler dumbbells which weighs a humble 1 kg each. Why 1 you may ask, don’t worry I will explain. I don’t desire a sinew physique nor I want to further stress myself by carrying too much weight. Plus,I use the dumbbells to assist my cardio routines only, so 1 kg should be just fine. And guess what, my dumbbells are the reason I went back to loving pink even when my life has a lot of black in it. (a milion-dollar statement, totally =p)

I’m apparently basking the fruits of my ongoing effort, hence, leaving no space to talk about quitting what I voluntarily took up. The main aim being, I want to be stress-free and healthy. What size, I don’t care much. 

To the girls out there who are struggling to tone their body and look better, my advice is, take baby steps. It’s not going to be a one day affair, it’s very time consuming indeed. For that reason, be easy on yourself and remember to always listen to your body. Stop when it’s time and do not force it. I bet you don’t want trade your hot fitness-instructor for a nerdy doc in a clinic full of creepy ‘metals’!  Do you??

Think twice =o

Renuka G

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not a fiction

Dear followers, bloggers, stalkers. friends, fellow countrymen and many more which I purposely left out due to their discounted-importance, I apologize on my failure to update. The reason being, I was away. 

Yes, that is such an obvious cum lame excuse but I choose not to conceal nor accessorize the truth. I could lie through my teeth explaining how my subjects kept me busy with a tight zero-gap schedule or claim that I was sent to London to prepare for the summer games, however, considering my lately-static lying records, I open up with the truth. 

I was abducted by aliens. ALIEN ABDUCTION.

Don't panic!!!!!

Now you know why I was trying to protect you from the truth. ( Did I?)

Speaking about aliens, they were harmless and friendly like those red-skirted air-hostess. Actually, they sent me an e-mail about their research regarding humans a few weeks ago which I simply ignored thinking I was on 'MTV Pranked'. Later when they hunted down my whereabouts and trapped me in a gloomy cavern, their translator convinced me on his/her/its species' best interest . I was hesitant at first since I barely know their kind, as we negotiate though, an agreement was reached and they promised to feed me all I wish throughout the period. Fair enough! I couldn't help but nod on that, hopped into their spaceship, and be an alien-friendly 'subject'.

I had a total gala time inside their fully-furnished Prada-showroom-like-spaceship. I fostered good bonds with them and we even exchanged friendship bracelets by Tiffany & Co (picture not available). One alien which had the power to foretell the future, alerted me about the closure of my blog that will take place in the nearest future, predicted to cause 3 to commit suicide and Gerald Butler to fast for my return. I was driven panic ( and lovesick)! God help me thru this.

Without a doubt, being a normal human, I did hold a secret selfish motive of receiving some super powers from them. Sadly my grand plans based on Koi Mil Gaya were shattered as they were strictly against the 'sharing-is-caring notion' we humans made. Too bad. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes high at the first place.

Even so, when the day finally arrive to send me back, they made me DIY cards with auld lang syne song tuning in its' background. I was so touched that I went home speechless . Not literally though.

And now that I'm back on blogger, I wish to share some good alien-values I picked up to honor the whole experience. All hail Aliens! =)

This is not a fiction
Renuka G