Monday, April 30, 2012

The Gingerbread Man and us?

Perhaps this is an aftereffect of excessive reading and musing but since I feel perfectly normal about it, I would like to go on scribbling what I consider a discovery that will make the human race hail me for a contribution so precious.

Honestly speaking, today a few derisory events tranced me yet I chose to digress and write about this 'discovery' because yea I deem it's DAMN I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T .

cute lil thing!
A few hours ago believe it or not, I recognized the hint a children's story dropped about us (Humans). And the story being "The gingerbread man". Well, since I have no intention or any genuine interest to do storytelling here, I'll assist you with a link of the story.

As it's a children's story we are analyzing, there will be no doleful visions nor resentment at any point therefore making it a safe-read. Prickly though, self-inflicted pain is not something the author can or want to cure ( you've been warned earlier)

Everything starts with baking in this classic folktale, which in our case is the process of growing up which then leads to the disastrous yet hilarious scenes of running and chasing till the end, all because of one thing- the gingerbread man wanted to prove he's is not merely a sugary treat to be crunched and munched. Gingy! *sighs*

Looking from our perspective, I would link it's all about decisions in life. The decision the GBM took in a whim, to elude, to show the world what he's not (A mere gingerbread of course) required him to run and never stop running till the fox comes, giving the whole story a clear-sad ending.
run baby run!

Frankly speaking, we are all somehow scared of making decisions, whether it's to solve or renew or transform. Being human, it's indeed a challenge we commit and get over with (sometimes real quick but at unfortunate situations, a lifetime.). Maybe we don't jump out of the oven and run wild, I suppose... Do you??  yet no one can't help but agree if I were to accuse us of making decisions in an impulse. When problems overwhelm our head, we become blinded of choices out there. That's why instead of staying quiet in the oven and wait for the right moment to escape, the great gingy rushed his escape and never stopped running till he got eaten (tragic!) Similarly, our poor judgement always urge us to act hastily and end up with an exhausting journey full of encounters with more problems only to prove something far less important than your own self. Yea you can't treat a cow, a horse and a couple as a huge hurdle of course, but that's gingy's story. Ours is way more special, it involves problems (each) as tall as skyscrapers and as huge as giants. Yet we act like twins!

The ending is worth to be interpreted as well. A fox claims to be his friend and deceives him to cross the river riding on it's back which is later revealed to be a well-devised plan to swallow him at once. Again, gingy made a mistake by deciding to trust and follow the cunning fox. He can't swim because he would melt (gingerbread you see), so he saw a solution and also a shortcut thus went on with it and loses what he was trying to protect from the beginning itself, his crunchy-precious life.
R.I.P Gingy boy =(
wait don't decide yet!

We commit into making decisions hastily that permits a run from a situation, then somewhere along the way another problem appears and again we opt for an easy escape. You have to understand, in this world there's no easy way out and even if there's one winking at you right now, how sure are you it's a forever problem-solver? Therefore, decisions are very important indeed. One wrong move could cause a chain reaction which is capable of agonizing every move you take later. Each and every decision is a step that brings change to your life, let's not take it for granted and put things at stake by letting our emotions and hastiness rule our mind leading into the formation of more clones of  'the gingerbread man'. One more thing, stop the act of 'proving', nobody cares who is what.

Well that's the so called 'discovery'!

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

That was lame Renuka, but it's OKAY!

Renuka G