Friday, April 27, 2012

Give thy thoughts no tongue

"Give thy thoughts no tongue"

The above is one of Shakespeare's famous quotes from Hamlet, his famous tragedy which bears unlimited number of scandals

Frankly, I don't remember the act but all I'm sure of is Polonius (who is killed while eavesdropping by Hamlet) said this to his son prior his departure to France. Shakespeare throughout the play (before the murder of course) highlights Polonius for his fatherly heart and, hilarious speeches that are often an unwanted piece of advice which goes like 'when I was your age..' Nevertheless the chosen one is great. His death brings a huge impact on Hamlet's conscience since he who is seeking revenge for his father's death has murdered a father. Sad nah?

That's a little background knowledge about the quote.

I'm not sure how far my readers (cehh =p)  would agree but I strongly feel classic literature holds deep truth about life. Take Shakespearean plays for instance, even though they are not of a relevant setting and often speaks about treachery, kingship and portents, the characters in them mirrors some truth about everything we go through in life. Keeping that in mind, instead of choosing something from contemporary literature I opt for a germane quote by the legend himself.

"Give thy thoughts no tongue", not so hard to comprehend isn't it? In simple English, don't speak your mind. Well, not to say you can't express your thoughts at all but better watch what comes out and the consequences as well. Just for the reason you want to get it over with, don't serve yourself with regrets on a plate full of upshots. Tragic!

Thoughts are of course not always under our grip since, it takes a strong will to be able to control what happens in the head. Sometimes they take place like reflexes failing us jolly bad to bring them to a stop. However to manipulate speech is quite easy as it concerns emotions. If just you take a moment to think before alligning random words and possibly avoid 'strong' words, you would be able to avoid much hurt and resentment after a pouring-out session.
Another way being, don't rush into verbalizing  what's in your mind (everything CAN wait!)  especially when you are angry and sad. Give it some time, calm yourself down then choose the right words and express them in the right tone with best intentions etched and BINGO! As according to Renuka, content matters but conveying it right is the deal! 

Our forever-problem being, we often feed our thoughts curiosity which leads to the need to question or to watch the reaction from the other party. Guess what? It is of no worth because to know and to accept are two different notions running in opposite directions. You will never find satisfaction in what you ought to know nor will you be ready accept their responses and zip it up and go.
Point blank, there are times giving a tongue to your thoughts works, they do bring transformations and much relief. However, the risk is not worth a gamble.

(Readers should realize the aforementioned is merely my opinion not based or supported by any facts or researches therefore, not to be taken too seriously. =p)

Then how?

*Polonius mode* Well when I was your age...

We all know how to judge don't we? Why not use it? ( Not always right!) To foreshadow consequences is never a tough one, trust me. As long as you know the people you are corresponding with and posses a good knowledge about the eye of a discussion, an outcome is not a tough 'nut' to crack. Whatever it is do it with some restrictions as nothing is worth a 100% truth except your honesty to your own self.And it is also worth mentioned, some thoughts are best IGNORED, like the pure irony of this whole post (look who's talking about not speaking one's mind). HeHe
hush hush!

Hmm we have reached the conclusion I suppose. Here we go:

Speaking is an art indeed which not all can master. Those who succeed eludes with ease from the most cruel-to-be-kind speech, but intermediates like you (I suppose) and me are tormented by only ONE wrong word which leads to, too many labels and brings so many critiques making even Macbeth and Caesar weep in their graves. Sheesh!

So to avoid the worst, let's just stick our thoughts in our head, or at least do some censoring and editing prior giving them a tongue. Also remember to always watch what you say for your words are the best mirror of your character AND


Renuka G