Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gone and Done

Today I watched 2 cats fighting downstairs (Yes I said CATS!). Usually being my normal-self I would creep out and avoid looking or hearing or even be near that place, but this time it was different. I just sat where I was sitting and I basically observed the fight which was taking place. The noise my god, was tensing me up in a really bad way, what more the responses the 2 cats threw at each other. I was flabbergasted! Yet I didn't budge.

My head went blank, I wasn't thinking, I wasn't musing and I really don't know what caught on me. 

Why the whole incident took place first of all? 
It's indeed a jolly hard question to answer. I will try though.

Maybe what I saw was the reflection of some events of the present. Quarrels, misunderstandings, crazy arguments even for petty stuffs, all the voices from all different directions, I'm tired. I'm tired of them, i'm sick of disappointments I hear in it, anger etched and uncertainty that questions the sincerity of the voices heard. I'm feeling as if i'm pinned down to a one word answer for an open ended question. And yet trying to break free, for I believe. I believe I can get through all this, I believe time will heal some things and finally I believe my life is still a beautiful journey.

That's how this chapter ends =)