Thursday, April 19, 2012

Of languid laziness

Finally today I'm being able to sit freely and update all my blogs and share videos on my Facebook page. Since my mid-sem break itself everything seemed to have piled up and thank god they are becoming slightly lighter in weight as time passes. Then came some happenings that flummox even life coaches like me *ehem*, but they are all gone by the wind or perhaps to show extra honesty, swept neatly under the carpet for I choose to go on and get another sip of happiness.

It has been a while since I did things I love to do. My interest in fashion and beauty blogs seemed to have gone with my ex-lappy. Yup, since I lost all the sites that I've bookmarked, not to forget my poor or shall I call it VERY poor memory which refused to recall the important ones have somehow jeopardized my only beneficial pastime. Thanks to my little brain! I really wish I can allocate some time to see the new collections for this season and of course drool over designer bags. BTW I heard this spring it's all about being pastel 'perfect', what's your wardrobe telling you? Mine is still in the polka-dot era with the melancholic-monochromic mood. I feel like singing ADELE now!
MMJ this season!!

Enough about that! Now about my own self.

I can hardly spare time to do anything lately. Yes I did finish up my book voucher but guess what? I've finished none of those novels I've bought nor I've started all at the first place. The situation is like this, sometimes the alert laziness sends to indulge turns out to be so luring and all the other times I voluntarily request laziness to walk a mile with me and it turns out to be a never ending journey so I couldn't help but stay till the end. MY fault? Don't think so =)

Wait, did I mention how my bed sings me a lullaby?

That is exactly how time passes lately. Well point blank I do have LOTSA work to do and stuffs but they don't really take more than a few hours to get done. It's just me who will be whining about it irritating people around me while wasting a couple of extra hours *winks* YET there is A LOT of work. Today though I managed to sit freely and do something for myself.

I removed my nail polish! YUP roughly after a month I finally got rid of the cloudy purple toe nails. Now that they are pale and bare, kinda naked they feel. Sorry nails, I will 'polish' you soon okay? No hard feelings, mommy will take care of you guys.

And not to forget the book I'm currently reading 'Remember me?' by Sophie Kinsella. Splendid! It tickles your funny bone and make you pause and dream for a while to be in Lexi's shoes. I warn you they're of designer brand! Not to miss her glossy LV arm candy which comes with a matching purse of the same fashion house *suddenly reminded of Marc Jacobs* . Driving a Mercedes benz, she has got no idea how her low paying job got her this luxurious life and a loving husband. Can't wait to discover more!

WHOAAAaa when did it get this long?

I must have been really engrossed in expressing! Good day!

Renuka G