Sunday, April 1, 2012

REad REnuka REad

After amusing myself with the plays of Oscar Wilde during my School-Based Experience, today is the second time I’m settling down with a book in my hand. Of course it feels good and relaxing enough after the long long day me and group mates had but I can’t deny how much my bed is distracting me at the moment from the good food I’m offering my brain. Whatever it is, I have to Thank God as finally the HE coursework is gone from our sight!! Brava!!

However, from the plans scheduled I can see that this week is going to exhaust me real bad. The HE quiz (not again), Classroom Management coursework presentation, usual lengthy boring classes, macro-teaching for reading (gosh!) and a few more events which I deem not worth mentioned.
 Geez this list makes me sick!

So let’s talk about good things! Finally all the pre service teachers are given their book vouchers!! Hahax I loveee this one! Even though I have to rush since the vouchers expire on the 30th of April 2012, I will make damn sure that I get all the books I WANT to read. Yes I’m not going to spend even a single cent (which is slightly impossible but it’s ok) on anything except books. The imaginary list includes all (maybe a few)of  the Jane Austen novels  and Shakespeare’s plays. Well I did miss the staging (Abridged thingy)at KLPac last month due to some inevitable reasons like my SBE, but I’m planning to appease myself through intensive reading of his plays. We will see how k?

I think that’s all for today. Now let me indulge myself with the other of half  ‘The time traveller’s wife’ which is still pending. 

Renuka G