Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I should really thank god for yesterday. It was such a wonderful day from the beginning till the end which dragged even more happiness after midnight.

Some things I did:

Cleaned my room and decorated it a little

Got my usual weekend chocolate treat

Spoke to my dad about my trip back ( Glad that I can go home soon, yet still delaying the ticket purchase! *sighs*)

A friend did something sweet despite his hectic schedule and the time difference

Revised!! ( oh yes, I did =))

Cycled with friends

Updated 2 blogs

Replied my Interpals messages ( which I often delay for days, unless you're a friend already)

But these are the usuals. Sometimes it happens , sometimes laziness invades and freezes my actions putting me to sleep most of the time. No big deal.

However one event got me flying high because it has never taken place before.

I slept too much the day before, hence, yesterday I wasn't feeling sleepy much. As any other days like this, I was on my bed reading my ibook trying to doze off and pursue my dreamland. Then I received a chat-message from a friend via facebook messenger, and as the chat went on and on, he requested for a poem. It was like 4am. And to my own surprise I agreed when most of the time I would raincheck on things that involves too much thinking after 2. He allowed me to have 5 minutes to create yet I preferred to start off straight, and go line by line.Of course the first line I plagiarized from an old poem of mine, others were brand new. The poem was really short, like 4 verses yet I made my friend happy. And the fact that he posted it on his facebook wall, made my day!

I never knew I could write a poem at instant, I never knew I'd please a friend at wee hours, but these are just petty things I realized yesterday. The most important part is, I understood how words can actually lift people. The poem must have made him happy for a few reasons, one being I fulfilled his request, second is of course what the poem meant.  Therefore, words without a tinge of doubt can do wonders. Universal truth right?

What took place certainly motivates me to write more stuffs to lift spirits and spread happiness instead of complaining of whats and whys. People who possess talent in music, soothe hearts with their voice and melody, people who can dance, entertain us with all they have breaking a sweat on the dance floor, I can write, so why not use it make someone's day better?

Maybe I won't be scribbling poems everyday at 4, but I have this blog, and two other, I can create wonders if only I put my heart into it. And this too reminds me of my dad's advice some time ago to always write good things and be an inspiration and guidance to others.

Makeover time again I guess =)

Renuka G

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab Mini M.A.C

Chanel, Gucci and Hermes are a few fashion houses that have earned their arm candies the It-bag status.  Now though, they seem to be taking a break while other American designers reign the runway with their eye-popping borsettas. As much as I want to compliment Marc Jacobs, I have to ignore for I wish not to steal the limelight from Rebecca Minkoff whose dazzling bag I’m going to torch on for this post. 

You might have stolen hearts with your Chanel signature lamb-skin bag, but maybe it’s time for a fresh new departure with a little more oomph. And I suggest Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini M.A.C Wondering what M.A.C stands for? Well it’s Morning After Clutch. Even though the bag has been ruling the market for nearly 3 years, little did it run out of fame. 

Some fret over the limited space the clutch has, while I consider it’s ideal to stash your must-haves in. The style-booster also comes with an adjustable chain which allows you to wear it cross-body, which, I reckon to be the best way of wearing it. 

Genuine leather without a doubt and is light! 

Worried about the colour choices? Don’t be,  it ranges from bold summer colours to the chic-pastels. 
Best finish to your color-block outfit I should say!

Wearing a humble price tag of 600MYR for the usual leather and 900MYR+ for bubble lamb leather, this affordable arm candy can compliment your street style and party outfit better than any other . 

What else? Get grabby now!

Renuka G

Empire of the sun- We are the people

I spent nearly 2 hours analyzing this one song just for the reason I loved it!

At first I believed the song to be a simple summer love story yet later i discovered it to have a deeper meaning  when I watched the video and also a read a few reviews. 

This is my interpretation, two people avoiding death reminiscing the life they had, wishing to be like the rest who have more time than them in this world. They can't accept their life would end soon but tried assuming that would convince death , but they fail and eventually die (hook). The consolation though is, life will teach you everything before the final moment; about yourself, hardships and joy, what you've lived yada yada (bridge). The gist of the song being, death is inevitable. 

 Something like that.

Anyway it's not a right or wrong question, merely an interpretation. Enjoy the song!

Renuka G

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tick tock

A few days ago when my dad reminded me of my birthday, I was the least excited about it for some stupid reasons. The main one being, I can't go back! Imagine how frustrated I'm. This situation had been recurring for 2 consequent years. And guess what? I hate it!

When my dad attempted to convince me and of course excite me with the 'what you want, I will get it for you' statement, again I had no feelings, like at all. In fact I turned the 'huge' offer down. Now though, since the mini shopaholic is back in action and all excited and shameless, I'm going to make the list! One for my dad and one for my sister =) However, since I have informed my sister exactly what I want a few months ago, maybe I can let loose on that now.

Of course I'm not going to reveal everything in the list, just going to show you the main course!
Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry

Oh yea it's a watch.

When it comes to fashion watches, people usually give it to Michael Kors, and I'm not going to deny the designer's talent on that for I've seen some really good pieces with my own eyes. However, I tend to get a little biased when Marc Jacobs stands in the same line. You all know me!

And you might ask, why not a bag from MBMJ, oh well, I live by some principles which includes -designer bags only from my own money. Wait till I earn, get my paycheck and off to the outlet I go. Meanwhile, I'm holding my horses and living modestly with Mango and Elle arm candies.

Plus, for this time being, watch seems like a necessity compared to a bag as my phone doesn't stay with me often. Sometimes my friends borrow it to play games, take pictures or surf the net, and to spot a clock around my campus is a tough thing too (excuses come pouring). Hence, owning a watch is definitely a solution. *winks*

After reading this post without a doubt my dad is going to question the future of my new B.U.M Equipment watch which I abandoned months ago just after purchasing, so allow me to answer that short and simple. Honestly pa, that's an ugly watch. Period.

Point blank, I haven't finalized this item as my birthday gift , only a wish-list item yet to be reviewed and considered. You'll see my final choice soon.

Renuka G

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More to life

I have heard from the broken-hearteds, they speak too much pain.
I have been told about victims seeking a little shade, they are exhausted within.
I have read something on the truth-seekers, they are eagerly searching still.

I have seen people, real people behind each story
and each of them are survivors to be awed indeed.

Who can't be beaten down by circumstances,
who can pursue life even with much burden to bear,
who can inspire despite the hurdles they confront each day.

They might have looked backward, but still are moving forward,
They might have failed once, yet striving to beat the odds.

SO ,the second you feel this life is of no worth, think of them.
They sure have something to teach and you sure have something to learn.

And if it's one of your story that I've shared, thank you for being such an inspiration :)

Renuka G 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Quality trips

My 3 days BIG ( Bina Insan Guru) camp is over and it was indeed an opportunity dressed in overalls, and looked exactly like work as Edison puts, which I took and did not miss, ignoring the fact, the program is actually mandatory.

Adversity introduces man to himself. Therefore, the long walks (10km in 3 days), creepy encounters, cooking for a huge crowd and setting up the camp, certainly made a good experience and taught lessons apart from showing me what I can be and do. Some come stronger faced by adversity, some shrink. I'm proud to say, I'm not the latter but whether I'm stronger, let my actions in days/years to come prove.

Enough about adversity, let's move to emotions.

Emotions are like seasoning to food, it should be just-nice and not in excess or show tremendous lack, situation bound of course. Here, it's important to understand one thing. Emotions posses an impeccable tendency to take over and magnify problems and make them appear frightening. So, watch out!
On the way to Kuala Kubang (stole the pic from a friend =p)
Most of our troubles are not deeply rooted, the way we react to them often end up giving them too much attention which they don't necessarily deserve. Provoked by the tears and temper we begin analyzing and scanning details , ignoring the world which is still moving fast, missing good moments, and beautiful things, only to solve or hunt the cause. Ignore shortfalls and control emotions right, that helped me throughout the 3 days. I let petty things be petty. My emotions were just right allowing me to stay motivated and happy even in such a deep jungle.

Well, can't deny it was such a wonderful experience wrapped with joy which assisted me to see real people surviving hardships everyday yet pursuing happiness without losing hope, to learn from my fellow friends their good values besides awing their finesse-self and to discover my own abilities and adaptability.

I made it!

Renuka G

Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm not sure how many would risk a hole in their pocket, but for drooling and swooning purposes, Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 is definitely a collection to be taken seriously. The fashion house seems to have achieved 'roaring success' during the London Fashion Week, therefore, missing the runway show is such a loss. Yet with Youtube, fashion eyes are all pleased and soothed.

Glitzy, metallic , Jewel-tone, that's how Glamour puts it in short. And the highlight being?

Trench coat with an oomph.

Maybe you don't speak 'Burberry', but the label did let their camel trench coats speak for them years long. This time, Christopher Bailey the fashion maven puts into action a make-over to the classic piece, marveled the London crowd by sending his lean  femme fatale models in an explosion of rainbow-metallic trench coat parade and froze everyone in a futuristic-retro land ( not sure what that means =p).

The colour-blocking trend on the other hand, drove many breathless.
A critical show I should say. Inhaler anyone?

AND here comes the bags!

It's about time you screw your Furla Candy bags, they are out of 'shine' ladies. Burberry's jewel-toned handbags are all set to steal the limelight and who knows, your heart too (did I miss 'money' ?).
Now tell me, Furla or Burberry??

Not the most wearable collection I agree (excluding the bags), however, man, they're effing cool!!!

Check out more pictures at

Renuka G

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello readers! This post is going to be about cosmetics!

Ever taken a picture with the flash ON and mirrored Geisha and totally regretted the moment?

You might have accused the photographer of felony, you might have blamed it on the wrong lighting, you might have gone cuckoo figuring out the reason, so here you go the exact cause!

It's your foundation. Na-ah not a shade-gone-wrong case we are dealing here but a protection-turned-disaster issue. To be specific, it's the high SPF level of your foundation that's  bringing you the trouble. SPF reflects light/rays from your face, remember? And it scatters the light from the camera flash as well, eventually causing a wreck on all good shots.

TO be honest, of course SPF is important to protect your skin and stuffs yet why wear it at night when pictures demand flash and the sun is having a nap?

However, if you are too paranoid and can't live without the protection, opt for foundation which has SPF lesser than 10 (which is HARD to find) when there's a photography session. Otherwise, don't smear it for heaven's sake as the Cullens might get real offended and suck you dry. But for Halloween, why not?

My advice on this issue is, be on the safe side, and keep 2 foundations. One which checks SPF and another for occasions at night.

Just in case you are purchasing a new foundation in the nearest future scan for it's SPF level and also whether it contains Titanium Dioxide. They both make the ingredients for ghostly pictures!

Based on foundations that I have, Revlon and Benefit are a big No-No, and my vote certainly goes to Bobbi Brown when flash photography is in the agenda!

Good Luck staying gorgeous dolls!

Renuka G

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She turns 23

Happy 23rd birthday to my one and only sister, Uma!

It wouldn’t be complete if I were to not say a word or two about her, so here you go, 2 complete paragraphs ! ( my love for her can’t be described in just few words ok ?=D)

very old pic I suppose =p
She’s twice as stubborn as me. She’s someone who can be brutally honest with her opinions, which allows me to count on her to critique my make up, hair style, what I wear and also my actions. It’s really fun to see her make my dad agree to things which he often says ‘No’ to. Unlike me, she has tonnes of stories and tips to share. I’m not a big fan of her shopping choices, but sometimes she turns out to be right. One of the few people who taught me to love what i’m doing and develop passion for it. (Well, thank you is not enough for the words of encouragement you gave.)  When we were small, I used to bully her A LOT, lately though I’m the poor victim ( attention seeking =p). Her facebook page is very interesting to be stalked. Recently, she turned down my partnership offer to be a co-author of this blog .And did I mention she is a foodie who wears bollywood-like-shawls to movies? 

What else?

Well she is kind to the core. She chose my celebrity first perfume 3 years ago ‘Midnight fantasy by Britney Spears’, She bought me my 1st Bobbi Brown product which is the lip gloss, she also shared with me her Chanel lip gloss, and how can I forget the Charles & Keith and Mango bags! Most important point, all these she purchased using her scholarship money and not the F.A.M.A sponsorship (unlike me again). Considering what mentioned, she definitely mirrors my dad in money matters. They spend a lot for others but just a little for themselves, excluding the sugar cravings from Marks and Spencer ! Hehe

So what I bought for her birthday? Let’s see. Last year if i’m not mistaken I just bought her a bag, to be exact chose her a bag for my dad paid for it. What a scrooge you are Renuka! But  still it was me who decided to surprise her with a Secret Recipe brownie and a candle to blow in the car when we went to UPM to fetch her. That’s priceless ok? (Self-praise) This year I rebelled against my dad’s opinion of getting her another bag, yet he had it his way. And I had it my way too! HAHA Mr. Gs. The initial plan of mine was to get her a pair of shoes maybe a wedge, however, since my dad (as usual) freaked me out with the whole size-gone-wrong-fitting-gone-out-trauma, I opted for cosmetics. 

She introduced me Bobbi Brown and I’m treating her with Benefit. Benefit is a renown cosmetic company which is applauded for their cool product names and packaging. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the Olsen sisters are great fans who adore their products. In Malaysia, you can find Benefit counters in Sephora KLCC and Starhill. 

Since my sister is not into eye shadows, eye liners and blushers, I got her their industrial strength concealer, better known as boi-ing. And as the purchase was made online (which is of course cheaper compared to the retail price in Malaysia), I was eligible for a sample of two of their other products. The ones I picked from the 4 choices offered were the total moisture packette and their primer, stay don’t stray. The order is scheduled to arrive by the end of this week, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hope she will love it! 

And once again I want to wish a happy happy birthday to my dearest sister! See you when I see you =)

Lotsa love,
Renuka G

Changes are learnt

Life is full of surprises, who dares to deny that? There will be a lot along the way but the best ones are the ones we reward our own-selves. They are only a few yet so priceless and memorable. Lately though, I'm experiencing a little too much of them that I got myself overwhelmed.

Maybe I should thank the slaps on the wrist which I volunteered to bow to sometime ago. How can I forget those moments? I even had someone calling me 'good-for-nothing' and doesn't deserve to live. Frankly speaking I really owe it to that person because it changed me forever. Of course words as such could break people forever and yes it did bear the same impact on me yet just for a while since I viewed  what was said from a different perspective. I considered it as a motivation and assumed that's the purpose I came across this person- to make my life better, to let me know things could be better, to make me realize there's so much to be done and improved. And of course my dad's usual advice, prove it to them, I took it seriously. Not to prove to them but to my own self, so one day I can look back and see how weak I had been once, how I naively hated a wonderful profession and how I missed the moments I should be great by playing mediocre yet be happy for I didn't sit there for long.

The recent event which filled me with much joy and surprised me to the bits is storytelling. Who knew I could tell a story spontaneously? I worked on the teaching aids for about 1 week, I changed the story and its plot like 20 times. Even worse, it was just a day before the session I was alerted about proficiency of the pupils which required me to change the words to further simply the chosen story. Finally on 'the' day, what I told those year 3 kids were not everything I memorized but everything that crossed my mind. I'm not so sure whether they fully understood the story, all I know is they had fun laughing at me for I was changing my voice a few times and overreacting as usual.  Plus, the magic wands that I made to be given away to the kids after the storytelling certainly added joy to them. Without a doubt, I went the extra mile and put so much hard-work into it and I sure did bask the best outcome. (If it was the old me, this surely had been  a post on how I don't care about the lousy session. Sorry, she's gone for good. I love the new me. )

Thomas A. Edison once said, there's no substitute for hard-work. Very true indeed. You can't survive with fluke for long. I'm glad I've learnt it at 20 =) And recalling the times my dad used to reward me for my average results believing I could do so much better, now I'm finally doing the 'better'.

Apart from channeling hard-work, the way I react and take life lately surprised me in a good way too. It has aided me to deal things calmly, one at a time giving me sooo much peace. Even yesterday, the 'epic' moment 1 page of my science assignment just disappeared like that at 2am. Of course I  felt like crying but I put emotions aside and continued to retype everything. Since I saved much time by not banging my head on the table and strong arming my macbook, I finished everything by 3 and had a deep slumber till 7am (dire importance!). *bliss*

Honestly, it has been weeks ( except last weekend for I went back) since I slept before 2 and I'm not giving work as an excuse to not go for jogging or eluding other daily routines, I think this change is for good. Embracing it happily!

I end it with a quote by Thomas Jefferson,
“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.” 

Keep working, Keep improving! Rewards will come your way and the results sure  blow you away =)

Renuka G 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Just when I’m biting nails trying to figure a way to get done the teaching aids and tasks that are to be submitted and presented next week besides having qualms about the trip back home for a short break, I was greeted with the best-news which highballed me the green flag! Rewards come unexpected indeed! 

From the 5 taxing submissions, only 2 ( 1 considered done) is in the list for the coming week! And you know what that means? I can have a peaceful, joyous stay at home without having to fuss like some wannabe ( at least not at home). Even better, I would be able to chanel channel all my focus into making my storytelling session with the year 3 pupils a great one. Really am looking forward to it. 

Back on rewards. I’m more gratified than ever! Some of us here seriously had a tough tough tough week with so little sleep and excessive working hours , I’m one of them. The corporate video thingy, CD sticker-making,task presentations, SDP coursework, Children’s cartoon Act out session which my group played spongbobsquarepants, me being Squidward (my voice turn out quite successful I should say), lesson plan presentations for Grammar yada yada totally sucked our energy better than how the Cullens suck blood (vaguely stating only for I’m not Twilight-savvy).  Therefore, this teeny tiny reward really mean a lot and I’m so freaking sure everyone would make the most out of it, for I’m already all into it! =D

To the lecturers and AJKs in charge, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Off pursuing my happy clouds in the south! Bye Bye Macbook. See you when I need you. Probably Sunday =p

Renuka G

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time held captivate

The way things are going, I just wish the world would cease for an hour or two so I could a take a break from the irksome load of courseworks, lesson plans and tasks. I even think about them as I eat, jog and even before I fall asleep. Well, that might have sounded like I have found my new beau in orthography etched papers, trust me, even I was, for a second convinced of the slapdash information. And ‘No!’, we are not declaring it on facebook or any social networks for there’s another 56  who are pursuing the mentioned ‘beau’ as well.

Amidst the around the clock schedule and routines which frazzled even my shoe soles, the one thing which I’m missing very much is reading. It’s like I can’t recall where I placed which anymore, I mean the books,  for all that is in my sight right now is ‘The confession’ by John Grisham only. Others? I certainly am clueless since it has been some time you know. The guilt, my god! When you are used to reading then you stop, you would definitely feel it especially if you are dealing with language every day. Even though I still read newsletters via email and online mags, they are nothing compared to sitting down with a good book and a highlighter, mesmerizing the sentences and get blown away.

However, being fully conscious of what’s approaching after the courseworks bid adieu, which is the semester exam, I can pretty much conclude there is zero chance of finishing up even one book in the nearest future. SO  let’s save it for the year-end holidays! 2 months is incredibly long to appease my  literature cravings and of course my HUGE appetite for shopping.

Hang on Renuka!

Whatever it is, I’m not distracted and also am not giving up for elbow grease is the best polish. Reading can wait, leisure can take a rain-check but a dream I’m giving my all to, that for sure demands all my attention.
Yes I’m not there yet but I just wish to share this one thing. Maybe most of you already know, for all I care nothing wrong in reminding good stuffs. So here you go,

 If you want something so bad, dream. Everything starts with a dream. I have read about successful people, and they all had a dream and lived it the best. The world has thousands of ways to remind you why you can’t, shouldn’t and musn’t, just smile.  Circumstances would beat you down, it’s ok dust it off, start moving again. If you can dream, if you can protect it, you are so close to achieving it. And always remember, life isn’t all about success, it’s who you were once, who you are and who you can one day become.

 Live to inspire, not to impress.

Renuka G

Monday, September 10, 2012

Better kept less

A disastrous storm could end up a slave to the wind, a major triumph might get stepped by ill wills, nobody knows.

Certainly agree, hopes at times do keep us going. Meanwhile expectations, mirrors a foolhardy trick we play upon ourselves, of what it should and should not be.

You could even be armed by the best forecast, who knows maybe the lady luck herself , but believe me friends, it's worth so less, for reality, it strikes so well.

Save the disappointments, save the fuss,
Expectations are risks, don't play to regret.
Today it might seem like a pretty bird in hand, tomorrow perhaps, its the feathers that remain. 

So let me remind you to save the stress, expectations, they are better served less!
But if you still want to pursue a mess, I sure wish you all the best!

Renuka G

Friday, September 7, 2012

All privileges reserved

“Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do. So I take every opportunity.” 
― Cameron Diaz-

Cameron Diaz for sure had the 'yes' or 'no' option laid in front of her to answer to the opportunity waiting at her door but not everyone can be in her shoes (no pun intended). The truth is folks, there are some opportunities that are mandatory. Some people have it tailored by circumstances, mine though came in a package in the name of a contract. All opportunities tied together with a star on top and I sure did sign it.

The ultimate result of my agreement is of course the chance to master the mother of all innovation, creativity. 

Being a pre-service teacher has opened access to so many fields including photography, art, music and psychology. Do you know what is the rule-of-third? Depth of field? Erikson's theory of psychosocial? how to adapt a song? Ask my comrades! Strike that. Ask me! 

our task at TTI, a picture for each
Teaching requires  a lot of creativity. From the set induction to rewards, a teacher especially of current time is obliged to think out of the box just to introduce alphabets to their pupils. Without creativity, a lesson could turn out to be a sheer waste of time to both parties. All which I had mentioned in the previous paragraph certainly gives way to creativity. It allows a teacher to be equipped with skills required apart from providing options for unique, eye catching teaching aids. Imagine introducing plants in a science lesson, if the teacher is camera-savvy he/she could take a close-up shot of a plant highlighting the texture of leaves and petals and display it during the class. Of course it would be better to bring the flowers and show them, however, pictures can be labelled  and seen by all 30 pupils in the class with much peace and ease compared to realias. The same applies in mastering  subjects like psychology and arts, they in a way serves a purpose.

Being brutally honest, I do get stressed each time I'm given a course which is somehow irrelevant to English and demands tonnes of effort and so many trials. The corporate video and the interactive power point for instance, are really getting on my nerve like every single day. Yet changing my perspective a little, I could see the long-term benefit of this whole thing orchestrated by the ministry. 

After all, we are given a degree for a reason! =)

Renuka G

The fabler, a poem

You might have whispered the lies right,
You might have written it to last,
You might have spread it little fast,
But we’ll see.

You must have loved that feeling hard,
You must have shouted it loud,
You must have felt superior at last,
But you shall see.

For I'm so much better to walk pass
I can be happy and not fuss
I even dealt the trouble you tossed
For you ’sick-rumour’, shall always remain nothing 
but a foxy fabler who falls.

A  poem by,
Renuka G

I have not written a poem for some time, so here you go. A poem about rumours. The first stanza is all about the ways rumours are spread and how they often are; full of lies, travels fast and sometimes they even last for a long time. Yet the poet maintains a nonchalant composure. Meanwhile,the second stanza covers the excitement over the success and attention received by the gossip which the poet again doesn't seem to get agitated by . In the 3rd stanza, it is proven that the poet is the least shaken and had chosen happiness over worries, eventually, revealing the true colors of 'rumour', which is nothing but a  zero-truth bearer.

Throughout the poem,  'rumour' is a personified subject thus, explaining the use of pronoun 'you' and even better, the poem actually rhymes!

Really wish I could write poems more often. Love spending time mixing and matching words to go together! It's indeed a wonderful feeling 'to create'.

Good Night folks!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trend to reign?

I sure did miss a post about the fall-trend which got all suited up in velvets and sequin-rich dresses, further oozing sophistication under the luminance of punchy colours and also the synonym of opulence, Gold. In contrast, A/W 2012 is fancying up style from sophistication to chic thus, giving me all the right reasons to write about this one. And street fashion for sure has its status elevated by the breath-taking evolution by the mavens of the industry.

I will touch on a few highlights which caught my fashion-eyes.
Prada A/W 2012

Purple in lieu of black is what suggested by top fashion houses like Dior, Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and a few more while the others cheered for vibrant colours and the come-back of monochrome. What's great about purple? Purple makes a great combo with a lot of colours thus easing the matching and layering session. Purple with grey (in any order) is my personal favorite!

Fashion is fun and that's emphasized well this time. You might have been busy being a 'lady' for seasons,  maybe not this time. Kooky cartoons are on the list to cheer fashionistas off working hours with the one-key piece at a time rule. Save your thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs and Burberry!
Chanel A/W 2012 ( Speaking about Chanel, Lagerfeld should really3x stop being overly futuristic EVERY season =S

Enough of tops, let's get on with shoes. Heels are still in demand but for a change we are chucking the ones with pencil-thin bottoms for cracking and breaking purposes. Chunky heels have stolen the spotlight.

A/W 2012 certainly has more in store, and I can't help but wonder which trend sizzles and which one fizzles.

Renuka G

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The girl with an agenda

September is going to be such an onerous month. My plate is all full, only waiting to crack anytime, and I’m certainly hustling with time to save it by any course. For the first time in my life, after so long whining about people subjecting themselves to being ‘busy’, I’m officially busy! Can I be any happier?

I’m serious folks, I’m busy! And I’m totally absorbed by the whole idea. 

You might think it’s like playing the hard ball in business, so nerve-wrecking and requires dire attention. Honestly speaking, i’m taking it similar to a walk in the park. Leisure-struck responsibilities I call them. Makes sense? Probably No =) 

I do complain like any other NORMAL souls, yet I secretly love the bee-like spirit. (Oh  mai look at my choice of words, souls, spirit..seriously Renuka?) Probably, this mortal ( referring to me) has been fatigued by idleness too much therefore, avidly out hunting for tasks to kill time apart from signing up voluntarily as its slave. Again makes sense? No nah?

Yes, my blogs do keep me occupied, but that doesn’t seem enough to establish myself as a 'busy person'.( FYI I was kinda striving for the title for some time you know, without you people's knowledge of course. Don’t like competitions. Finally I’m crowned!!!). I have like 3 and I update all of them at least once every week, usually though it hits like  2-3 posts everyday especially my wordpress and tumblr account as I use my iPhone apps. I'm utterly against wasting thoughts, eventually turning them from novelty to nothingness ( my old blog’s name), you see? 
(And Hell yea, I’m the crazy writer who writes everywhere and every second whom inspired millions. And I do know about the wikipedia page they are secretly creating for me *busted!* )

However,blogging is like a routine, or to be exact is a habit of mine. (Hope you are aware of the difference between routine and habit. Or else, goggle it as I’m too lazy to conduct a lesson here. Already 12 you see!) I need not put too much effort or work, because as I type the words just come pouring like a broken dam or for a better visual, more like a ...maybe, waterfall? Hence, blogging do not feed much on time. Assignments and tasks are different, they require planning, thinking, evaluating, processing information yada yada. And that’s what I call as busy-defined-well.

Not to appear annoyingly positive or fake, I really do feel glad about the load-to-be-attended-to. I’m growing bored of the same routine of reading newsletters, watching Suits over and over again, replying on interpals, reading online mags and embracing the pleasure of doing nothing. Let me be busy this time ok?

The girl with an agenda ( I should consider this one as my blog name),
Renuka G

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Of all the professions in the world, after politicians, it is the teacher-bunch who are scorned the most. Whether it's jealousy, disappointment or something else, I don't know. Recently, a girl from our own nation took it to a different level by typing down her thoughts in her blog under a post entitled ' Untungnya Jadi Cikgu' (the blog has been removed, this is a google snapshot) naively, neglecting the fact that there is at least 400k teachers in Malaysia who would read and fume in rage over her accusations. Well, yes some part of the post did bear truth, yet she digressed somehow.

Simply said, every profession has its pros and cons, so why criticize the perks of being a teacher? I may just be a pre-service teacher, but I have seen some real teachers working their a.. off to help their students succeed. So let's not magnify the bad apples in the profession ONLY.

Speaking about salary, teachers nowadays are degree holders, therefore, salary justified. Besides, we do have to chip in our own money at times to create teaching aids, for notes, workbooks, and other things which apparently doesn't cater to our personal needs or be paid by the school or ministry.
Plus, we are not earning as much as pilots or engineers ok?

Next point, if you see a teacher selling products and opening tuition centres, then it's their own intelligence to make money, don't look at it with your skeptic vision. Everyone wants a better life at the end of the day right? Why alienate teachers from the pursuit?

Let's just admit, only those in the profession knows and understands what 'teaching' truly is.

Spectators can't create facts. So,Why bother?

Whatever it is, 'Kami Bangga Menjadi Guru' =D

TESL 1 Cohort 1 IPG KDRI =)

Renuka G

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wonky Facade

We are not born with masks in grip, we indeed make them along the way, don’t we? Some we put on for it’s what we truly want to be. Some we don because we can’t bear to face what’s underneath . And even unfortunate, there are a few we wear because that’s what someone else wants us to be. 

Which is worse? 

Well, that’s not the question. 

We might wear a mask for various reasons nobody could ever pen down, but the explicit purpose can only be, to stay hidden. There’s one problem though that we often overlook. They can be ripped off at any time.

An accessory can never be everlasting, don’t you know?

And what would you do then?

Would you run? Or would you play to lose again?

All masks someday have to come off, and let me remind you, life is not a masquerade, to play hide and seek.

( I miss speaking in metaphors =))