Monday, September 10, 2012

Better kept less

A disastrous storm could end up a slave to the wind, a major triumph might get stepped by ill wills, nobody knows.

Certainly agree, hopes at times do keep us going. Meanwhile expectations, mirrors a foolhardy trick we play upon ourselves, of what it should and should not be.

You could even be armed by the best forecast, who knows maybe the lady luck herself , but believe me friends, it's worth so less, for reality, it strikes so well.

Save the disappointments, save the fuss,
Expectations are risks, don't play to regret.
Today it might seem like a pretty bird in hand, tomorrow perhaps, its the feathers that remain. 

So let me remind you to save the stress, expectations, they are better served less!
But if you still want to pursue a mess, I sure wish you all the best!

Renuka G