Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trend to reign?

I sure did miss a post about the fall-trend which got all suited up in velvets and sequin-rich dresses, further oozing sophistication under the luminance of punchy colours and also the synonym of opulence, Gold. In contrast, A/W 2012 is fancying up style from sophistication to chic thus, giving me all the right reasons to write about this one. And street fashion for sure has its status elevated by the breath-taking evolution by the mavens of the industry.

I will touch on a few highlights which caught my fashion-eyes.

Prada A/W 2012

Purple in lieu of black is what suggested by top fashion houses like Dior, Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and a few more while the others cheered for vibrant colours and the come-back of monochrome. What's great about purple? Purple makes a great combo with a lot of colours thus easing the matching and layering session. Purple with grey (in any order) is my personal favorite!

Fashion is fun and that's emphasized well this time. You might have been busy being a 'lady' for seasons,  maybe not this time. Kooky cartoons are on the list to cheer fashionistas off working hours with the one-key piece at a time rule. Save your thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs and Burberry!
Chanel A/W 2012 ( Speaking about Chanel, Lagerfeld should really3x stop being overly futuristic EVERY season =S

Enough of tops, let's get on with shoes. Heels are still in demand but for a change we are chucking the ones with pencil-thin bottoms for cracking and breaking purposes. Chunky heels have stolen the spotlight.

A/W 2012 certainly has more in store, and I can't help but wonder which trend sizzles and which one fizzles.

Renuka G