Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changes are learnt

Life is full of surprises, who dares to deny that? There will be a lot along the way but the best ones are the ones we reward our own-selves. They are only a few yet so priceless and memorable. Lately though, I'm experiencing a little too much of them that I got myself overwhelmed.

Maybe I should thank the slaps on the wrist which I volunteered to bow to sometime ago. How can I forget those moments? I even had someone calling me 'good-for-nothing' and doesn't deserve to live. Frankly speaking I really owe it to that person because it changed me forever. Of course words as such could break people forever and yes it did bear the same impact on me yet just for a while since I viewed  what was said from a different perspective. I considered it as a motivation and assumed that's the purpose I came across this person- to make my life better, to let me know things could be better, to make me realize there's so much to be done and improved. And of course my dad's usual advice, prove it to them, I took it seriously. Not to prove to them but to my own self, so one day I can look back and see how weak I had been once, how I naively hated a wonderful profession and how I missed the moments I should be great by playing mediocre yet be happy for I didn't sit there for long.

The recent event which filled me with much joy and surprised me to the bits is storytelling. Who knew I could tell a story spontaneously? I worked on the teaching aids for about 1 week, I changed the story and its plot like 20 times. Even worse, it was just a day before the session I was alerted about proficiency of the pupils which required me to change the words to further simply the chosen story. Finally on 'the' day, what I told those year 3 kids were not everything I memorized but everything that crossed my mind. I'm not so sure whether they fully understood the story, all I know is they had fun laughing at me for I was changing my voice a few times and overreacting as usual.  Plus, the magic wands that I made to be given away to the kids after the storytelling certainly added joy to them. Without a doubt, I went the extra mile and put so much hard-work into it and I sure did bask the best outcome. (If it was the old me, this surely had been  a post on how I don't care about the lousy session. Sorry, she's gone for good. I love the new me. )

Thomas A. Edison once said, there's no substitute for hard-work. Very true indeed. You can't survive with fluke for long. I'm glad I've learnt it at 20 =) And recalling the times my dad used to reward me for my average results believing I could do so much better, now I'm finally doing the 'better'.

Apart from channeling hard-work, the way I react and take life lately surprised me in a good way too. It has aided me to deal things calmly, one at a time giving me sooo much peace. Even yesterday, the 'epic' moment 1 page of my science assignment just disappeared like that at 2am. Of course I  felt like crying but I put emotions aside and continued to retype everything. Since I saved much time by not banging my head on the table and strong arming my macbook, I finished everything by 3 and had a deep slumber till 7am (dire importance!). *bliss*

Honestly, it has been weeks ( except last weekend for I went back) since I slept before 2 and I'm not giving work as an excuse to not go for jogging or eluding other daily routines, I think this change is for good. Embracing it happily!

I end it with a quote by Thomas Jefferson,
“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.” 

Keep working, Keep improving! Rewards will come your way and the results sure  blow you away =)

Renuka G