Thursday, September 13, 2012


Just when I’m biting nails trying to figure a way to get done the teaching aids and tasks that are to be submitted and presented next week besides having qualms about the trip back home for a short break, I was greeted with the best-news which highballed me the green flag! Rewards come unexpected indeed! 

From the 5 taxing submissions, only 2 ( 1 considered done) is in the list for the coming week! And you know what that means? I can have a peaceful, joyous stay at home without having to fuss like some wannabe ( at least not at home). Even better, I would be able to chanel channel all my focus into making my storytelling session with the year 3 pupils a great one. Really am looking forward to it. 

Back on rewards. I’m more gratified than ever! Some of us here seriously had a tough tough tough week with so little sleep and excessive working hours , I’m one of them. The corporate video thingy, CD sticker-making,task presentations, SDP coursework, Children’s cartoon Act out session which my group played spongbobsquarepants, me being Squidward (my voice turn out quite successful I should say), lesson plan presentations for Grammar yada yada totally sucked our energy better than how the Cullens suck blood (vaguely stating only for I’m not Twilight-savvy).  Therefore, this teeny tiny reward really mean a lot and I’m so freaking sure everyone would make the most out of it, for I’m already all into it! =D

To the lecturers and AJKs in charge, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Off pursuing my happy clouds in the south! Bye Bye Macbook. See you when I need you. Probably Sunday =p

Renuka G