Friday, September 7, 2012

The fabler, a poem

You might have whispered the lies right,
You might have written it to last,
You might have spread it little fast,
But we’ll see.

You must have loved that feeling hard,
You must have shouted it loud,
You must have felt superior at last,
But you shall see.

For I'm so much better to walk pass
I can be happy and not fuss
I even dealt the trouble you tossed
For you ’sick-rumour’, shall always remain nothing 
but a foxy fabler who falls.

A  poem by,
Renuka G

I have not written a poem for some time, so here you go. A poem about rumours. The first stanza is all about the ways rumours are spread and how they often are; full of lies, travels fast and sometimes they even last for a long time. Yet the poet maintains a nonchalant composure. Meanwhile,the second stanza covers the excitement over the success and attention received by the gossip which the poet again doesn't seem to get agitated by . In the 3rd stanza, it is proven that the poet is the least shaken and had chosen happiness over worries, eventually, revealing the true colors of 'rumour', which is nothing but a  zero-truth bearer.

Throughout the poem,  'rumour' is a personified subject thus, explaining the use of pronoun 'you' and even better, the poem actually rhymes!

Really wish I could write poems more often. Love spending time mixing and matching words to go together! It's indeed a wonderful feeling 'to create'.

Good Night folks!