Sunday, September 2, 2012


Of all the professions in the world, after politicians, it is the teacher-bunch who are scorned the most. Whether it's jealousy, disappointment or something else, I don't know. Recently, a girl from our own nation took it to a different level by typing down her thoughts in her blog under a post entitled ' Untungnya Jadi Cikgu' (the blog has been removed, this is a google snapshot) naively, neglecting the fact that there is at least 400k teachers in Malaysia who would read and fume in rage over her accusations. Well, yes some part of the post did bear truth, yet she digressed somehow.

Simply said, every profession has its pros and cons, so why criticize the perks of being a teacher? I may just be a pre-service teacher, but I have seen some real teachers working their a.. off to help their students succeed. So let's not magnify the bad apples in the profession ONLY.

Speaking about salary, teachers nowadays are degree holders, therefore, salary justified. Besides, we do have to chip in our own money at times to create teaching aids, for notes, workbooks, and other things which apparently doesn't cater to our personal needs or be paid by the school or ministry.
Plus, we are not earning as much as pilots or engineers ok?

Next point, if you see a teacher selling products and opening tuition centres, then it's their own intelligence to make money, don't look at it with your skeptic vision. Everyone wants a better life at the end of the day right? Why alienate teachers from the pursuit?

Let's just admit, only those in the profession knows and understands what 'teaching' truly is.

Spectators can't create facts. So,Why bother?

Whatever it is, 'Kami Bangga Menjadi Guru' =D

TESL 1 Cohort 1 IPG KDRI =)

Renuka G