Monday, September 24, 2012

Quality trips

My 3 days BIG ( Bina Insan Guru) camp is over and it was indeed an opportunity dressed in overalls, and looked exactly like work as Edison puts, which I took and did not miss, ignoring the fact, the program is actually mandatory.

Adversity introduces man to himself. Therefore, the long walks (10km in 3 days), creepy encounters, cooking for a huge crowd and setting up the camp, certainly made a good experience and taught lessons apart from showing me what I can be and do. Some come stronger faced by adversity, some shrink. I'm proud to say, I'm not the latter but whether I'm stronger, let my actions in days/years to come prove.

Enough about adversity, let's move to emotions.

Emotions are like seasoning to food, it should be just-nice and not in excess or show tremendous lack, situation bound of course. Here, it's important to understand one thing. Emotions posses an impeccable tendency to take over and magnify problems and make them appear frightening. So, watch out!
On the way to Kuala Kubang (stole the pic from a friend =p)
Most of our troubles are not deeply rooted, the way we react to them often end up giving them too much attention which they don't necessarily deserve. Provoked by the tears and temper we begin analyzing and scanning details , ignoring the world which is still moving fast, missing good moments, and beautiful things, only to solve or hunt the cause. Ignore shortfalls and control emotions right, that helped me throughout the 3 days. I let petty things be petty. My emotions were just right allowing me to stay motivated and happy even in such a deep jungle.

Well, can't deny it was such a wonderful experience wrapped with joy which assisted me to see real people surviving hardships everyday yet pursuing happiness without losing hope, to learn from my fellow friends their good values besides awing their finesse-self and to discover my own abilities and adaptability.

I made it!

Renuka G