Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She turns 23

Happy 23rd birthday to my one and only sister, Uma!

It wouldn’t be complete if I were to not say a word or two about her, so here you go, 2 complete paragraphs ! ( my love for her can’t be described in just few words ok ?=D)

very old pic I suppose =p
She’s twice as stubborn as me. She’s someone who can be brutally honest with her opinions, which allows me to count on her to critique my make up, hair style, what I wear and also my actions. It’s really fun to see her make my dad agree to things which he often says ‘No’ to. Unlike me, she has tonnes of stories and tips to share. I’m not a big fan of her shopping choices, but sometimes she turns out to be right. One of the few people who taught me to love what i’m doing and develop passion for it. (Well, thank you is not enough for the words of encouragement you gave.)  When we were small, I used to bully her A LOT, lately though I’m the poor victim ( attention seeking =p). Her facebook page is very interesting to be stalked. Recently, she turned down my partnership offer to be a co-author of this blog .And did I mention she is a foodie who wears bollywood-like-shawls to movies? 

What else?

Well she is kind to the core. She chose my celebrity first perfume 3 years ago ‘Midnight fantasy by Britney Spears’, She bought me my 1st Bobbi Brown product which is the lip gloss, she also shared with me her Chanel lip gloss, and how can I forget the Charles & Keith and Mango bags! Most important point, all these she purchased using her scholarship money and not the F.A.M.A sponsorship (unlike me again). Considering what mentioned, she definitely mirrors my dad in money matters. They spend a lot for others but just a little for themselves, excluding the sugar cravings from Marks and Spencer ! Hehe

So what I bought for her birthday? Let’s see. Last year if i’m not mistaken I just bought her a bag, to be exact chose her a bag for my dad paid for it. What a scrooge you are Renuka! But  still it was me who decided to surprise her with a Secret Recipe brownie and a candle to blow in the car when we went to UPM to fetch her. That’s priceless ok? (Self-praise) This year I rebelled against my dad’s opinion of getting her another bag, yet he had it his way. And I had it my way too! HAHA Mr. Gs. The initial plan of mine was to get her a pair of shoes maybe a wedge, however, since my dad (as usual) freaked me out with the whole size-gone-wrong-fitting-gone-out-trauma, I opted for cosmetics. 

She introduced me Bobbi Brown and I’m treating her with Benefit. Benefit is a renown cosmetic company which is applauded for their cool product names and packaging. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the Olsen sisters are great fans who adore their products. In Malaysia, you can find Benefit counters in Sephora KLCC and Starhill. 

Since my sister is not into eye shadows, eye liners and blushers, I got her their industrial strength concealer, better known as boi-ing. And as the purchase was made online (which is of course cheaper compared to the retail price in Malaysia), I was eligible for a sample of two of their other products. The ones I picked from the 4 choices offered were the total moisture packette and their primer, stay don’t stray. The order is scheduled to arrive by the end of this week, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hope she will love it! 

And once again I want to wish a happy happy birthday to my dearest sister! See you when I see you =)

Lotsa love,
Renuka G


nk279 said...

my wishes for her too...:)

gsm said...

my wishes for her to I am also 23!!