Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab Mini M.A.C

Chanel, Gucci and Hermes are a few fashion houses that have earned their arm candies the It-bag status.  Now though, they seem to be taking a break while other American designers reign the runway with their eye-popping borsettas. As much as I want to compliment Marc Jacobs, I have to ignore for I wish not to steal the limelight from Rebecca Minkoff whose dazzling bag I’m going to torch on for this post. 

You might have stolen hearts with your Chanel signature lamb-skin bag, but maybe it’s time for a fresh new departure with a little more oomph. And I suggest Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini M.A.C Wondering what M.A.C stands for? Well it’s Morning After Clutch. Even though the bag has been ruling the market for nearly 3 years, little did it run out of fame. 

Some fret over the limited space the clutch has, while I consider it’s ideal to stash your must-haves in. The style-booster also comes with an adjustable chain which allows you to wear it cross-body, which, I reckon to be the best way of wearing it. 

Genuine leather without a doubt and is light! 

Worried about the colour choices? Don’t be,  it ranges from bold summer colours to the chic-pastels. 
Best finish to your color-block outfit I should say!

Wearing a humble price tag of 600MYR for the usual leather and 900MYR+ for bubble lamb leather, this affordable arm candy can compliment your street style and party outfit better than any other . 

What else? Get grabby now!

Renuka G