Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tick tock

A few days ago when my dad reminded me of my birthday, I was the least excited about it for some stupid reasons. The main one being, I can't go back! Imagine how frustrated I'm. This situation had been recurring for 2 consequent years. And guess what? I hate it!

When my dad attempted to convince me and of course excite me with the 'what you want, I will get it for you' statement, again I had no feelings, like at all. In fact I turned the 'huge' offer down. Now though, since the mini shopaholic is back in action and all excited and shameless, I'm going to make the list! One for my dad and one for my sister =) However, since I have informed my sister exactly what I want a few months ago, maybe I can let loose on that now.

Of course I'm not going to reveal everything in the list, just going to show you the main course!

Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry

Oh yea it's a watch.

When it comes to fashion watches, people usually give it to Michael Kors, and I'm not going to deny the designer's talent on that for I've seen some really good pieces with my own eyes. However, I tend to get a little biased when Marc Jacobs stands in the same line. You all know me!

And you might ask, why not a bag from MBMJ, oh well, I live by some principles which includes -designer bags only from my own money. Wait till I earn, get my paycheck and off to the outlet I go. Meanwhile, I'm holding my horses and living modestly with Mango and Elle arm candies.

Plus, for this time being, watch seems like a necessity compared to a bag as my phone doesn't stay with me often. Sometimes my friends borrow it to play games, take pictures or surf the net, and to spot a clock around my campus is a tough thing too (excuses come pouring). Hence, owning a watch is definitely a solution. *winks*

After reading this post without a doubt my dad is going to question the future of my new B.U.M Equipment watch which I abandoned months ago just after purchasing, so allow me to answer that short and simple. Honestly pa, that's an ugly watch. Period.

Point blank, I haven't finalized this item as my birthday gift , only a wish-list item yet to be reviewed and considered. You'll see my final choice soon.

Renuka G