Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I should really thank god for yesterday. It was such a wonderful day from the beginning till the end which dragged even more happiness after midnight.

Some things I did:

Cleaned my room and decorated it a little

Got my usual weekend chocolate treat

Spoke to my dad about my trip back ( Glad that I can go home soon, yet still delaying the ticket purchase! *sighs*)

A friend did something sweet despite his hectic schedule and the time difference

Revised!! ( oh yes, I did =))

Cycled with friends

Updated 2 blogs

Replied my Interpals messages ( which I often delay for days, unless you're a friend already)

But these are the usuals. Sometimes it happens , sometimes laziness invades and freezes my actions putting me to sleep most of the time. No big deal.

However one event got me flying high because it has never taken place before.

I slept too much the day before, hence, yesterday I wasn't feeling sleepy much. As any other days like this, I was on my bed reading my ibook trying to doze off and pursue my dreamland. Then I received a chat-message from a friend via facebook messenger, and as the chat went on and on, he requested for a poem. It was like 4am. And to my own surprise I agreed when most of the time I would raincheck on things that involves too much thinking after 2. He allowed me to have 5 minutes to create yet I preferred to start off straight, and go line by line.Of course the first line I plagiarized from an old poem of mine, others were brand new. The poem was really short, like 4 verses yet I made my friend happy. And the fact that he posted it on his facebook wall, made my day!

I never knew I could write a poem at instant, I never knew I'd please a friend at wee hours, but these are just petty things I realized yesterday. The most important part is, I understood how words can actually lift people. The poem must have made him happy for a few reasons, one being I fulfilled his request, second is of course what the poem meant.  Therefore, words without a tinge of doubt can do wonders. Universal truth right?

What took place certainly motivates me to write more stuffs to lift spirits and spread happiness instead of complaining of whats and whys. People who possess talent in music, soothe hearts with their voice and melody, people who can dance, entertain us with all they have breaking a sweat on the dance floor, I can write, so why not use it make someone's day better?

Maybe I won't be scribbling poems everyday at 4, but I have this blog, and two other, I can create wonders if only I put my heart into it. And this too reminds me of my dad's advice some time ago to always write good things and be an inspiration and guidance to others.

Makeover time again I guess =)

Renuka G