Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello readers! This post is going to be about cosmetics!

Ever taken a picture with the flash ON and mirrored Geisha and totally regretted the moment?

You might have accused the photographer of felony, you might have blamed it on the wrong lighting, you might have gone cuckoo figuring out the reason, so here you go the exact cause!

It's your foundation. Na-ah not a shade-gone-wrong case we are dealing here but a protection-turned-disaster issue. To be specific, it's the high SPF level of your foundation that's  bringing you the trouble. SPF reflects light/rays from your face, remember? And it scatters the light from the camera flash as well, eventually causing a wreck on all good shots.

TO be honest, of course SPF is important to protect your skin and stuffs yet why wear it at night when pictures demand flash and the sun is having a nap?

However, if you are too paranoid and can't live without the protection, opt for foundation which has SPF lesser than 10 (which is HARD to find) when there's a photography session. Otherwise, don't smear it for heaven's sake as the Cullens might get real offended and suck you dry. But for Halloween, why not?

My advice on this issue is, be on the safe side, and keep 2 foundations. One which checks SPF and another for occasions at night.

Just in case you are purchasing a new foundation in the nearest future scan for it's SPF level and also whether it contains Titanium Dioxide. They both make the ingredients for ghostly pictures!

Based on foundations that I have, Revlon and Benefit are a big No-No, and my vote certainly goes to Bobbi Brown when flash photography is in the agenda!

Good Luck staying gorgeous dolls!

Renuka G