Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The girl with an agenda

September is going to be such an onerous month. My plate is all full, only waiting to crack anytime, and I’m certainly hustling with time to save it by any course. For the first time in my life, after so long whining about people subjecting themselves to being ‘busy’, I’m officially busy! Can I be any happier?

I’m serious folks, I’m busy! And I’m totally absorbed by the whole idea. 

You might think it’s like playing the hard ball in business, so nerve-wrecking and requires dire attention. Honestly speaking, i’m taking it similar to a walk in the park. Leisure-struck responsibilities I call them. Makes sense? Probably No =) 

I do complain like any other NORMAL souls, yet I secretly love the bee-like spirit. (Oh  mai look at my choice of words, souls, spirit..seriously Renuka?) Probably, this mortal ( referring to me) has been fatigued by idleness too much therefore, avidly out hunting for tasks to kill time apart from signing up voluntarily as its slave. Again makes sense? No nah?

Yes, my blogs do keep me occupied, but that doesn’t seem enough to establish myself as a 'busy person'.( FYI I was kinda striving for the title for some time you know, without you people's knowledge of course. Don’t like competitions. Finally I’m crowned!!!). I have like 3 and I update all of them at least once every week, usually though it hits like  2-3 posts everyday especially my wordpress and tumblr account as I use my iPhone apps. I'm utterly against wasting thoughts, eventually turning them from novelty to nothingness ( my old blog’s name), you see? 
(And Hell yea, I’m the crazy writer who writes everywhere and every second whom inspired millions. And I do know about the wikipedia page they are secretly creating for me *busted!* )

However,blogging is like a routine, or to be exact is a habit of mine. (Hope you are aware of the difference between routine and habit. Or else, goggle it as I’m too lazy to conduct a lesson here. Already 12 you see!) I need not put too much effort or work, because as I type the words just come pouring like a broken dam or for a better visual, more like a ...maybe, waterfall? Hence, blogging do not feed much on time. Assignments and tasks are different, they require planning, thinking, evaluating, processing information yada yada. And that’s what I call as busy-defined-well.

Not to appear annoyingly positive or fake, I really do feel glad about the load-to-be-attended-to. I’m growing bored of the same routine of reading newsletters, watching Suits over and over again, replying on interpals, reading online mags and embracing the pleasure of doing nothing. Let me be busy this time ok?

The girl with an agenda ( I should consider this one as my blog name),
Renuka G