Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time held captivate

The way things are going, I just wish the world would cease for an hour or two so I could a take a break from the irksome load of courseworks, lesson plans and tasks. I even think about them as I eat, jog and even before I fall asleep. Well, that might have sounded like I have found my new beau in orthography etched papers, trust me, even I was, for a second convinced of the slapdash information. And ‘No!’, we are not declaring it on facebook or any social networks for there’s another 56  who are pursuing the mentioned ‘beau’ as well.

Amidst the around the clock schedule and routines which frazzled even my shoe soles, the one thing which I’m missing very much is reading. It’s like I can’t recall where I placed which anymore, I mean the books,  for all that is in my sight right now is ‘The confession’ by John Grisham only. Others? I certainly am clueless since it has been some time you know. The guilt, my god! When you are used to reading then you stop, you would definitely feel it especially if you are dealing with language every day. Even though I still read newsletters via email and online mags, they are nothing compared to sitting down with a good book and a highlighter, mesmerizing the sentences and get blown away.

However, being fully conscious of what’s approaching after the courseworks bid adieu, which is the semester exam, I can pretty much conclude there is zero chance of finishing up even one book in the nearest future. SO  let’s save it for the year-end holidays! 2 months is incredibly long to appease my  literature cravings and of course my HUGE appetite for shopping.

Hang on Renuka!

Whatever it is, I’m not distracted and also am not giving up for elbow grease is the best polish. Reading can wait, leisure can take a rain-check but a dream I’m giving my all to, that for sure demands all my attention.
Yes I’m not there yet but I just wish to share this one thing. Maybe most of you already know, for all I care nothing wrong in reminding good stuffs. So here you go,

 If you want something so bad, dream. Everything starts with a dream. I have read about successful people, and they all had a dream and lived it the best. The world has thousands of ways to remind you why you can’t, shouldn’t and musn’t, just smile.  Circumstances would beat you down, it’s ok dust it off, start moving again. If you can dream, if you can protect it, you are so close to achieving it. And always remember, life isn’t all about success, it’s who you were once, who you are and who you can one day become.

 Live to inspire, not to impress.

Renuka G