Friday, September 28, 2012

Empire of the sun- We are the people

I spent nearly 2 hours analyzing this one song just for the reason I loved it!

At first I believed the song to be a simple summer love story yet later i discovered it to have a deeper meaning  when I watched the video and also a read a few reviews. 

This is my interpretation, two people avoiding death reminiscing the life they had, wishing to be like the rest who have more time than them in this world. They can't accept their life would end soon but tried assuming that would convince death , but they fail and eventually die (hook). The consolation though is, life will teach you everything before the final moment; about yourself, hardships and joy, what you've lived yada yada (bridge). The gist of the song being, death is inevitable. 

 Something like that.

Anyway it's not a right or wrong question, merely an interpretation. Enjoy the song!

Renuka G