Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Gingerbread Man and us?

Perhaps this is an aftereffect of excessive reading and musing but since I feel perfectly normal about it, I would like to go on scribbling what I consider a discovery that will make the human race hail me for a contribution so precious.

Honestly speaking, today a few derisory events tranced me yet I chose to digress and write about this 'discovery' because yea I deem it's DAMN I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T .

cute lil thing!
A few hours ago believe it or not, I recognized the hint a children's story dropped about us (Humans). And the story being "The gingerbread man". Well, since I have no intention or any genuine interest to do storytelling here, I'll assist you with a link of the story.

As it's a children's story we are analyzing, there will be no doleful visions nor resentment at any point therefore making it a safe-read. Prickly though, self-inflicted pain is not something the author can or want to cure ( you've been warned earlier)

Everything starts with baking in this classic folktale, which in our case is the process of growing up which then leads to the disastrous yet hilarious scenes of running and chasing till the end, all because of one thing- the gingerbread man wanted to prove he's is not merely a sugary treat to be crunched and munched. Gingy! *sighs*

Looking from our perspective, I would link it's all about decisions in life. The decision the GBM took in a whim, to elude, to show the world what he's not (A mere gingerbread of course) required him to run and never stop running till the fox comes, giving the whole story a clear-sad ending.
run baby run!

Frankly speaking, we are all somehow scared of making decisions, whether it's to solve or renew or transform. Being human, it's indeed a challenge we commit and get over with (sometimes real quick but at unfortunate situations, a lifetime.). Maybe we don't jump out of the oven and run wild, I suppose... Do you??  yet no one can't help but agree if I were to accuse us of making decisions in an impulse. When problems overwhelm our head, we become blinded of choices out there. That's why instead of staying quiet in the oven and wait for the right moment to escape, the great gingy rushed his escape and never stopped running till he got eaten (tragic!) Similarly, our poor judgement always urge us to act hastily and end up with an exhausting journey full of encounters with more problems only to prove something far less important than your own self. Yea you can't treat a cow, a horse and a couple as a huge hurdle of course, but that's gingy's story. Ours is way more special, it involves problems (each) as tall as skyscrapers and as huge as giants. Yet we act like twins!

The ending is worth to be interpreted as well. A fox claims to be his friend and deceives him to cross the river riding on it's back which is later revealed to be a well-devised plan to swallow him at once. Again, gingy made a mistake by deciding to trust and follow the cunning fox. He can't swim because he would melt (gingerbread you see), so he saw a solution and also a shortcut thus went on with it and loses what he was trying to protect from the beginning itself, his crunchy-precious life.
R.I.P Gingy boy =(
wait don't decide yet!

We commit into making decisions hastily that permits a run from a situation, then somewhere along the way another problem appears and again we opt for an easy escape. You have to understand, in this world there's no easy way out and even if there's one winking at you right now, how sure are you it's a forever problem-solver? Therefore, decisions are very important indeed. One wrong move could cause a chain reaction which is capable of agonizing every move you take later. Each and every decision is a step that brings change to your life, let's not take it for granted and put things at stake by letting our emotions and hastiness rule our mind leading into the formation of more clones of  'the gingerbread man'. One more thing, stop the act of 'proving', nobody cares who is what.

Well that's the so called 'discovery'!

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

That was lame Renuka, but it's OKAY!

Renuka G

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Louboutin-Wand

So what if your dear prince charming arrives a decade late? And who cares if your pumpkin coach can't fit you no more? 

You can still have your sparkly glass slippers this summer! 
Though it's not freshly delivered by a quirky fairy godmother who tunes 'Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo' while twisting and turning her magic wand or, umm Marc Jacobs (remember his glass slippers for Spring? ), Christian Louboutin is luring you to his fashion house for a treat of your lifetime in conjunction with the rerelease of Disney's famed-fairytale Cinderella. 

Something is brewing girls, better get your 'mojo cards' ready!

The designer recently told Women's Wear Daily, “I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world." Totally!

Speaking about fairytales, I'm sure you all ponder what could be the 'magic touch' on this pair.
That's a no-brainer IN-deed!

Perhaps a fairyland needs a magic wand's assistance but when it's Louboutins we are talking about, what else could it be but their signature red soles! 
Who needs sparkles for a shoe so bold and bright....and sexy? ;-)

Looks like fairytales are about to get real this summer, I wonder whether it's an investment or a real pinch that could break hearts. 

Red-soled glass slippers, anyone? 

Renuka G

Friday, April 27, 2012

Give thy thoughts no tongue

"Give thy thoughts no tongue"

The above is one of Shakespeare's famous quotes from Hamlet, his famous tragedy which bears unlimited number of scandals

Frankly, I don't remember the act but all I'm sure of is Polonius (who is killed while eavesdropping by Hamlet) said this to his son prior his departure to France. Shakespeare throughout the play (before the murder of course) highlights Polonius for his fatherly heart and, hilarious speeches that are often an unwanted piece of advice which goes like 'when I was your age..' Nevertheless the chosen one is great. His death brings a huge impact on Hamlet's conscience since he who is seeking revenge for his father's death has murdered a father. Sad nah?

That's a little background knowledge about the quote.

I'm not sure how far my readers (cehh =p)  would agree but I strongly feel classic literature holds deep truth about life. Take Shakespearean plays for instance, even though they are not of a relevant setting and often speaks about treachery, kingship and portents, the characters in them mirrors some truth about everything we go through in life. Keeping that in mind, instead of choosing something from contemporary literature I opt for a germane quote by the legend himself.

"Give thy thoughts no tongue", not so hard to comprehend isn't it? In simple English, don't speak your mind. Well, not to say you can't express your thoughts at all but better watch what comes out and the consequences as well. Just for the reason you want to get it over with, don't serve yourself with regrets on a plate full of upshots. Tragic!

Thoughts are of course not always under our grip since, it takes a strong will to be able to control what happens in the head. Sometimes they take place like reflexes failing us jolly bad to bring them to a stop. However to manipulate speech is quite easy as it concerns emotions. If just you take a moment to think before alligning random words and possibly avoid 'strong' words, you would be able to avoid much hurt and resentment after a pouring-out session.
Another way being, don't rush into verbalizing  what's in your mind (everything CAN wait!)  especially when you are angry and sad. Give it some time, calm yourself down then choose the right words and express them in the right tone with best intentions etched and BINGO! As according to Renuka, content matters but conveying it right is the deal! 

Our forever-problem being, we often feed our thoughts curiosity which leads to the need to question or to watch the reaction from the other party. Guess what? It is of no worth because to know and to accept are two different notions running in opposite directions. You will never find satisfaction in what you ought to know nor will you be ready accept their responses and zip it up and go.
Point blank, there are times giving a tongue to your thoughts works, they do bring transformations and much relief. However, the risk is not worth a gamble.

(Readers should realize the aforementioned is merely my opinion not based or supported by any facts or researches therefore, not to be taken too seriously. =p)

Then how?

*Polonius mode* Well when I was your age...

We all know how to judge don't we? Why not use it? ( Not always right!) To foreshadow consequences is never a tough one, trust me. As long as you know the people you are corresponding with and posses a good knowledge about the eye of a discussion, an outcome is not a tough 'nut' to crack. Whatever it is do it with some restrictions as nothing is worth a 100% truth except your honesty to your own self.And it is also worth mentioned, some thoughts are best IGNORED, like the pure irony of this whole post (look who's talking about not speaking one's mind). HeHe
hush hush!

Hmm we have reached the conclusion I suppose. Here we go:

Speaking is an art indeed which not all can master. Those who succeed eludes with ease from the most cruel-to-be-kind speech, but intermediates like you (I suppose) and me are tormented by only ONE wrong word which leads to, too many labels and brings so many critiques making even Macbeth and Caesar weep in their graves. Sheesh!

So to avoid the worst, let's just stick our thoughts in our head, or at least do some censoring and editing prior giving them a tongue. Also remember to always watch what you say for your words are the best mirror of your character AND


Renuka G

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

it's Positivity at the end of the day

I have heard it many times, from a few friends, my own father and also people who don't have a clue about my real life that, 'I have everything'.
Do I really have it all?

Well I don't think so. Not to be ungrateful of what I have but I do feel my life lacks something.

My dad never fails remind me of the 'perfect' life i'm living and entitled to live ( hopefully) every time he thinks my self-esteem needs a little boost and the highlight being, I have a great 'career' awaiting which guarantees a good future.
But guess what, the only thing I feel my life lacks is passion and the reason being the same career my dad mentioned.

Deep inside, I've always sighed upon the fact that I didn't get to do what I really wanted to do. Frankly, it's too late  and I'm fully conscious about it yet nothing wrong in reflecting right? So I proceed.
My dad knows very well he can never convince me to be happy with the present, he tries though ( still he is..). On the other side, I have given up. I gave up trying to seek a way to run back on time and change everything that took place, which I also deem impossible. Then I made up my mind to take away all options. I believed and still believe if no choice is given, one way becomes mandatory. That one move left me with only one safe road, which is to try to teach.

I didn't mention passion, I didn't say I will change my views on this profession but all I was willing to do is learn the job. Point blank, I will never like teaching young kids because it is VERY exhausting. You need to throw your voice so that the whole class could hear, you need to entertain silly questions, you need to work on your patience which will say goodbye and attempt to leave you even before a lesson ends and also the pressure from the management and parents. Wait, did I mention the teachers' grapevine? Yes it's just the non-classy version of office politics that will further deplete your energy and will to proceed.

Plus to know this deep and demand me to love teaching is hard and nearly impossible. But as I mentioned I   agreed to convince myself to learn every single detail about it and by hook or by crook deceive students and people around me of my love towards this profession.

I don't have a choice nor I want to create one as they will call me a tomfool. Who would want to leave an easy-come and forever-there job which pays one well? Considering that I'm not making myself eligible for the title.  And  guess what, I discovered the good behind my decision.

My macro-teaching the other day marveled me and I really didn't expect that. If you were to say teaching kids from the last class is a tough job, getting a response and making the first class students laugh and enjoy and come out from their passive shell is equally hard. I tell you what, I succeeded the latter. In case you have been following my posts, you'd be able to notice how signs used to batter my belief system but this time though it's a good sign which boosts everything like a can of 'Revive' instead. Hence the key being, to never give up.

No matter how negative things appear to be, wait with much patience for the good things which are on their way to reach you. Today it may be hard, tomorrow it might be worse but don't judge the unseen future.

Remember, life will take you by surprises, sometimes the good ones and at times the bad ones pop out, it's ok. If you fall, dust it off, if you cheer, do it all loud!

Believe this is YOUR life, even the bitter most decisions you make today can bring sweet outcomes in the future if you are just willing to let loose and watch time mend even the once-impossible. It's all about positivity at the end of the day =)

The journey goes on.....

Renuka G

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beauty in everything

No matter how hard and knotty things appear to be, learn to seek beauty in it. Life is all about moments that made us happy. The rest are best forgiven and forgotten. Just like the kid in the picture who is yet to see the real world, stay naive and do every possible thing to spread happiness for that matters way more than the tears we shed and struggles we try to elude from.

Renuka G

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Of languid laziness

Finally today I'm being able to sit freely and update all my blogs and share videos on my Facebook page. Since my mid-sem break itself everything seemed to have piled up and thank god they are becoming slightly lighter in weight as time passes. Then came some happenings that flummox even life coaches like me *ehem*, but they are all gone by the wind or perhaps to show extra honesty, swept neatly under the carpet for I choose to go on and get another sip of happiness.

It has been a while since I did things I love to do. My interest in fashion and beauty blogs seemed to have gone with my ex-lappy. Yup, since I lost all the sites that I've bookmarked, not to forget my poor or shall I call it VERY poor memory which refused to recall the important ones have somehow jeopardized my only beneficial pastime. Thanks to my little brain! I really wish I can allocate some time to see the new collections for this season and of course drool over designer bags. BTW I heard this spring it's all about being pastel 'perfect', what's your wardrobe telling you? Mine is still in the polka-dot era with the melancholic-monochromic mood. I feel like singing ADELE now!
MMJ this season!!

Enough about that! Now about my own self.

I can hardly spare time to do anything lately. Yes I did finish up my book voucher but guess what? I've finished none of those novels I've bought nor I've started all at the first place. The situation is like this, sometimes the alert laziness sends to indulge turns out to be so luring and all the other times I voluntarily request laziness to walk a mile with me and it turns out to be a never ending journey so I couldn't help but stay till the end. MY fault? Don't think so =)

Wait, did I mention how my bed sings me a lullaby?

That is exactly how time passes lately. Well point blank I do have LOTSA work to do and stuffs but they don't really take more than a few hours to get done. It's just me who will be whining about it irritating people around me while wasting a couple of extra hours *winks* YET there is A LOT of work. Today though I managed to sit freely and do something for myself.

I removed my nail polish! YUP roughly after a month I finally got rid of the cloudy purple toe nails. Now that they are pale and bare, kinda naked they feel. Sorry nails, I will 'polish' you soon okay? No hard feelings, mommy will take care of you guys.

And not to forget the book I'm currently reading 'Remember me?' by Sophie Kinsella. Splendid! It tickles your funny bone and make you pause and dream for a while to be in Lexi's shoes. I warn you they're of designer brand! Not to miss her glossy LV arm candy which comes with a matching purse of the same fashion house *suddenly reminded of Marc Jacobs* . Driving a Mercedes benz, she has got no idea how her low paying job got her this luxurious life and a loving husband. Can't wait to discover more!

WHOAAAaa when did it get this long?

I must have been really engrossed in expressing! Good day!

Renuka G

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gone and Done

Today I watched 2 cats fighting downstairs (Yes I said CATS!). Usually being my normal-self I would creep out and avoid looking or hearing or even be near that place, but this time it was different. I just sat where I was sitting and I basically observed the fight which was taking place. The noise my god, was tensing me up in a really bad way, what more the responses the 2 cats threw at each other. I was flabbergasted! Yet I didn't budge.

My head went blank, I wasn't thinking, I wasn't musing and I really don't know what caught on me. 

Why the whole incident took place first of all? 
It's indeed a jolly hard question to answer. I will try though.

Maybe what I saw was the reflection of some events of the present. Quarrels, misunderstandings, crazy arguments even for petty stuffs, all the voices from all different directions, I'm tired. I'm tired of them, i'm sick of disappointments I hear in it, anger etched and uncertainty that questions the sincerity of the voices heard. I'm feeling as if i'm pinned down to a one word answer for an open ended question. And yet trying to break free, for I believe. I believe I can get through all this, I believe time will heal some things and finally I believe my life is still a beautiful journey.

That's how this chapter ends =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Harmful Sheets

All this while, I spent my life fearing creatures with claws, fur and venom but now it seems like even things that looks so harmless like a sheet of paper is worth the cringe.

Some might think this is funny while the rest call an injury caused by a piece of paper moot to one's entire being. Well if you were to ask me ( which you usually don't), I'd say this matter clings to both the funny and moot subject. And for such a huge publicity via a blogpost is in fact too much for any reader to bear.

Considering the point I've put forth on the above, I have decided to not go against my stand and keep another paragraph running back and forth about the injury and wound. Instead I want to talk about .........

Save it for the future la :p

Renuka G

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Extra normal

I believe there is good in everything. 

If you accidentally come across this when I'm ranting about life and miserable happenings on my twitter and wordpress, kindly blindfold yourself before you unnecessarily analyze and interpret my actual stand. It's tough to grasp human actions, what more their writings right? hehe.

This is for this moment, this sole moment i'm feeling more lucky than ever. No electricity, Not even much battery left, but everything seem alright. The raindrops and breeze are bringing happiness closer to my skin even though my room is sheltering me just right. Feel so blessed for no reason, or perhaps there's a reason, reason in disguise. It's not like I've got my first designer bag or awed by some art piece, nothing so great. How about the raspberry? Nah not that.  Shopping? Neither that!

It's like one of the days ordinary makes you jump and routines seem extra special. Why today? I don't know. But all you guys can be sure of is, my writings are real and what i'm feeling right now is exactly how my heart is beating.

I don't know what is in store for tomorrow, maybe a chaotic day with super busy schedule, who knows! Whatever it is, I won't forget today. We don't get to feel happy without any effort always, happiness hardly knocks upon one's during crisis like what me and my friends here are going through, agree? So this moment I shall treasure, this day I will remember for as long as my memory is......... free =p

Renuka G

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dreams indeed

I used to write lotsa poems mostly about love and what I truly feel about life. Well they are all cheesy I know and now I don't even know where are all those scribbles. I couldn't find it even in me anymore. Broken as I sound, I'm actually not.

I don't feel it's worth anymore to whine and muse over delusional things. Yes everything was mere imagination since I was not officially in any relationship for a year nearly, but I cherished my imagination. No harm to anyone, no trouble and no worries.

Now though......I wish I had stayed in the dream world and not see the real one.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sick Days

"Why would you choose to listen to somebody who doesn’t have your best interest at heart; why would you choose to listen to somebody who tells you that you can’t do this or that, projecting their own limitations on you ? Why would you choose to listen to somebody who won’t allow you to grow and develop into a beautiful and inspiring person?"

The two days break I took from social networking, stalking and surfing simply taught me a lot of things. I realize there are so many people in my current life who are way more beautiful despite their flaws, who cares sincerely and who would go an extra mile just to see me happy. Not to forget, some whose presence are felt even when they are so far away. 

It is really magical to see the way the universe works at times. One moment I was made real weak by this fever and flu which is still battering my system, the next moment all great things came knocking upon my door. What more can I say but a simple 'Thank you', to those who cared, to those who were there for me.

In life, we tend to have both, love and hatred. There is no one who is loved by all nor there is someone who is hated by all. Well, I'm not trying to change something about the above, but all I feel anyone can do is think more about those who invest love and don't even spend a second of your musings on those who get busy hating.

Before I end this post; Renuka loves everyone who loves her!

Good day friends!

Renuka G

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just that...

Peace is the one thing people hold on to. It's indeed a path that leads one towards happiness, I mean true happiness. Without this peace, life becomes even more hard to bear.

We don't necessarily have to spread peace around but let's not take away another's as a result of our own hastiness and fault.

I have learnt this the hard way..I hope one day everyone will (not the hard way though)

No harm meant.
Renuka G

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Looks like I have to reform somethings again. But it's ok since I love changes and I can't resist new beginnings. And I don't mind falling for I can start anew.

It's all about taking a leap of faith and moving back to the starting point no matter how far it looks from here.

You will soon reach it, start again, trip a little, fall a few times and have a whole new story to tell.
more to life
I've got nothing to lose, since  it's a long long journey with more sweet memories.

Renuka G

Sunday, April 1, 2012

REad REnuka REad

After amusing myself with the plays of Oscar Wilde during my School-Based Experience, today is the second time I’m settling down with a book in my hand. Of course it feels good and relaxing enough after the long long day me and group mates had but I can’t deny how much my bed is distracting me at the moment from the good food I’m offering my brain. Whatever it is, I have to Thank God as finally the HE coursework is gone from our sight!! Brava!!

However, from the plans scheduled I can see that this week is going to exhaust me real bad. The HE quiz (not again), Classroom Management coursework presentation, usual lengthy boring classes, macro-teaching for reading (gosh!) and a few more events which I deem not worth mentioned.
 Geez this list makes me sick!

So let’s talk about good things! Finally all the pre service teachers are given their book vouchers!! Hahax I loveee this one! Even though I have to rush since the vouchers expire on the 30th of April 2012, I will make damn sure that I get all the books I WANT to read. Yes I’m not going to spend even a single cent (which is slightly impossible but it’s ok) on anything except books. The imaginary list includes all (maybe a few)of  the Jane Austen novels  and Shakespeare’s plays. Well I did miss the staging (Abridged thingy)at KLPac last month due to some inevitable reasons like my SBE, but I’m planning to appease myself through intensive reading of his plays. We will see how k?

I think that’s all for today. Now let me indulge myself with the other of half  ‘The time traveller’s wife’ which is still pending. 

Renuka G