Saturday, April 14, 2012

Extra normal

I believe there is good in everything. 

If you accidentally come across this when I'm ranting about life and miserable happenings on my twitter and wordpress, kindly blindfold yourself before you unnecessarily analyze and interpret my actual stand. It's tough to grasp human actions, what more their writings right? hehe.

This is for this moment, this sole moment i'm feeling more lucky than ever. No electricity, Not even much battery left, but everything seem alright. The raindrops and breeze are bringing happiness closer to my skin even though my room is sheltering me just right. Feel so blessed for no reason, or perhaps there's a reason, reason in disguise. It's not like I've got my first designer bag or awed by some art piece, nothing so great. How about the raspberry? Nah not that.  Shopping? Neither that!

It's like one of the days ordinary makes you jump and routines seem extra special. Why today? I don't know. But all you guys can be sure of is, my writings are real and what i'm feeling right now is exactly how my heart is beating.

I don't know what is in store for tomorrow, maybe a chaotic day with super busy schedule, who knows! Whatever it is, I won't forget today. We don't get to feel happy without any effort always, happiness hardly knocks upon one's during crisis like what me and my friends here are going through, agree? So this moment I shall treasure, this day I will remember for as long as my memory is......... free =p

Renuka G