Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Selfish??? ain't that BAD!

Majority claims naively that selfishness is wrong and that service must be offered in a "selfless" manner. We live in a world that does not recognize the option of rational selfishness but barely assume selfishness as an act of "Hitler" maybe. We are taught from childhood that we must be either self-sacrificing or thoughtlessly "selfish" which can never help it fitting to our "human" society these days.

Selfishness does not denote a self-destructive behavior. Choosing to pursue one's career choice is selfish; choosing to have children  or not to have children  is selfish ( even tough this is not the age to discuss it *winkz*). Demanding freedom rather than living under a dictatorship is selfish. Even crossing the street in a manner to avoid an oncoming car is selfish yet responsible. If this seems too wrong then why don't you let the car drive you straight to heaven.

Again, I maintain that our perception of "selfish" is the problem. Contrary to popular yet undiscovered "fact", all healthy individuals are selfish  (don't blame me if its unfamiliar ). Rational selfishness is the means of living both a moral and psychologically healthy life. So why blindly make a foolish statement selfish people are hitler's babies!!!! (oh well, i made that statement i suppose *giggles*) First of all, do understand the circumstances! Don't simply judge and label people just because you can! Remember!  If you can , so do others!

Sometimes a rational selfish act of your friend might give you an ugly sight concerning him/her. But trust me, if you an observer then you remains one.As for you the dream of being an analyzer is like the blowing wind . It touches you but you can't grab it nor see it!  And just through the touch some act like they have it all. Yeah, as i always say " Keep on dreaming!!" Let see how far you can go.

Well, its a selfish world! What more can i explain on a clear-straight fact! Its your life! Sculpture it with your own tools. The world??!!! duh, you think you can please people?? If its a "yes" then go and start making a kite so you create a good past time while it winds :-p .. If its a clear "NO" then yeah join the club!!!

Happy 2010!!!!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

~Dream Vs Fantasy ~

Now and then we all do envision about things we would like to be different  ; places we would like to visit and people we feel would add something to our lives.

It is actually one thing to have dreams, quite another to live in a fantasy world. fantasy world? hmm something like imagining you are in the fairy land where a pumpkin can be turn into a fantastic coach! well, then all the best in finding a gigantic pumpkin in which you can fit your sculptured body in! . Living in a fantasy "heaven" with nicey-nice pictures framed in your mind is like imagining a star falling right onto your palms! fun isn't it? anyone dare to say it's real?  this is fantasy! imagining thing that are NOT practicable at all! those who have been following my blog will surely be able to predict how much i hate LAME things! My definition of fantasy = super lame!!!  Ain't gonna happen babe!

Ok now hitting on DREAMS! Everything starts with a dream. Look around you. Everything that you can see was once just an idea, a dream in someone's head. Without dreams, we would still be using clubs to hunt for dinner and living in caves like dave the barbarian!!! lolx.. We need dreams for our lives to progress.

But to live in a dream wonderland, where our dreams are out of touch with reality is not healthy at all pals. There are two problems that I see on a daily basis. One is people whose dreams have no connection to the real world, more like the fairly land people living in a land far, far away.. Damn far man! unreachable! They are not dreaming, they are hoping that some magic fairy will fulfill their wishes.

The second and far greater issue is people who are always dreaming of doing the things they are capable of doing but fail to take the action to make those dreams come true. They, frankly speaking we fool ourselves into thinking that if we dream long enough, their dreams will somehow be fulfilled. more like waiting for time to take its course. "let it be" kind of policy..

I do reckon that you need dreams. You must have a vision of a better life. But visions without actions are mere wishes. this message not only dedicated to my readers but also to myself! Finally to all the faithful occupants of the land far ,far away, do pack up!

Good Day


Monday, December 7, 2009

Love is purely SELFISHness !!

"You love only when you're after something inaccessible; you only love what you don't possess"

As i talk about possession, it denotes me talking about selfishness. The need to have, to obtain, to own are real proves for our selfish personality. I am pretty sure this is what teens look for in a relationship MOST of the times. right? answer for yourself pals!

We say we're happy when we are getting involved in a relationship ( the main reason people *fall*). We feel joy when the person next to us loves us and gives her or himself to us. We want to have all she or he could offer. We want to take her or him every thought every feeling every moment of her a life. This is selfishness. But on the other hand what is wrong if we ask the things that we give in return? hehe look who is asking! *chuckles)

It is wrong because love should be a free choice, without any restriction. We should give all that can be given without, note that word "withOUT" asking for something. Only I could say we really love. If we love a flower we love it for its perfume or its color. We love it because we want to love it and we can choose it from many other wonderful looking flowers. This flower has nothing to do or say..o yeah it's basically a flower uh! ;-) It lets itself loved. If we see another one more beautiful we give up to the flower we love and start loving this one. This is a choice made only by us. That is why we are selfish, because we cannot give all we have without obtaining something in return.Humans you see! can't runaway from the facts! We seek for pleasure, tenderness or happiness which make the main aims in living a life!

How about thinking to put ourselves into the flower's place? Are we still happy because someone leaves us for another one? No we are not! We have to struggle we have to fight to maintain the relationship. If we truly love we have to expect nothing, we only have to give a share. But are we capable of doing it? how many of you are?? i bet you keep your mouths shut now! haha good for you..

 well now i have to go!!!


$$ RG$$

Thursday, December 3, 2009

BoRing , AnnOyinG, EXhAusting!!

hmm before the holidays arrive everyone went crazy anticipating it but now?  i am pretty sure, hmm maybe very sure that most of us are done with it! i mean get bored of the holidays routine! when the holidays are short we tend to complain , even when its long we do the same! oh dear!! human beings you see! we can never please ourselves! so do others! but we expect too much some times forgetting this very important fact! haha i don't know why i'm talking about human psychology now! sorry, it has become my habit, more to a daily routine of mine..*giggles*

well guys, boredom kills me! everyday sitting in front of my lappy , "facebooking", blogging, etc.. hmm what else i do?? haihzz don't ask! each time i turn on the tv, nothing interesting will be on air! damn!! so now i've given up on it pals. since its "holidays" i have taken up a new hobby of sleeping! "sleeping as a hobby" well, you should consider that! nice hobby huh? i know i know you people are lovin it! this is the only thing that haven't turn me off YET! we will see about it as time goes by..

going out? hmm thats an interesting one! still, how many times you wanna go out in a week?? where you wanna go? here comes trouble! now you know where i got trapped.. going out can be interesting but it just cant be done in daily basis. it may become another contributor to your boredom.. well experience speaks you see *winks*

now lets talk about what nerds do! reading!!!!!!!!!! plain boring! the last thing i ever want to do! durgh i hate reading, but if its a magazine then i'm cool with it. still i can/will never consider this as a remedy for my boredom! cuz its SO NOT! i would rather sleep!! sounds more like me uh? YES YES its me

in a nutshell ,( such a lame way to start a concluding paragraph) you can never find 1 thing that can burn your boredom to ashes! (oh damn ,i'm lovin this phrase). so why thinking so much! don't tire your brainz k? go and sleep ;-)

trust RG, you can never please yourself!!!!

^ RG^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hate you! i hate your friend! her boy friend is soo awful ! she sucks!  how else you let out when you hate someone soo badly?? hmm trying not to cross certain lines, i prefer not to scribe any bad words here. if i do so then my whole post will be full of it! bcuz that much of new "terrific" words had been discovered by teens nowadays just to show their hatred on someone! oh dear how sweet you guys are!

you pick on  others until you don't have sufficient time to have your meals! well, interesting talk it must have been! yeah its such a pleasure to rant on others! cuz its "OTHERS"! why can't you spare some time in your so-called hectic day to complain about yourself! maybe to mirror yourself....stand in-front of the mirror and imagine such a PERFECT person you are! joke of the year uh? perfect? well by now everyone should have realized that they are not perfect! nobody is PERFECT! sad pathethic..coming to your senses you should be able to realize how stupid you had behaved! hating others? normally you don't hate those of your own blood, victims are mostly friends and colleagues! you know them only for some time. some stories are more tragic as they hate someone without knowing how the person actually looks like! Oh god jokes cant be this funny!

do you people even realize what you guys are really up to?? waking up every morning, thinking about who to gossip about! super lame!! how she dresses up like? how she looks like? what she says? what she wears? whether she sits or walks? oh god you people talk about everything!! she must mean soo much to you! she is nearly your life! lucky girl uh? how come the person you hate soo much can leave such an impact on you until you cant stop thinking about her! dont you think its super lame!!!!just imagine if your loyal listeners turn out to enjoy the gossip ( commonly they will),you become the happy camper!

what i've mentioned above is about haters, here it comes on pretenders! these are people of some other sort! they are like princess without a crown! in front of you OMG such a lovely person, behind you, pops out the ugly wolf! maybe warewolf would be just nice! they come out only at certain times! and sad to say , if you 10 friends at least 4 are warewolfs! ok fine, "princess missing her crown"

hmm when you do such bad things to your "frenemies" you don't realize ..maybe when i'm putting'em in word and you read it, some images of your friends that you scorned or still scorning on might pop-out.. time for some self-realization i guess..

well, i'm gonna search for "my missing crown"  *giggles*

$  RG  $

CRaZy AMoUNT For My CRaZ3 !

well i'm feeling damn bored so i write.. hmm anything interesting? ok fine..lets hit on my addiction! seriously, i'm addicted to bags and shoes!! i have tons of them yet i can't get enough! don't ask why! cuz i know i won't be able to give any answer!

wherever i go, no matter whether its a branded shop or the ordinary ones, only bags and shoes outlets will catch my eyes!!! OMG!! i counted yesterday and get a shock of my life when i figured out that i have 10+ bags!! shoes?? 10+ too!! the number exceeds even the number of jeans and skirts i have! oh well, this is just the number and not the amount of money i've spent on my addictions!!! ITS SUCH A CRAZY AMOUNT FOR THE CRAZE!

even a few days ago i went out to buy gift for my mum since her b-day falls on the 29th november! i was planning on buying a bag and perfume. guess what? i bought 2 bags at once and had a hard time to choose which 1 to keep and which to give as a gift! damn!! here i go again! i loved both!! finally ended up confused...hmm that sounds like me *giggles*

hitting on shoes, i adore them more than cute guys!! haha kidding only! i'm actually planning on a pair of platform heels! maybe i will look for my new baby in mid-valley as i'll be investing there next week! such a word "investing"..*giggles* when it comes to heels, i am seriously stargazing on wearing high HIGH heels!! but according to my dad wearing extremely high-heels will make me look too tall plus weird!!! hmm what to do! my dad is always objections..

ok time to STOP! got some other stuffZZZzzz to be settled.

-H33LzZ OfF-

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