Saturday, December 19, 2009

~Dream Vs Fantasy ~

Now and then we all do envision about things we would like to be different  ; places we would like to visit and people we feel would add something to our lives.

It is actually one thing to have dreams, quite another to live in a fantasy world. fantasy world? hmm something like imagining you are in the fairy land where a pumpkin can be turn into a fantastic coach! well, then all the best in finding a gigantic pumpkin in which you can fit your sculptured body in! . Living in a fantasy "heaven" with nicey-nice pictures framed in your mind is like imagining a star falling right onto your palms! fun isn't it? anyone dare to say it's real?  this is fantasy! imagining thing that are NOT practicable at all! those who have been following my blog will surely be able to predict how much i hate LAME things! My definition of fantasy = super lame!!!  Ain't gonna happen babe!

Ok now hitting on DREAMS! Everything starts with a dream. Look around you. Everything that you can see was once just an idea, a dream in someone's head. Without dreams, we would still be using clubs to hunt for dinner and living in caves like dave the barbarian!!! lolx.. We need dreams for our lives to progress.

But to live in a dream wonderland, where our dreams are out of touch with reality is not healthy at all pals. There are two problems that I see on a daily basis. One is people whose dreams have no connection to the real world, more like the fairly land people living in a land far, far away.. Damn far man! unreachable! They are not dreaming, they are hoping that some magic fairy will fulfill their wishes.

The second and far greater issue is people who are always dreaming of doing the things they are capable of doing but fail to take the action to make those dreams come true. They, frankly speaking we fool ourselves into thinking that if we dream long enough, their dreams will somehow be fulfilled. more like waiting for time to take its course. "let it be" kind of policy..

I do reckon that you need dreams. You must have a vision of a better life. But visions without actions are mere wishes. this message not only dedicated to my readers but also to myself! Finally to all the faithful occupants of the land far ,far away, do pack up!

Good Day