Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CRaZy AMoUNT For My CRaZ3 !

well i'm feeling damn bored so i write.. hmm anything interesting? ok fine..lets hit on my addiction! seriously, i'm addicted to bags and shoes!! i have tons of them yet i can't get enough! don't ask why! cuz i know i won't be able to give any answer!

wherever i go, no matter whether its a branded shop or the ordinary ones, only bags and shoes outlets will catch my eyes!!! OMG!! i counted yesterday and get a shock of my life when i figured out that i have 10+ bags!! shoes?? 10+ too!! the number exceeds even the number of jeans and skirts i have! oh well, this is just the number and not the amount of money i've spent on my addictions!!! ITS SUCH A CRAZY AMOUNT FOR THE CRAZE!

even a few days ago i went out to buy gift for my mum since her b-day falls on the 29th november! i was planning on buying a bag and perfume. guess what? i bought 2 bags at once and had a hard time to choose which 1 to keep and which to give as a gift! damn!! here i go again! i loved both!! finally ended up confused...hmm that sounds like me *giggles*

hitting on shoes, i adore them more than cute guys!! haha kidding only! i'm actually planning on a pair of platform heels! maybe i will look for my new baby in mid-valley as i'll be investing there next week! such a word "investing"..*giggles* when it comes to heels, i am seriously stargazing on wearing high HIGH heels!! but according to my dad wearing extremely high-heels will make me look too tall plus weird!!! hmm what to do! my dad is always right..no objections..

ok time to STOP! got some other stuffZZZzzz to be settled.

-H33LzZ OfF-

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