Thursday, December 3, 2009

BoRing , AnnOyinG, EXhAusting!!

hmm before the holidays arrive everyone went crazy anticipating it but now?  i am pretty sure, hmm maybe very sure that most of us are done with it! i mean get bored of the holidays routine! when the holidays are short we tend to complain , even when its long we do the same! oh dear!! human beings you see! we can never please ourselves! so do others! but we expect too much some times forgetting this very important fact! haha i don't know why i'm talking about human psychology now! sorry, it has become my habit, more to a daily routine of mine..*giggles*

well guys, boredom kills me! everyday sitting in front of my lappy , "facebooking", blogging, etc.. hmm what else i do?? haihzz don't ask! each time i turn on the tv, nothing interesting will be on air! damn!! so now i've given up on it pals. since its "holidays" i have taken up a new hobby of sleeping! "sleeping as a hobby" well, you should consider that! nice hobby huh? i know i know you people are lovin it! this is the only thing that haven't turn me off YET! we will see about it as time goes by..

going out? hmm thats an interesting one! still, how many times you wanna go out in a week?? where you wanna go? here comes trouble! now you know where i got trapped.. going out can be interesting but it just cant be done in daily basis. it may become another contributor to your boredom.. well experience speaks you see *winks*

now lets talk about what nerds do! reading!!!!!!!!!! plain boring! the last thing i ever want to do! durgh i hate reading, but if its a magazine then i'm cool with it. still i can/will never consider this as a remedy for my boredom! cuz its SO NOT! i would rather sleep!! sounds more like me uh? YES YES its me

in a nutshell ,( such a lame way to start a concluding paragraph) you can never find 1 thing that can burn your boredom to ashes! (oh damn ,i'm lovin this phrase). so why thinking so much! don't tire your brainz k? go and sleep ;-)

trust RG, you can never please yourself!!!!

^ RG^