Monday, December 7, 2009

Love is purely SELFISHness !!

"You love only when you're after something inaccessible; you only love what you don't possess"

As i talk about possession, it denotes me talking about selfishness. The need to have, to obtain, to own are real proves for our selfish personality. I am pretty sure this is what teens look for in a relationship MOST of the times. right? answer for yourself pals!

We say we're happy when we are getting involved in a relationship ( the main reason people *fall*). We feel joy when the person next to us loves us and gives her or himself to us. We want to have all she or he could offer. We want to take her or him every thought every feeling every moment of her a life. This is selfishness. But on the other hand what is wrong if we ask the things that we give in return? hehe look who is asking! *chuckles)

It is wrong because love should be a free choice, without any restriction. We should give all that can be given without, note that word "withOUT" asking for something. Only I could say we really love. If we love a flower we love it for its perfume or its color. We love it because we want to love it and we can choose it from many other wonderful looking flowers. This flower has nothing to do or say..o yeah it's basically a flower uh! ;-) It lets itself loved. If we see another one more beautiful we give up to the flower we love and start loving this one. This is a choice made only by us. That is why we are selfish, because we cannot give all we have without obtaining something in return.Humans you see! can't runaway from the facts! We seek for pleasure, tenderness or happiness which make the main aims in living a life!

How about thinking to put ourselves into the flower's place? Are we still happy because someone leaves us for another one? No we are not! We have to struggle we have to fight to maintain the relationship. If we truly love we have to expect nothing, we only have to give a share. But are we capable of doing it? how many of you are?? i bet you keep your mouths shut now! haha good for you..

 well now i have to go!!!


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